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no need for more than a kiss and a promise (Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, 5/5)

Part Four

The path down to the village is fairly level, with hard packed dirt from trekking travelers and farmers coming down to market. Gerard hovers probably a bit excessively around Mikey, hand dancing close to her elbow, not wanting to take it and make her think he doesn't think she can walk on her own. He knows she can, he just...wants to help.

She doesn't move quickly, but they keep the same pace, even though Frank wants to walk faster, afraid of being caught by dark. It's dangerous to be out like this, just the three of them, on foot, if it's dark out.

The three of them--a rather small man, another fairly effeminate man, and a clearly pregnant woman--are easy targets, especially if anyone noticed they were coming from the direction of a royal retreat. But their pace is fine, and they reach the town well before nightfall.

Mikey smiles wide the minute she sees the town, glad to have unfamiliar surroundings. "Do you want to split up?" she asks, looking around excitedly, already planning what she wants to look at first.

Frank gives Gerard a panicked look and Gerard agrees. "Uh, no? I. We would rather you not wander around alone, dear."

Mikey sighs. "Well, fine. I'll just drag you along to wherever I want to go." She grins.

Frank and Gerard exchange another look, but they flank her when she heads into the stalls, striding confident and apparently not noticing the peasants very not-subtly eyeing the three of them, and her especially.

She's confidant, and she looks like someone important, and she's being followed by two men. Not to mention that she's pregnant--with all of that, it's hard for them not to stare.

The altered dress highlights her belly more than hides it, and Gerard smiles awkwardly at one of the gaping shopkeepers. Mikey bustles over to a booth with all sorts of ribbons hanging from spools and bends over as much as she does these days to trail them over her fingers.

She smiles at them, knowing that there's no real point to buying things like this, but knowing, too, that at this point, Frank and Gerard will buy her anything she wants. She likes that feeling. "How much?" she asks thoughtfully, examining a silky red ribbon.

"Three coppers," the woman standing behind it says, and her eyes are wide--even after all this time living like heathens, Mikey is more highly born, and even pregnant, she carries herself better than anyone this woman will likely see in her life. "But two, for a lady like yerself, with a young one on the way."

Mikey smiles at her and nods, looking to Gerard. He holds the money here, by group decision, because Frank suspected he would just spend it all if he had it and Mikey is no better there. But he smiles as he hands them over, glad to be able to help her even a little.

Mikey is deciding between the red ribbon and a yellow one, but she finally decides to get both. The yellow she has Frank tie in her hair, and the red she tucks carefully into her bodice for safe-keeping. The next stall has all sorts of interesting breads, and Frank studies them for a long while, trying to get new ideas.

He tries to get some information about what the bread is made out of, but the vendors are surprisingly silent about their recipes, no doubt because they don't want Frank to steal it. He makes a face and asks for a loaf of one of the breads anyway, with a determined look that Gerard and Mikey know means he's going to spend the next few days trying to figure out how to do it himself.

Mikey is distracted by a man selling all sorts of carved wooden toys, little horses and bears. Gerard wonders if she realizes that she's rubbing her belly while she asks about what kind of wood they are, and traces her fingers over the carved tail of a little wooden unicorn.

She's always liked the stories about unicorns, ever since she was a child, and he gets out money and presses it into her palm before she can even ask. "Go ahead and get it," he murmurs to her, looking down at it with a fond smile.

She beams at him and cradles the unicorn carefully to her chest after passing the coins to the vendor. It makes Gerard feel soft inside to be able to make her smile like that, and Frank heads over, his bread wrapped in paper.

Gerard doesn't want to suggest that maybe they should rest for the night, but they have been walking around for a good while and Mikey would never actually say if she's too tired to keep going, but she probably is.

It takes careful maneuvering, since Mikey hates to admit that she isn't as active as she used to be, and he comes up behind her and touches her lower back gently. "Mikes, I think Frank is going to fall where he stands, do you think we could head to the inn now?"

Mikey looks at him a bit suspiciously, but nods, smiling just a little. "We could do that," she offers finally, and looks at Frank. "He looks like he could keep going for a few hours, though."

Gerard shoots a look at Frank behind her back, and Frank quickly yawns, very exaggeratedly. "I'm exhausted, Mikey, take pity on me."

"Right, right," Mikey says, snorting a little, but doesn't say anything past that, and lets the two of them lead her to the inn. "We're..." She hesitates. "We can all room together, right?"

Frank frowns. "We should probably get two rooms, just for the sake of it. But we can always sneak out, it's not as though anyone will notice."

Mikey nods. "I figured we weren't going to all be able to be in the same room, not without someone noticing." She shrugs. "It would have been nice, though."

"We can all sleep in one," he leans up to kiss her cheek. "Just for appearances, so no one asks any odd questions." He doesn't even know how he would describe their relationship to an innkeeper.

He doesn't even know how he describes their relationship to himself. It's the three of them, but it's not any kind of arrangement he's seen before, not really. Mikey isn't his mistress and she's never going to be that to him, and she and Gerard have more of a relationship than she does with him.

It's strange, and he knows that it's immoral and that it shouldn't work, but it does. At least, out here, away from everyone else, it does. He doesn't want to think about going back, where there will be eyes on all of them.

He might be able to get away with it if Mikey is formally his mistress--and he could do that--but all it would take would be one person finding out her involvement with Gerard, too, and it wouldn't work.

He'd have to talk to her about it though, and make sure she would be alright with being referred to as such, and the subsequent cruelty that some of the people will offer her. He would never think of her as a mistress, but it might be their best choice. They could even have a second child officially together.

He knows it wouldn't be the same, their second child would never have the status the first would, even from the same mother--but it doesn't matter, he'll do what he can to make sure she and Gerard stay safe. He prays no one finds out about Gerard, either, that would be a bigger scandal than anything else about their arrangement.

It would be easier, in some ways, if he had a mistress, because then no one would think it odd that he and Gerard never had another child--just nod knowingly and gossip about his fickleness. It's not an ideal solution for any of them, but he'll have to offer it when they're in their room. It's not a decision that can wait.

They can put off going back home until Mikey has her child, but not after that. He's sure there are people who are impatient to see him do his duty properly, and leaving to go to the country while his wife has a child has to be strange to some as is. He pays for the rooms mechanically, lost in thoughts of all of that.

Gerard nudges Mikey. Frank is obviously lost in thought--usually he would joke with the innkeeper, squeeze Mikey's waist, but he's just moving and not making any kind of real connection. Still, they follow him up the stairs to their room.

They don't bother going to the other room, just all settle into one of them. The other can stay empty. "I need to talk to you two," Frank says, as the door's finally shut. "About what happens when we have to go back."

Gerard makes a face, and goes to sit on the edge of the bed. He wishes they could just ignore the world outside, but he knows it's impossible. Mikey lowers herself to sit next to him, braced with a hand on his shoulder. She flips some hair out of her eyes and looks expectantly at Frank. "What are you thinking?"

"Well," Frank says hesitantly, looking down at the ground. "The only way we're going to be able to all stay together, without either of you ending up in trouble, is. Well." He hesitates again, biting his lip. "You'd have to be my mistress, Mikey. Officially. Because if you weren't and anyone found out about us..." He shudders a little.

Gerard looks sharply from Mikey to Frank, mouth in a tight line. "You'd disrespect her like that? Make her some kind of doxy?" He knows Frank is better than this, not the sort of pig who would do that to Mikey.

"I know, I know," Frank says, sighing. "But. Think about it. An unmarried girl always in the company of the prince and his wife, there are going to be questions there even with the relationship with you two have. As sisters, I mean, not--you know. But if anyone was to find out that something was going on there for real, she could be executed. You know that."

Gerard still huffs out a sound, ready to offer more displeasure, but Mikey squeezes his thigh. "Don't, Gee. It's not his fault." She looks to Frank, eyes serious and a little sad. "What exactly would formally becoming your mistress mean for me?"

"Everyone would have to know that you were," Frank says quietly. "That's the big thing. You might have to come along to some of the boring events I get dragged to, but. It's mostly the knowing."

Mikey nods, but she doesn't look sold. "You'd." Frank squeezes the bridge of his nose, trying to remember everything he knew about the mistresses of other princes. "You'd have a nicer room, your own apartments and if we had more children, people would blame me for abandoning my marriage and not suspect anything about Gerard. There would probably be bawdy songs written about you."

"I've always wanted those," Mikey says dryly, and looks to Gerard. "I know you don't like it. But it's probably for the best. Can you accept it at least?" She sighs, not wanting to meet his eyes.

Gerard sighs too, rough. "If you're alright, I won't belabor it." He wraps his arm around her shoulder though, squeezing her tight against him. "I don't want my baby sister to be called a whore."

"I don't want that either," Frank says defensively. "I don't want her to be called a whore or anything else they can come up with, I don't. But it's the only way I can see things working."

“I'm not a delicate flower," Mikey grumbles, tipping her head against Gerard's shoulder. "I can handle it. You two are the only ones I care about, and you know the truth. It's what's best."

"Good," Frank says, smiling, and leans over to kiss her, gentle. "Of course, you two will still have to be stealthy, but I think you knew that already."

Mikey kisses back, and grins, wry. "Not unless there's some formal title that makes incest acceptable. Not to mention that everyone thinks we're sisters."

"True," Frank says, and grins a little. "I don't think I can help you with formal titles there, sorry. But how does your sister feel about it?"

Gerard makes a grumpy face. "I still don't like it." Mikey sighs, and he pinches her arm--gently, of course. "Hush, I wasn't finished. I don't like it, but I know it's our best choice."

"It is," Frank admits, wrinkling his nose a little. "But it works. At this point, it's whatever works. I'm greedy, I want to have both of you."

Mikey kisses the corner of his mouth. "It's not as though I would be willing to let you go. If this is how I keep you, it's fine. It's not like I'll talk to anyone who would dare sing bawdy songs at me with you glaring over at them."

“I'm not sure how many of them would," Frank says, grinning a little. "Because Gerard will be busy giving them evil looks for singing about his little sister. They'll be too scared."

Mikey grins, but then looks back at Gerard, worried. "What about you, Gee? They're going to say a lot about your husband taking up with your sister."

"I know," Gerard says, shrugging. "But there's nothing I can do. I don't have to like it. And it's not like it's too strange for a prince to have a wife and a mistress and not neglect either."

"Yes, but." Mikey frowns. "If Frank and I have children--" and she hadn't really thought that it was even a possibility, but they could like this "--they'll probably claim you're cold to him."

"I know," Gerard says, shrugging a little. "There are worse things to think, though, and as long as it looks like I gave him at least one child, there's not too much they can say. I may be a bit cold... but there are worse things. They'll call you worse things."

Mikey shrugs. "I was never going to have much status anyway. I don't care what people say. They've already called me the plain sister, and the slow one, if you care to remember."

"I know," Gerard says, making a face. "Don't remind me. It was awful enough to have to hear it the first time." He settles down by Mikey and pulls her into a hug. "You're not slow."

Mikey presses her face into his chest. "I'd like to think not." Unsure of what to do, Frank shifts forward so he's pressed lightly against her back, a hand braced on the side of her tummy so he can hug her too.

She feels nice between them, and she closes her eyes, letting her body relax into theirs. All she can do is smile, reach out to try and pull the three of them all together.

They go willingly, like they always do, Gerard stretching his arm out to grip Frank's arm and squeeze while Frank reaches around the other side of Mikey to do the same, holding Mikey in a circle of their arms.

"Do you--" Mikey hesitates, leaning in against Gerard. "Do you want to do something? The three of us, together?" It's something they haven't done before, not exactly--watching isn't the same.

"Um." Gerard appreciates her weight against him, but he wrinkles his nose at her suggestion. He doesn't really know what she means by that. "How?"

"Have a little imagination," she says, sticking her tongue out at him. "I'm sure there are ways. Frank?" she asks, raising an eyebrow, because surely he can help Gerard get how all of this would work. Maybe.

Frank makes a happy sound into her hair and his hand drifts from her tummy to her thigh. "Well, what sort of something are you thinking? I may have a few ideas that aren't too complex."

"You should tell them to Gerard," Mikey informs him solemnly. "I'm terrible at that. But I can do hands-on." She grins, all teeth.

Gerard makes a face at her, because when did his sister become such a naughty spitfire? But Frank is stroking his arm thoughtfully and it's distracting, especially combined with what he's saying. "Well, one of us could give another their mouth while the third took their pleasure."

"Or..." Mikey smiles a little. "We could both do that, to him. At the same time. Think that would work? There's enough room for both of us." She grins a little wickedly, because she's maybe been thinking about this for awhile now.

Gerard sounds rather strangled, and Frank grins, though he slips his hand back to cup the underside of her belly. "If you're up to it, I think it's a perfect idea."

"Of course I'm up to it," Mikey informs him, leaning forward to kiss him lightly. "It's him. It's--us. I can handle that."

"I meant physically," Frank kisses her jaw and gropes more definitely at her tummy. "Where exactly do you plan to put that?"

"Put it?" Mikey snorts. "It's not like I can take it off. I'll just... if we can just be on our knees, it shouldn't get in the way too much."

"Fine." Frank nips at her earlobe and then he's moving, sliding off the end of the bed to crawl in front of Gerard, looking up at him with bright eyes.

Gerard sucks in a sharp breath, staring down with wide eyes at the two of them. "God," he breathes, like he can't quite believe that they're both going to do this.

He tends to be a little disbelieving every time, with just one of them, sure that he must have imagined how good it felt. But Frank is offering Mikey his hand so she doesn't drop too heavily on her knees.

She rolls her eyes a little but lets him, sliding down with him until they're both on their knees in front of him, fumbling with his clothes to get everything pulled down. There's an awkward moment where they're not quite sure they'll be able to manage, but finally he's naked and they're leaning in again.

Gerard can only watch, hands braced on the bed, thighs shaking a little bit, as Frank mouths at the head of his cock, and Mikey's head bumps against Frank's while she sucks a kiss into his inner thigh.

It's a bit of work to coordinate properly so their heads don't bump, Mikey mouthing at the base while Frank sucks at the head, and she smiles, because she can feel Gerard's thighs quivering against her.

Gerard feels like he's going to die, and it can only be good because they're working around him and over him, their heads moving rhythmically, dancing around each other.

Mikey grins at the noises he's making, little helpless whimpers, hips jerking unsteadily, and eyes Frank, a clear "I want a turn" in her gaze.

Frank pulls back and kisses her sloppily on the mouth, tasting of Gerard's skin, and he moves out of her way, kissing down to the inside of Gerard's knees while she sucks and licks her brother's cock into her mouth.

Gerard can't stop moving, thighs shaking, hips jerking unsteadily, and even his hands keep clenching and unclenching in the sheets. He can't control his sounds, either, no matter how desperate they sound.

Frank works his way back up Gerard's leg, and stretches as best he can so he can nose at Gerard's thighs and the dark hair that's a stark line from his navel on his pale skin, staying out of Mikey's way.

Mikey sucks at him lightly, still clumsy with this because Frank is the one who does it most of the time, concentrating as hard as she can on keeping her movements steady.

Even if she was dreadful, the fact that it was Mikey doing this would be plenty for Gerard--but she's not, the careful way she works her mouth feels almost like teasing, and he loves that she'll do this for him even when she isn't entirely confident--she trusts him not to use her.

He wouldn't, either. No matter what they do together, he never wants to feel like he's using her, and he smiles down at her even though he can see her eyes are closed and she won't be able to see it.

Frank licks at the crease of his hip, tastes the salt of sweat, and he wants to take another turn, but he can tell from the tremble in Gerard's belly that he's almost there, and he knows Mikey deserves it.

"Mikey," Gerard murmurs warningly, sure enough, but she doesn't pull off, just lets her lips drag on the way up, still on him just enough.

He comes, and she makes a noise that might have been a moan or a gurgle, but she swallows, and sits back on her heels to smile up at him. "How was that for inventive?"

"Hah," Gerard says faintly, half a sound and half just wheezing breath. "I'm not sure I want to know where you've found your ideas from, Mikey, but keep them coming."

Mikey beams and Frank has his arms around in a second, mouthing at her neck before smiling against the skin. "Your turn, pretty lady. What do you want?"

Mikey looks between them and smiles, cheeks pinking just a little. "Your mouth?" she murmurs to Frank, and then looks back up at Gerard. "And you should kiss me. C'mon."

Frank and Gerard both help to haul--not haul, she's still her usual slim self in her mind's eye and she can't imagine being hauled like a sack of grain--her back onto the bed with them, where Gerard is quick to press her down against the mattress with a firm kiss.

Mikey makes a pleased little noise and slides her arm around the back of his neck, pulling him in closer to kiss him properly, mouth open under his. "You've always been good at this," she murmurs against his lips.

Gerard can't help but laugh, though he manages to keep it mostly quiet. "Please. Ask Frank, I was pretty awful at first." But Frank is busy shoving Mikey's skirts up over her hips so he trail his tongue from the rise of one hip to the other, tracing along the underside of her belly.

"I doubt that," Mikey says, and meets his lips again, and the kiss is a little sloppy but she can't exactly expect to be very coherent, not when Frank is doing that, and she can feel his tongue against her hips.

Frank kisses just where her belly begins to rise, and then ducks to lick at her, just exploring a little. He never gets tired of touching her and tasting her--or either of them, really.

Mikey hisses into Gerard's mouth, and Gerard just kisses her harder, swallowing the sounds as they get more desperate, and she finally breaks off to gasp a "Don't tease," at Frank.

Frank just smiles and turns to mouth at her thigh, though after a few moments, he does reach a hand up to pet over her and spread her open for him.

"God," she manages faintly, and has to kiss Gerard again to stifle another noise. She's always been a little overeager, but Frank doesn't mind. Not in the slightest, because the way that she tries to writhe, even though she's really too bulky for that now, when he licks her open makes him ache.

His own hips jerk against the bed, needing the friction, anything, at this point he's desperate, and he can see the way she's clinging to Gerard, trying not to come just yet.

Gerard, though, is hardly being helpful, murmuring, "Go on, he wants it, let him taste you," against her neck and shoulder, sucking her earlobe into his mouth.

She comes just like that, shuddering against Frank, but he keeps going, sliding a finger into her in counterpart to his tongue, and she keens, clinging to Gerard for all she's worth.

Gerard wraps his arm around to brace her, holding her happily close while watching Frank's head move dark beneath the pale span of her belly. He thinks idly about what they might do to show Frank their appreciation for all his hard work.

They both know what he likes, he's never made any sort of secret about it. But really, the more they can do to him, the better, he'll like anything they give him. Something good, though. Definitely something with both of them.

He would ask Mikey, because he knows Frank likes to hear them talk about what they're going to do, but she doesn't seem capable of holding a conversation at the moment, moaning piteously while Frank works into her with two fingers.

She's only getting louder, and he knows she has to be on the edge again, but Frank isn't slowing down at all and she's gasping a little against him in between helpless little noises.

He works his tongue rough over her clit, loving the way that she tightens around his fingers, how ready she is and he's afraid that he won't get a chance to let them repay him, because the sounds she persists in making are practically enough on their own.

"You could--" Mikey manages, trying to get enough air to even speak, trying to reach down to brush fingers against his cock, even when it's a strain. "You could just do it."

He manages to grab her hand, keep her from trying to overextend herself, and lets himself arch into the mattress more, stroking as far inside her as he can manage and sucking lightly on her clit.

"Seriously, just go ahead," she says, trying and failing to stifle a moan in the middle of her sentence. "You can--put it in me." It's always awkward, asking for things like this, but she can tell he's close already.

Frank pulls his head back before he wheezes out an incredulous giggle. "Mikes, god in heaven." Right now it seems as though struggling out of his pants would be the end of him, so he looks up at Mikey with still-laughing eyes before he ducks back between her thighs. "I will when you do."

Mikey just shrugs, only to arch up again as Frank works his tongue in between the fingers inside her, and she reaches down, slides her fingers into his hair because she knows he likes that, tugging just a little.

Frank groans against her, the vibrations of his voice going sensitive places. Gerard runs his fingers along her arm fondly, still savoring her tucked against his body.

She clutches Gerard tight as she comes again, breath shuddery and weak, and at this point she's just limp and exhausted, not even sure she can go again, if she's got the energy to.

Frank feels her spasm around his fingers, against his mouth, and sure as his promise, he just needs to shove a hand down and cup himself before he's coming in his trousers with a strangled "oh."

Mikey slumps against the mattress, exhausted. "God, you are too good at that," she says weakly, and tries to pull both him and Gerard close at the same time.

Frank crawls up alongside her so he can mold himself to her side, nuzzling into her neck with a soft sound. "You're welcome," he smiles, lazily, before leaning in so she can taste herself on his lips.

Mikey smiles faintly and kisses him, chasing the taste of herself from his mouth, Gerard snuggled against her other side, one arm wrapped around her belly.

"That was nice." Gerard tucks his face into Mikey's hair, getting so long as their months alone go by, and Frank yawns widely. "I'm glad we came."

"Yeah," Mikey agrees, and tries not to giggle at the pun there (and fails). "This is nice. I... just wish we could stay like this, you know?"

"So do I," Frank mumbles, eyes already slipping closed. "Just. The three of us, together. Without anyone caring what we do."

"Exactly," Gerard says, and sighs. "Where I don't have to pretend to be a girl all the time, and when Mikey and I can do what we want without having to worry about it. Where she doesn't have to be your mistress for things to be okay."

Mikey looks up at the ceiling, feels the warmth of both of them on her sides. "This is what we have, though. I suppose all we can do is enjoy it."

"For as long as we have," Frank murmurs softly. "And then back to normal life." He moves closer to Mikey, pressing against her side.

"With baby," Gerard reminds them both, hand warm against her belly, as though any of them could forget. "I think normal life is pretty much gone now."

"Maybe." Mikey shrugs, reaching down to cover her hand with his on her belly. "But things can't stay the same forever. It happens."

Frank adds his hand, pressing over both of theirs. "I think baby is a going to be a good change. I won't mind that one."

"Me neither," Gerard agrees, and Mikey can't help but nod too. "It's just the four of us from now on. I don't care if the court thinks we're strange or not."

"I'm the only one who really has to deal with them," Frank points out. "And I don't care what they say, I love you. Both of you. All of you."

“Yeah," Mikey agrees, and pulls him down for a soft kiss. "Me too. All of you. We just--it works. We work."

They lie there like that, pressed together and smiling a little, until they fall asleep, Mikey first, then Gerard. Frank kisses Mikey's temple softly one last time before he sleeps as well.


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