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no need for more than a kiss and a promise (Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, 3/5)

Part Two

The ride is bumpy and dull. There's a second driver who takes over during the nights, because none of them want the extra time it would take to stay in inns at night. Mikey feels like she's going to die--her stomach is upset enough as it is, and the constant motion of the carriage is making her miserable. Gerard pretends to be the ill one, and rubs her back when she empties the contents of her stomach on the side of the road.

He's worried about her, because she's thin enough as is, and if she can't keep food down very well she might start to grow sicker. But they finally arrive, so she can settle in and lay down to rest for the first time in days, and that helps.

While Mikey is resting, Frank and Gerard take the opportunity to explore. Gerard has never been to this part of the country, and his own family never had so many homes as Frank's, and Frank hasn't been here since he was a boy. They get a good feel of the land, but it's mostly just walking and enjoying the silence, hand in hand. The countryside is more beautiful than Frank remembers, and the property goes on for miles.

"This is." Gerard inhales deeply, and for some reason the air out here seems crisper than it did back at the castle. "I like this." Part of him is wishing they could just stay here forever, the three (four) of them, never have to go back to expectations and duties and lies.

"I know." Frank leans against Gerard, warm at his side. "I don't even want to go back, you know?" He closes his eyes and just listens, and it's quiet enough that all he can hear are the birds.

"Me neither. It's gorgeous." He kisses the top of Frank's head and squeezes him close. "We should get back. Mikey will probably be up soon, we should get her something to eat."

Frank nods and they walk back together in silence, just looking around at the land the house is on. It's going to be a good place to spend the next nine (or so) months, he knows that.

When they get back to the house, they head to the master bedroom where they left Mikey. She's still sleeping, hair down and wisping over her shoulders and back. She looks fresh, and though Gerard knows that the strong lines of her face may need a few more minutes of study than some of the softer faces of other girls, she's beautiful.

They stand there for a moment, just looking, still hand in hand, until her eyelids finally flutter and open, and she smiles. "You're back," she says, sitting up slowly. "How is it out there?"

"Amazing," Gerard replies. "You'll love it. Are you hungry? You should eat." Because he knows that someone in her condition needs to be properly cared for, and perhaps he's a bit of a mother hen and now he has a perfectly valid excuse.

Mikey sighs and rolls her eyes a little. "Yes, but it's not like I can't move on my own. I can get something." But Gerard is devoted to the idea of doting on her the entire time.

"I'll make you something nice." Gerard completely ignores her. "There's this adorable little kitchen in the servants wing, Frank and I can have a little something and you can have whatever you want."

Mikey sits up further and starts to climb out of bed, ignoring the way Gerard suddenly has an expression like he thinks she might explode from walking. "I can get it. I'm fine."

Gerard eyes her suspiciously, and Mikey glares back. "You can come with." Gerard declares grandly, with the air of someone granting a particularly great favor, "but you're going to sit down and you're going to eat properly."

"Yes, thank you, Mother." Frank giggles at that, and Mikey shrugs, hauling herself out of bed. "Are there any servants here?"

"The groundskeeper is out in a cottage," Frank says. "And I think there are few girls who live in the village over the hill who come up to clean. But no one who lives here. We usually brought some of the household staff when we stayed here."

Mikey thinks for a long moment. "So... do either of you know how to cook?"

"I can a little," Gerard says, looking to the side. But Frank beams. "I can. I used to spend all of my time down in the kitchens. Father thought I was studying."

"Good." Mikey sighs a little, relieved. "Because usually the servants do it so I wasn't sure if either of you actually knew how." She isn't good at it at all, every time she's tried it, it hasn't ended well.

Frank looks exceptionally proud of himself. "I know my way around the kitchen, and I know that Father had it stocked for us. And we can always go down to the village to look at the market if we need something else. So, tell me your wildest dreams." He sticks his tongue out at Mikey. "And I'll do my best to get them in that tummy of yours."

Mikey blushes a little before she can even help it or know why, and she sticks her tongue out at him in response. "I can get food into my own tummy." She isn't going to let them get away with just waiting on her the entire time.

"I don't care," Frank says cheerfully. "You're going to let me and Mama over there take care of you." Gerard makes a face but it's true, and he offers Mikey his hand.

She sighs and takes his hand, letting them lead her to the kitchen. Gerard even pulls the chair out for her, and she's not the high-status one, she's not really used to being waited on.

"So." Frank leans forward with his elbows on the table, grinning. "What would my lady like to start with?"

“What is there?" Mikey shrugs, glancing off to the side, because Frank is sort of close.

"Pretty much everything," Frank looks over his shoulder at the cupboards. "Father wanted to make sure the heir was well-fed. All sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables, ingredients. I could make you bread." He looks particularly excited about that.

"Bread sounds good." Mikey's eyebrows go up. She knows he said he knew how to cook but she really is kind of impressed by that one.

Frank grins. "It'll take a little while, do you want something to nibble on while you wait?" Gerard has instilled in him the importance of keeping Mikey properly fed, rested, and generally pampered, and to tell the truth, he's sort of looking forward to it. He hasn't had a chance to be the nurturer before now.

Mikey shrugs again and Gerard looks into the cupboards speculatively, because if she isn't going to pick something then he's just going to find something for her. There are some nice looking vegetables, and he finds a bowl full of peapods. "Mikes, look." He offers them to her, remembering how the pair of them used to eat bushels of them in the summer when they were young.

She finally reaches out and takes them, eating one, and then smiles up at him. "These are good."

He takes one too and grins, setting the bowl down in front of her while Frank bustles around fetching bags of flour and some yeast and an armful of bowls and spoons and leaving them on the counter. Sleeves rolled, he gets to work, Gerard watching curiously.

He starts to work, assembling everything, getting the yeast ready, and Gerard and Mikey both watch him. He has to knead the dough for what seems like forever, and then he steps back. "Is it ready?" Mikey asks, eating another one of the peapods and Frank shakes his head. "Has to rise first."

Mikey makes a disappointed sound and Gerard ruffles her hair. "I knew you were hungry." He sounds the slightest bit superior, but mostly it's all out of love.

"I'm only a little hungry," she says finally, but she's smiling.

Frank wipes at his forehead, and gets flour in his hair. "You have to tell us when you need anything," he says seriously, though with a little smile. "We want to take good care of our girl."

"Your girl?" Mikey raises an eyebrow. She wants to blush at that, at how almost possessive it sounds.

Frank's smile widens and he scrunches his nose up. "Of course. You're Gee's girl, and that means you're my girl too. The--" he bites his lip and presses his hand against his own stomach unconsciously "--baby just cements it."

Mikey's hand slips down against her stomach almost unconsciously as well and she smiles softly. "True. It is your baby." She hadn't thought about it when she was waiting to find out, but now she does.

Frank beams and the way his eyes go soft when he looks down at her stomach make his feelings on the matter perfectly clear. Gerard reaches over to squeeze Mikey's shoulder, and the moment is broken. Frank turns pink and mumbles something about baking his bread, turning away.

He doesn't say anything else while he's getting the bread into the oven or while he watches it bake, and Gerard and Mikey just end up looking at each other, not sure of what to say. It's more awkward than Mikey was expecting.

Gerard looks down at the table, because in all their planning, he hadn't allowed himself to think about what it would be like. Of course Frank would have affection for Mikey--she was carrying his child and, his stubborn brother's pride insisted, an amazing girl--but he pushed the thoughts out of his mind. And now. Now he wasn't so sure how he felt about it.

Part of him wants to be protective, shelter Mikey from Frank, but. But Frank is his husband, he knows she doesn't need to be protected from him. They're both amazing, which is the problem. And he's in the middle, attached in some way to both of them.

And he might be worried that Frank will decide that he likes Mikey better. They're both beautiful and clever and fun, and Mikey can really give him the child that he wants. For all he insisted to be uninterested in consummating a marriage, he had no issues when it was Mikey in his bed.

Though he was there, talking them both through it, and even the memory of that makes him feel hot all over. That doesn't help, either, with the knowledge that he shouldn't be thinking about such things, especially not when they involved his sister.

Mikey watches Gerard, and she can tell when he's thinking about things that will make his brain go funny, but she doesn't know what to say. It is a strange situation, and she doesn't know how she's going to handle it either. Now they're both dying to wait on her hand and foot, but she can't help but suspect that as the time goes, she's going to end up being a mere carrier. They care about the baby, not her. Well. She knows Gerard cares about her, of course, she's his sister and she knows he's grateful to her for doing this. But past that, she has no idea.

They sit in silence, smelling Frank's bread, and when he pulls it out of oven, he lets the fire keep on, in case they want to make something else for dinner later. It feels like a peace offering when he sets the bread on the table between Mikey and Gerard. "Here we go. Freshly made."

"Thanks." Frank is the one that cuts it, hands them slices, and the silence they sit in, this time, is a more comfortable one. They can look at each other without needing to look away.

"It's good," Gerard says softly, hoping to make things a little more comfortable, take off some of the strain. "Isn't it good, Mikey?"

"It is. Thank you." She looks at Frank and smiles, and then back at Gerard. This can all work, right? It isn't going to be easy, she can tell that right now. But it can work.

Frank smiles back, appreciating their attempts. "No problem. I like cooking for people, and. Father never let me at home. It's not a worthy pursuit for a young man of my stature." He pulls a face.

"Of course. Your dad is..." Gerard doesn't want to say anything nasty, but really, he is not a fan of Frank's father at all. "... interesting," he finally manages.

Frank giggles, but his eyebrows crunch a little. "Yeah, interesting's a good word for him. I'm fond of insane, demanding, rude, and controlling myself."

"I wasn't going to actually come out and say that," Gerard says, half-laughing. "But that was what I was going for with interesting."

Mikey takes another bite of bread--still warm, and it tastes better somehow than it ever did before--and wrinkles her nose. "Has he always been like that? Or. I don't know."

"He's been like that for as long as I can remember," Frank says, shrugging as he cuts off a piece for himself. "Maybe he was better before his heir was born."

"I'm sure an heir can do that to a person." Mikey makes a face, but turns to grin at Frank. "Really Frank, this is the best bread I've ever had. Promise."

Frank grins, proud that he's actually able to pull off making bread. He's seen it done hundreds of times, but he's never done it on his own without any help before.

Once they've finished, Gerard is of course dying to care for Mikey again. "Are you still hungry? Tired? Do you need anything?"

She shakes her head and finally grabs his hand to catch his attention. "Gerard, we just ate an entire loaf of bread. I'm not hungry."

"Then--" Gerard wants to do something, but he doesn't know what, not yet. There's only so much waiting on Mikey he can do before she finally snaps at him, of course.

Mikey squeezes his hand gently. "I want to see the outside." And before Gerard can start in on her, she adds on, "Yes, I know, delicate condition. But if this is the only time I'll be able to walk comfortably for months, I want to look around."

"We can do that," Frank says, before Gerard has a chance to protest. "She's not in that much of a delicate condition yet. She's barely showing. Relax." He stands up and offers a hand to Mikey.

Mikey takes it and makes a face at Gerard. "I'm not even showing." She straightens her back, showing off her perfectly normal slim figure. "You'll have plenty of time to coo and make me put my feet up when I get massive."

"And I will," Gerard promises. "I will do that until you're begging me to go away already." He gets up too, just in case she should somehow fall.

Mikey rolls her eyes. "Gerard, I'm not an invalid, I'm having a baby. And I'm barely doing that just yet." But she lets him take her arm, if that's what will make him feel better.

In the end, he settles for taking her hand, and this time when they walk the grounds it's with Mikey between the two of them, each of them holding a hand.


The days pass nicely, and they explore the grounds and Frank makes more bread, sometimes experimenting with cheese or fresh fruits. Gerard acts as a sort of lady in waiting for Mikey, since the dresses are a little difficult to get into alone. He's been noticing her getting a little softer, a little wider, but it's just over a week since they came when he can see a bump, noticeable only because of the usual flat line of her belly--it could just be too many helpings of Frank's bread, but Gerard has never known his sister to gain a pound. Tentatively, he presses his hand over it. "Mikey."

Mikey looks down at herself and takes a deep breath. "You can see it?" She wasn't sure if it was just her imagination, if anyone else could see it. She wanted it to be true but wasn't sure if it was.

"You can?" He echoes, because it's. It's one thing to say that Mikey is having a baby, and quite another to actually see the beginnings of a swell. "That's. That's it, Mikes."

"It is." She's sort of breathless with the thought, and now there's no doubt that it's true, that it's going to happen. "That's the baby."

“Our baby," he murmurs, her belly warm under his hand. He bites his lip, staring for a long moment, before looking up at her, face splitting into a grin. "We have to show Frank."

She grins back at him and nods, feeling excitement coursing through her, so much she isn't even sure why. "Come on." Frank isn't far, it doesn't take any time at all to find him.

He looks up, startled, because Mikey is barely dressed, just in a petticoat with a loose camisole, and so what if he's seen her naked, he blushes. "What's--" and then Gerard is grabbing at her, pulling the camisole up and Frank has no idea what's going on until... "Oh god." He scrambles to his feet. "Is that?"

"It is." Mikey smiles at him and then pinks a little. "You can touch, if you want."

"Of course I want." Frank beams, and he reaches out carefully to poke softly at the most definite curve's not soft like pudge, it's most definitely a different kind of gain. "Oh god." He gives in and presses his palm against her belly, eyes wide. "That's our baby."

Mikey nods, still a bit breathless with excitement. "It's there. It's definitely there." And Frank just stares at it, like he's expecting it to go away if he blinks.

Gerard can't seem to help himself, and he puts his hand next to Frank's. Between the two of them, they pretty much cover the entire bump--it's not much of one--but it's still there. And it means that this is all really happening. "Can you believe it?" Gerard whispers, knocking his shoulder against Frank's.

"Not really," Frank admits softly. "This is. Wow." He looks back up to Mikey again, and it occurs to him that this must be awkward--he hasn't made any move to move his hand yet and neither has Gerard. But she doesn't seem to mind.

Far from it, she smiles at them, thrilled that her boys (because if she's their girl, they're her boys) are so happy, that she made them this happy. And neither of them seem likely to change their minds about the baby. Or her.

Things have been better lately, too, and she's glad they haven't forgotten her now that they can be alone together without having to worry about any maids walking in on them and discovering Gerard's secret. As far as she can see, they've been very careful with each other, not touching too much in front of her. Which part of her is sad about, because this is their chance to be open, but. Well, they gave her the master bedroom, and it gets lonely in there, and a vindictive part of her doesn't want her brother and the father of her child having their own private games while she lies in the dark alone.

She--it's wrong to have thoughts of wanting to be part of that again, she knows that. But it was nice, as much as it was strange, that night the three of them were. She wants that again, maybe. Even if she can't have that, since she knows they only did it for the baby, she wants them to be close to her, keep her warm. But it's not the kind of thing you ask for, not what's accepted, and she just has to be happy with this, hot hands on her bare stomach.

It's not enough. But she can make do with it and she smiles, not wanting either of them to pull back. Gerard looks like he's going to, though, and she half-whispers, "Don't. I don't want you to."

He looks at her for a moment, thoughtful, then smiles. "I." He leans in to kiss her cheek and nuzzle her nose. "I don't think you should get dressed today. If that's alright with you."

Mikey isn't sure exactly what he means by that, what that means for her period. But there aren't any negative interpretations she can think of, so she smiles and nods. "I can do that. Well. Do you mean just going around like this, or walking around naked today?"

Frank giggles, cheeks turning pink, and Gerard blushes bright red. "I meant like this. I. Naked might get a little cold, don't you think?" And now he's thinking about her wandering around naked, pert breasts and long legs and that amazing little swell to her belly, god be merciful.

"It's still warm out," Mikey says easily, grinning at the way they're both turning pink. She's almost tempted to do it, just to see what kinds of reaction she'd get. She could do it, it's just the three of them. "I wouldn't mind."

Gerard makes a strangled "eep" sound and Frank sticks out his tongue and wiggles it at her. "Naked movement, I could totally get behind that. I'd be naked."

"We could all be naked." And Mikey doesn't even realize at first the kinds of thoughts that go with being naked with Frank, at first.

“I don't want to be naked," Gerard says petulantly, although it's more out of the fear of what could happen (what could be noticed) if they were naked than actual opposition to the idea.

"Not even if we are too? That's not very fair," Mikey points out, sticking her tongue out at him. Technically it should bother her, the idea of walking around naked with her brother around, but it's not like he hasn't seen it before.

"I don't like being naked," Gerard insists, and that's true, although he has no reason to be self-conscious around Mikey or Frank and it's not really true in this circumstance.

Mikey makes a face, and Frank (who would love the excuse to be naked, really) tries. "It's not like I haven't seen you naked already," he points out.

Gerard pouts. "So what?" Because he doesn't think he'll be able to control himself if Frank (or oh god, Mikey) is naked. And while one would be embarrassing, the other would be positively disastrous.

"So it's nothing I--" Frank looks over to Mikey, and from her expression he can add the rest--"we haven't seen before. Come on." He's not pouting. Not at all.

Gerard scrubs a hand across his eyes. "Frank, I just. It's weird, okay? I don't want to." Mikey makes an exasperated expression and exchanges look with Frank.

They aren't going to actually undress Gerard if he really doesn't want them to, but it is frustrating. "Maybe it would help if we did it first," Frank suggests after a moment.

"But." But that doesn't help, Gerard isn't shy about being naked, he just knows that thoughts and feelings he would rather keep to himself will be so very obvious without any clothing to hide in.

"But what?" Mikey looks speculatively over at Frank and then turns back to Gerard, fingers reaching out to unbutton a few of Frank's shirt buttons without actually looking at him.

"Mikey, stop it." Gerard is a few moments from burying his face in his hands. "It's just not appropriate, and I don't want to. If. If you two want to, fine, I'll just go." He can't look at them, and he wonders what will happen when they're nude in front of each other again.

Mikey exchanges a look with Frank, and this time it's not exasperation, it's concern. Gerard doesn't act like this around her, and she's sure he doesn't act like this around Frank. "Don't go."

Gerard hunches his shoulders up, trying to make himself small. "You. Have your fun. I'll just go make alterations on some of my dresses." Will Frank touch her again, pull her close and feel the press of their baby against his stomach while he's moving inside her?

"Stop." Mikey grabs him by the arm but doesn't hold it tightly, so he could get away easily if he really wanted to. "You're not acting like yourself. Tell me what's wrong."

"I'm fine." He doesn't pull away from her, but he can't look her in the eye. Frank is his husband and Mikey is his sister and he should be happy, because that's how it's supposed to work, isn't it? Princes don't fall in love with other princes, and in fairy stories, they always choose the girl with less status but a sweeter smile. "It's nothing, Mikey, just let me go."

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" she half-hisses, gripping him tighter. "I've known you almost your entire life and I know when something is bothering you. Stop. Hiding." Frank is standing back, concerned, arms folded, biting his lip.

"I." He looks down at the floor. "Can. Can we talk?" He glances over his shoulder, heart breaking when he sees how worried Frank looks. "Just us."

Mikey looks over to Frank but Frank swallows and nods, giving them both permission to do it. "We can do that. Where do you want to go?"

"Outside? Anywhere, I just. I have to talk to you." Gerard bites his lip, staring away from either of them again. "I'm sorry, Frankie."

"It's fine," Frank says, turning away slightly. "You two need to talk. I don't want to stop you."

Gerard feels awful, but he lets Mikey lead him out near some of the trees. He's sure she has to be cold, since she still isn't dressed properly, but she just folds her arms and stares. "Well? What's going on, Gee?"

He takes a deep breath, not sure where to start. It's all going to come flooding out and some of it he doesn't want her to know, not at all. So he starts with the safest. "You and Frank, um." He sighs. "I might be just a little jealous."

Mikey's expression softens immediately, because she knows how he's feeling and without even the benefit of a true binding behind it. "Gerard, he. Frank wants you. You know that." Her failure to reassure him that she has no interest in Frank is obvious.

"And he doesn't want you?" Gerard says, and immediately regrets it. "I mean. You're. I'm not a girl, Mikey, and I had to go to you to be able to give him what's. What's supposed to be proper in a marriage."

Mikey flushes, half embarrassed and half upset. "I'm sorry, but. You're the one that he cares for, Gerard, he doesn't care that you aren't the one literally having the baby. It's still going to be your child." Which is what continues to upset her and make her feel so alone.

"I know but--" and now Gerard is just letting everything out and he's going to regret it. "He couldn't consummate the marriage when it was with me when he thought I was a girl but he could do it with you just fine and I'm the one married to him but I know he likes you and it might be like that, I think it is like that, and with your naked club or whatever you have going I wouldn't be surprised if something happens and. And I don't want to like thinking about seeing you like that because it's sick, it's so sick, I."

Mikey's ready to pat his arm and kiss his cheek and tell him everything will be alright until he reaches the end. "You." She bites her lip, unsure if she's supposed to ask, or pretend she never heard him say it, but it makes her heart go faster thinking that just maybe... "You want. Me?"

"God," Gerard manages, staring at the ground. "I just. Oh God, I said that." He takes a deep breath and doesn't answer for a moment, and when he does it's barely above a whisper. "... maybe."

Mikey isn't sure how she can fit all the times that she offered to help him dress just so she can see his skin and the way it felt when he told her what she and Frank had to do and how much she wants him to hold her close into one bit of reassurance. So she kisses him instead.

Gerard jerks back like he's been stung the minute his lips touch hers. "I don't. Don't do this just because you think I want you to. I know you would do anything for me but. Please."

"Gee, don't." She licks her lips, wishing that he could have held still just a moment longer so she could maybe taste him. "I. It's not for you, I promise. It's for me." She steps closer. "I want you too."

"You--" Gerard doesn't know what to say to that. "Oh." And then he's leaning forward, drawing her in so he can kiss her properly. It's. It's nothing like he was expecting, when he let himself think about it, but it's. It's good.

She wraps her arms around his back, pulling him tighter in and kissing him, opening her mouth to him like she did with Frank. She can't even explain how good it is to know that it isn't just her, that if she's strange, at least Gerard is strange along with her--just like he always has been.

They've always done things together, and it only makes sense that they'd do this too. Gerard kisses back, tongue sliding hesitantly against hers, holding her tight to him, and they're like that, wrapped up in each other, paying no attention to the outside world, when Frank comes to find them.

Frank was worried about the two of them out there alone--there was obvious tension between them, and he wanted to see what he could do. doesn't look to him like they need any help. They're helping themselves. His stomach twists, but it's not jealousy. It doesn't occur to him to be jealous, really--it's Gerard and Mikey, inseparable, and he remembers the way they looked at each other the night the three of them were together. Mostly, he wants to be able to touch them both.

He isn't sure if they'll stop if they know he's there, a witness to what they're doing, and both of them have their eyes closed. Mikey has her hands in Gerard's hair and Gerard's are on her hips, and they don't look like they're noticing anything around them at all.

So he just watches, because they're even more beautiful together than apart, and he would feel so guilty distracting them or breaking them apart. Gerard makes a needy sound, and Frank shudders to himself. Mikey rocks forward, just a little, and Frank watches in fascination, because it's so similar to the first time he and Gerard did this.

Gerard's hands tighten on Mikey's hips, digging in more than they usually would through the thin fabric of her petticoat. He rocks his own hips back, experimentally, unsure how to move with a woman. It's different, but not much so, Mikey's height and how slim she is (more than Frank, even as small as Frank is) are what remind him that he's doing this, that he's standing outside kissing his sister and he can't make himself be bothered by it.

Mikey loves how careful Gerard is with her, but the rough edge underneath when his grip on her is going tighter. She twists her fingers in his hair, and adjusts a little, breasts squashed against his chest.

And that's not something Gerard is used to feeling, that and--he can feel the way her belly curves out when they're pressed together like this. He shouldn't like it as much as he does, pulling her closer, until there's no space between them at all.

Mikey makes a soft breathless noise when he squeezes her tight enough that there's barely air between them, and she can feel how his stomach gives to make room for her little belly and she smiles into the kiss.

Gerard smiles too, draws back just a little to take a breath, and it's then he notices that Frank is standing there, watching the two of them, mouth open and eyes wide. "I. Oh." He has no idea what to say.

Mikey looks over her shoulder and turns pink. "Frank." Frank swallows hard, and then bites his lip, unsure if they're upset with him for spying. They have every right to be. "I. I'm sorry."

"No, it's." Frank takes a deep breath and tries to hide the way his body is responding from watching the two of them. "Don't be sorry."

Gerard ducks his head, hands still pressing Mikey close. "But. We are. We shouldn't." He looks at Mikey, then back at Frank. "Not without telling you." Because he finally has Mikey and though he adores Frank, he can't admit that it's wrong to be with her.

"Then tell me." Frank takes another deep breath and smiles a little, looking at the two of them. "Because I really don't mind. At all. It's. You have no idea how the two of you look like this."

Mikey grins when Frank looks so intent and happy. "Tell us?" She asks, voice low. "We'd. We'd love to show you, Frankie. If you want to see. Anything you want to see."

Frank makes a strangled little noise, eyes wide. "I--" God, she's offering, and he has no idea what to say. He doesn't know what to ask for, because the first thought that comes to mind is everything.

Gerard kisses Mikey's cheek while she's facing away from him and looks over her shoulder at Frank, his own eyes dark. "Anything," he echoes, and smiles. "Do you want to see, Frankie?"

"Yeah," Frank says raggedly. "I want to see. Anything." He flushes red. "I want to see everything. Is that bad?"

Mikey grins. "I don't think so. We want to do everything. And why shouldn't you watch?"

Gerard hums his assent, kissing her jaw, not willing to stop touching her, and adds, "I'd prefer not outside though. You've got that nice big bed, Mikey."

"We should use it," she says, smiling the kind of smile that makes Frank swallow hard, because there are all kinds of... ideas behind it.

"That. Sounds good," he manages faintly.

"How about--" Gerard kisses Mikey's ear and squeezes her hip. "--now?"

She giggles, more than a little breathless, and nods. "If you feel like letting me go. Or you could carry me, while I'm still light enough."

"I'll try," Gerard offers, hoping he's strong enough. "On my back?" The look she gives him at that makes him blush, but he lowers himself down so she can climb on.

She wraps her arms around his neck and legs around his waist, almost giggling too hard to hold on properly. Frank watches, giggling to himself but inexplicably intrigued by the way that she clings to Gerard.

He tries not to think of her clinging to Gerard in other ways (isn't that sort of thing supposed to be wrong and forbidden? but then, so is him being with Gerard) but fails, practically stumbling over himself as he gets lost in thought.

Gerard grunts when he straightens, but Mikey clings tight, long legs tight around his middle and her breasts and belly against his back. She's not that heavy, though he isn't particularly used to physical exertion and though he carries her all the way to the bed, he's winded.

He sets her down onto the bed and stretches, trying to ignore the twinges in his back as he straightens up. And then he looks down at Mikey sitting on the edge of the bed, staring up at him intently, eyes dark, and his breath catches. "What do you want to do?" he asks, biting his lip.

"Would you--" she swallows hard, and lies back, flimsy garments tugging up while she spreads her thighs meaningfully. "That?" Frank remembers what it feels like to have her looking up at him like that, and he swallows hard, feeling a rush of heat from his face down his body.

Gerard stares, eyes wide. "You want me to--" and he wants to, and he can, there's no worry about getting her pregnant if she already is. They can do this. He nods, too-quickly, still watching her. "You could take those off?" he offers, smiling nervously.

She nods, licking her lips, and sits up a little to pull her camisole over her head. But when she reaches down, Frank clears his throat.

"Could you. Uh." And she looks at him, and he turns bright red because oh god, why did he say anything at all? But it's too late now, and he finishes, chin tucked to his chest. "Leave it on?"

She keeps looking at him, curiously, not annoyed at the thought, just curious. "Why?"

"I." He licks his lips nervously and wishes he hadn't opened his mouth. "I don't know, it just. I want to see it. You don't have to, it was just a thought."

"I can do that," Mikey says, and she doesn't make a move to take it off any further. She isn't sure why it appeals to Frank, exactly, but there are weirder things that she can think of. "Gee? You want to get undressed too?" She looks up at Gerard, half-smiling.

Gerard is captivated by her, and he has to blink a few times before processing she's spoken to him. "Oh. Oh--" he struggles with his pants, and he can almost see through the thin petticoat and he can see where Frank was coming from. There's something intriguing.

Mikey grins at the way he's staring and sits up so she can reach over to help him undo his pants. He sucks in a sharp breath but lets her, slim fingers tracing over his skin as she tugs them down.

He steps out of them and she undoes the bottom buttons of his shirt, working her way up, and he can't help but feel quietly miserable as she goes farther away from his ready ache, and. He glances over at Frank and gestures him closer. He remembers watching, wanting to sit on the bed, but he was afraid. Frank doesn't have to be.

Frank moves forward awkwardly, hesitant in his steps. "Are you sure this is alright?" he asks, looking between the two of them. "For me to stay and. And watch you two?" Mikey smiles over at Frank as she undoes the last buttons of Gerard's shirt, reaching up to slip it off.

Gerard lets his shirt lie where it hits the floor, and though he wants to just crawl forward onto Mikey, he holds out his hand and smiles. "Come here, Frankie."

Frank reaches for Gerard's hand and Gerard guides him to sit on the edge of the bed. He crawls over to Mikey, then, leaning down to brush his lips against her neck. "So you can see it," he murmurs, eyes closing. "I want you to."

Frank whimpers, but he wants to see so badly, and they're inviting him into bed with them while they...while. He watches Gerard kiss Mikey's neck, and thumb over her nipples, whispering "You have no idea how long I've wanted this" while Mikey arches underneath.

"You hopeless romantic," Mikey answers, smiling even as she gasps a little as his hand trails down her side. Gerard doesn't say anything in his defense, doesn't need to. It's true.

He leans down so he can mouth at her breast, making soft sounds that he can hear Frank echoing and it's strange how he can feel the heat in his belly going warmer and warmer when he feels Frank's fingers brush delicately over his back.

Frank doesn't even mean to reach out and touch, but he can't even help it at this point, not when they look and sound like that together. Gerard leans into it and lets his teeth scrape across Mikey's nipple, grinning at the "Haaah" she makes when he does.

Gerard pulls off, presses a kiss between her breasts and smiles up at her, looking nervous. "Is it okay if I...?" He trails off, scooting further down so he can kiss her belly, waiting to see if she'll shove him off or tell him no.

"You--" Mikey isn't sure what he's actually thinking of doing, but knows it won't be anything bad. "Yes, god yes." She stares down at him, eyes wide.

Gerard licks his lips, and the tip of his tongue bumps her belly. He presses another kiss to it, hand spanning wide on one side. Frank strokes his fingers through Gerard's hair, desperate to feel them, and Gerard hums a happy sound against Mikey's skin.

Mikey arches up a little against the press of Gerard's tongue there, on the bump she's only starting to really acknowledge as hers, and she smiles down at him. It doesn't feel much more than a tickle against her belly but it's nice.

As much as Gerard wants to lavish affection on the beginnings of baby, he doesn't want to wait any longer. He sits up, and tentatively rests a hand on her upper thigh. "Is. Are you ready?"

Mikey wants to just say "yes," but she remembers back to the other time and smiles. "You could check. Just to be sure."

Gerard smiles back down at her with a bitten lip, eyes dark and sparkling. "You should help me. I might not figure it out on my own."

"Mm," Mikey agrees, taking his hand in hers, twining their fingers together and sliding downwards, skating down her belly and further, until she looks up at him with dark eyes and asks, "Still need help?"

He can feel her, warm and wet under his fingers, and he breathes deep before nodding. "Show me, Mikes." Frank makes a choked noise and his hand clenches in Gerard's hair.

Mikey curls their joined fingers a little, until just the tips of two of them are inside her, watching Gerard's face carefully. "You should do it," she murmurs.

Gerard is nervous--he's never done this, and the only person Mikey has done it with is sitting right next to him. How could she not compare them?--but she feels wonderful, and he carefully slides his two fingers in further, just to see.

She makes a harsh sound, pressing down on them, surprised by how it feels (it's like what Frank did, it feels like that, but it's different in a way she can't quite describe).

When she pushes back against him, Gerard shudders and he can't do this any longer, he needs to feel her properly. He works his fingers once more before pulling them out and moving forward, heart pounding. Even after all of this, he can't quite believe it and looks seriously up at her. "May I?"

"Do it," she says, voice ragged. "Please." She can't keep waiting like this, or she doesn't know what she's going to do.

He braces himself with a hand on either side of her torso when so-carefully he starts to slide in, eyelids fluttering and his chest going tight at the way she feels.

Mikey groans weakly at the feeling, gripping at Gerard tightly, and Frank, still sitting next to them, stares, watching the way they look together. It's. He remembers what Mikey looks like like this, of course, but it's so, so different now.

Because when he isn't the one being overcome by the sensation of her around him, he can really focus on little arch she makes and way Gerard's tongue darts out to moisten his lip even as he makes soft groans.

Gerard is moving, now, panting harshly as he does, and he doesn't have to ask to know what she can take. He knows her, and when he rocks forward harder and she arches up, hissing out a harsh noise, it's what he's expecting.

But though Gerard knows what Mikey is willing to take, she still wants more and, despairing of anyway to make him come closer, she wraps her legs around his hip, pulling him firmly into her.

He groans, almost disbelieving, trying to force his eyes to stay open so he can watch her, watch the way her expressions change and the flush to her cheeks.

Frank is so very curious, wants to know what it's like, and he carefully rests his hand between them on Mikey's belly, just to make sure he's allowed to touch.

Gerard and Mikey both suck in a sharp breath at that, and Mikey nods, giving Frank the go-ahead to touch as he wants.

Frank leans in to press his nose against Gerard neck while he so carefully slides his hand down over the curve of Mikey's belly to carefully press his fingers between her thighs, feel the place where she and Gerard are joined together.

He just stares for a moment, more so when Gerard moves again and he can feel it, pressed against both of them. He wants. He doesn't know what he wants, but being here between the two of them is close to perfect. He just wishes there was a way for him to be between them with not just his hands.

Gerard moans, Frank's hand pushing at the base of his cock when he thrusts in, and he doesn't know how much longer he can go, but he doesn't want to leave Mikey unsatisfied. He remembers how she looked, the sounds she made with Frank and he reaches past Frank to cup her cheek. "Mikey. Mikey, are you?"

Mikey opens her mouth to say something but can't get the words out, her whole body tensing as she comes, gripping Gerard's back tight enough to leave marks.

Gerard cries out, and he never even imagined this, the way that she pulses around him, and he manages a few more sloppy thrusts before he comes too. Mikey sighs at the soft fluttery feeling of him softening inside of her, and part of her just wants to keep her ankles locked behind his back and never let him go.

She wants to just keep him there, inside her like this, as long as she can, but one of them needs to take care of Frank, who's staring at the both of them with wide eyes, hard and desperate.

"Mmmm," she feels almost half asleep, but she waves her hand lazily towards Frank. "C'mere, take your pants off."

Frank fumbles at the fastenings on his pants and shoves them down, not caring which one of them does it as long as one of them does.

Mikey refuses to release Gerard, but she reaches over to run her fingers up the hard line of Frank's cock. "We should do something about this, Gee."

"We should." Gerard looks at Frank speculatively. "What do you think, Frank?"

Frank whimpers, because the two of them are more than anyone should be expected to handle--not only are they all in bed together, Gerard is still inside her. "Please, I. God, it hurts, please."

"Shh, we've got you," Gerard murmurs, and whispers something in Mikey's ear that Frank can't hear. She smiles and he draws back, pulls out of her so that they can both sit up. "Come here."

Frank isn't sure what to expect, but he knows that whatever it is, it's liable to make his brain ooze out of his ears, so he crawls cautiously over to them.

He gets a good idea very, very quickly when Gerard leans down and licks tentatively at him, eyes widening when Mikey slides down beside her brother, meeting him.

She pokes her tongue out and licks carefully, tongue brushing Gerard's. Frank's mouth is hanging open, cheeks a brilliant pink, and he doesn't know how much longer he's going to be capable of breathing or conscious thought.

Gerard smiles at her and she dips further, mouthing at the base while Gerard slides down, taking Frank into his mouth and sucking lightly, not much more than a tease.

Frank whines, high in the back of his throat, and Mikey giggles against the coarse hair around his cock and makes little "ooh" sound before stroking curiously at his balls.

He whimpers, trying not to push upwards, but god, they're both touching him, both doing this to him, and Gerard is catching on so fast it's almost frightening, tonguing at him in a way that makes him never want to leave this bed.

Gerard feels exceedingly proud of himself, working his tongue and sucking, and he squeezes Mikey's hand and makes her giggle again. It shouldn't work, he knows it shouldn't--matrimony is for a man and woman to be bound by God together--but the three of them fit together.

He has a flash of a thought, fit together, like he and Mikey have (like Mikey and Frank have), wondering if there's some way to do that with he and Frank too. He doesn't know, but. But maybe.

He swallows, thoughtful, and Frank is gasping, trembling above him, and he suspects...he doesn't want to pull back, so he strokes his thumb over Mikey's palm to get her attention. "Frank." She pulls her head up a little so she can look up his body at him. "Are you close to it, Frank?"

Frank nods, wordless, shaking all over, and Gerard doesn't pull back when Frank does, just takes it, tries to just swallow as Frank comes, but it's too much and he has to pull off and spit some onto the sheets. "Sorry," Frank manages faintly.

“It's fine," Gerard says, voice a little rough, and he coughs to clear his throat. Mikey finally gives into her curiosity and runs her finger through some of what Gerard had spit out, sucking it into her mouth with a thoughtful noise.

She wrinkles her nose a little, looking down at it. It tastes just. Strange, and she doesn't like it. But she looks up and the expression on Frank's face she definitely does, a little confused and a lot fascinated.

"I wanted to try it." She shrugs a little and grins at him. Frank gives half of a giggle before shaking his head.

"You're. Oh, Mikey." He starts to reach for her, then looks to Gerard. "Um. Can I?"

Gerard frowns a little. "Yes? You don't have to ask me, Frankie, ask her." Frank looks to Mikey, then, who nods and moves toward him.

Frank cups the back of her neck when he pulls her in for a kiss, gentle and a bit shy. He pulls back with a blush and a smile. "Thank you. Both of you."

Gerard and Mikey just share a smile at that, and Gerard moves forward until he's next to Frank too. He wants to just stay here, maybe try other things while they're still all together like this.

Frank blinks blearily at him, though. "I'm. I'm sleepy. Are you two?" Mikey nods a little. The thing with her mouth had invigorated her a bit, but she still has that warm satisfied feeling deep inside her, and she could certainly take a nap.

Gerard nods too, content that they can all still be like this once they've woken up again. "We could sleep," he says, smiling and pulling Mikey close to him.

Mikey goes easily, lets Gerard tug her until her hips are nested snug with his. Frank watches them for a minute, before Mikey stretches her arms out. He lies back against her and she buries her nose in the nape of his neck. "Come on, Frankie, there's only so long we'll fit this way."

Frank grins wide at that, with the thought of why they won't fit like this for much longer (because of his child), and snuggles in against her, eyes slipping shut, wrapped in warmth.

Part Four

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