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no need for more than a kiss and a promise (Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, 1/5)

no need for more than a kiss and a promise
Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, 39,821 words
By escherzo and mwestbelle

Warnings: incest, threesomes, crossdressing, pregnancy, girl!Mikey

Gerard isn’t proud that he has to dress as a woman in order to make an advantageous marriage for his family. But he didn’t have much say in the matter--he and his sister were just bundled into a carriage with their best dresses to go to a kingdom they’d never been to so Gerard could marry a prince he’s never met. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn‘t Frank.

Frank is small and sickly and grumpy and doesn't want a wife, but he's obliged to provide an heir. Gerard is convinced that he’s secretly only ten. It’s sort of relieving, because if Frank is ten he doesn't have to worry about fending off advances.

But Frank's father has been giving him very stern talkings-to while they waited from the princess to arrive about his Royal Duty. Frank is not interested in his royal duty. His head hurts and he wants a nap. And now he can't even nap on his own, because his mother has strict orders for the maids and they always bustle Gerard into the royal suite after him.

Gerard sort of smells funny. Frank is suspicious, because a lady is not supposed to smell funny, or not know how to walk in a giant poofy dress. But she's so very pretty. And clever, and Frank would probably like her an awful lot if he wasn't getting shoved into bed with her every other hour.

It's not like they even do anything there. She seems sort of nervous around him when they're in bed. That or just looks at him funny like she thinks he's a small child or something. (It's not his fault he's unnaturally short.)

Seriously, his parents wouldn't have married him off if he wasn't entirely capable of fulfilling that marriage. But they end up lying on their backs under the sheets, not even shoulders touching, and in the morning there's always a maid peering suspiciously at them and judging how rumpled the bedding seems to be.

The bedsheets are only ever rumpled when Gerard rolls over and takes them all with her, snuggling them, and the maids are starting to Talk. Apparently they think Frank might be strange. Which appears to be codeword for not interested in his terribly pretty wife.

All the courtiers flirt horribly with her, and Frank only just asks her to please move aside so he can get to the stables. Frank hears all the rumors because his childhood friend Ray works in the stables and Frank pretends to go riding and instead listens to gossip. And he's not strange, just because he. Well, he isn't terribly interested in her but he supposes it's about time he gave in. He needs to provide an heir, and she is pretty. It could be worse.

But it turns out she doesn't want to either. Not at all, because he finally brings it up and she skitters off before he can say anything else. But he doesn't want to force her or anything, he's not like that, so he can't do anything until she comes around.

His father is starting to give him suspicious looks as well, and finally he gets pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms that either he man up and consummate his marriage or he's going to send her back as damaged goods. And Frank doesn't want that to happen, he does like Gerard even if they aren't interested in things married couples should be.

He's sure that consummating the marriage will be... nice, from what he's heard, but he still doesn't want to. He doesn't feel like it. He wants to lie around and sleep and not have to worry about being good in bed.

Gerard is already in bed in his ankle-length nightgown, just lying there waiting for frank to come so that he can try not to move as he sleeps. The bed dips when Frank crawls under the covers, and Gee closes his eyes but...then he feels. Frank's hand is tentative on his belly

He wants to jerk away immediately but he can't, not yet, not without being too suspicious. The maids have already started to talk, and if people find out--it won't end well for anyone, so he forces himself to hold still. Very, very still.

Emboldened, Frank bites his lip and watches closely while he rubs Gerard's belly, hoping it's a good encouragement without being too forward. He doesn't want to coerce her into anything she doesn't want, but they really don't have a choice anymore.

Gerard just tenses even more, stiff as a board, and Frank frowns. This--wasn't really how he pictured the whole seduction process going. He isn't sure if he can work up the courage to slip his hand down and tug at her nightgown with her lying there like this, like she'd rather die. Although from what his father told him, it's not so unusual, it doesn't work the same way for women. It's a duty--though Frank isn't much more enthusiastic .

He just wants to pull away and go to sleep. It isn't working, it's obvious it isn't working, so why should he even bother? She isn't relaxing (she's actually trying to shift away) and maybe that's not what to go for. Maybe there's some other way to do it that he hasn't figure out yet. The last time he brought it up, she ran away, but she can't really run here. Frank presses his hand a little more firmly against her just in case she does try to make a break for it. "Um. Gee?"

"What?" Gee's voice sounds weird, starting too-low and then proceeding immediately to the kind of high-pitch Frank never hears from the other women around. He frowns.

“We. I." Frank sighs, frustrated. He wishes this could just be easy, that he could have gotten a nice compliant maiden and then he feels awful, because Gerard has a great personality and he wouldn't want her to be some kind of nameless pretty girl. "I know you don't want to. But we kind of have to."

Gerard looks up with him with such big, scared eyes he starts to feel awful, and it's not fair for her to pull that on him. It's just not. "Don't do that," he says weakly. "We have to, you know that. Can you just--" He sighs. "--work with me?"

Gerard swallows hard, and her eyes are still huge and obviously terrified and Frank feels like some kind of monster after her virtue. "Please. We have to."

She still doesn't say anything, and she's usually more talkative than he is. At this point, he's debating just leaving it for another night but they have to sometime and it's not going to get any better by waiting. "Come on, please."

Gerard has to swallow hard to make sure he pitches his voice up. "I don't." He bites his lip and gives Frank his most imploring look. "Please don't make me." Because he knows that Frank is entirely able to demand his rights as a husband from him.

"I don't wanna make you," Frank says, conflicted and feeling like the worst person ever to live. "I--" He might as well be honest, if she doesn't want to there's no harm in her knowing. "I don't want to either, okay?"

Gerard stares at him because...young princes are supposed to be insatiable, from what he's heard from the servants at home. He'd thought that Frank was being sweet and thoughtful but...

"What?" Frank looks away, blushing a little. "I'm not strange," at least, he doesn‘t think he is, "and I think you're pretty, but, just. It's not that weird, okay?"

"I just." Gerard can't say much because he was the same way, not really interested in the appropriately marriageable princesses, but Frank doesn't know that. "Are you. I. My mother warned me what young men would do to maidens."

"What did she say I would do?" Frank can't help but feel offended on behalf of the men around, because most of them honestly aren't like that. (Some are. One named Peter is the source of much gossip and many, many giggles.)

"Just." Gerard feels almost as embarrassed as a real maiden would be, talking to Frank like this in their bed with Frank's hand still on his stomach. "That. I have my duties. And you have your...urges."

“My urges?" Frank goes scarlet. "I don't. Um." He doesn't know that he's had urges, per se. None of the women in the court appeal to him, at least. He's had dreams--but he can't remember what the people in them looked like, and besides, he never acted on anything that happened in them in real life. They don't count.

Gerard looks down, can almost make out the shape of Frank's hand on top of his nightgown under the sheet. "I just. Perhaps she was wrong, about you. But if you don't have...urges, then. Why?"

"Why what? Why are we supposed to, you know. Do this? Because it's--" Frank shrugs a little. "It's just what you do. My dad keeps telling me I need to. It's. It's proper to consummate a marriage. Your parents didn't tell you that?"

Gerard rolls off his back, because it's awkward conversing like this, and lies on his side facing Frank. "Well, yes. I know it's my wifely duty, but. It's my duty to you. And if you don't want to..."

"My dad will get mad, though," Frank half-whispers. "Could we." It's wrong, what he's thinking about suggesting, but he doesn't want to do anything. "Pretend we did? Mess up the sheets a little so they think something happened?"

Gerard's heart practically leaps out of his chest. He nods. "Yes. Yes, please. And perhaps you and I could...?" Because the maid will be there in the morning, and if they're lying on their opposite sides as always they'll know nothing happened.

Frank smiles faintly. "Alright. I'll have to work on my urges--" and it's obvious from the tone that he's joking around at this point, smile widening, "but we could."

Gerard smiles back, for what's practically the first time. Frank is. Frank is a good person, and even though Gerard hates pretending to be a princess, he's happy that it's Frank and not some lust-crazed beast who would have revealed him the first night. "I suppose you can manage."

"I hope so. I wouldn't want to do anything to your maidenly virtue." He pauses, frowning suddenly, because it didn't even occur to him to ask before. He just assumed. "You are still... you know, right?"

Gerard turns pink. "I'm. I'm intact." Because that's what a proper maiden would be, and he is anyway--he spent his life being raised as the beloved daughter, he hardly had a chance to reveal his true self to anyone besides Michael, and certainly never indulged carnal lusts.

"I wouldn't mind if you weren't," Frank says seriously. "But it's. It's good to know that you are? So am I, I mean, and I wouldn't want to be the only one."

Gerard smiles again, mollified by the little crease between Frank's eyebrows when he's being serious. "Yes. We'll. We'll be maidens together. Or, well."

"I'm not a maiden, Gee," Frank says, sighing. "I would look terrible in your dresses, you know." He tries to picture it and giggles before he can help it.

Gerard chokes down most of his laughter (squawky and not at all ladylike) because, if Frank only knew. "You're simply shocking sometimes, milord."

"I am?" Frank grins. "At least I don't bore you." They get along well--too well, really, and he's glad his pathetic attempt at suggesting they consummate their marriage fell flat.

"That would be a sad thing," Gerard wrinkles his nose when he smiles. This is the most openly they've spoken, and they're lying in the dark in their marriage bed. It's a strange thing, but theirs is a strange marriage--stranger than Frank knows.

Frank has experience with many, he knows many people and some he knows are even married before they're his age. But of course, their wives are simply strangers they're forced to lie with for the sake of duty. He's glad that he and Gerard will never be like that.

They have an understanding, an accord, and Frank feels blessed that his bride wasn't empty-headed or hopelessly intent on her duty. Gerard is a fine bride, and now that they have a secret between them, he feels an extra bubble of affection.

He doesn't want to sleep with her. But he could definitely go for cuddling sometime into the next century. He likes her--not like the kind of tales the storytellers do, with dashing knights and emptyheaded maidens hopelessly in love with them--like a. Like a best friend.

He doesn't want to push, but since they've made their agreement, he offers his arms, open and inviting her closer. "Shall we?"

Gerard smiles and scoots forward until he and Frank are closer together. "Of course." Frank is warm and solid and smaller than him, but good for holding.

Frank feels his face flame, although he doesn't know why, an arm curling cautiously around Gerard's waist, holding her close to him.

She's shaped strangely, for a maiden, which makes him confused for a moment but he doesn't want to pull away. Maybe he'll ask her about it sometime. But--she's his wife, and he doesn’t care what shape she is.

Gerard was maybe holding his breath a bit when he got close to Frank, not sure if he'd react poorly to what's really not what he must have been expecting. But Frank's hand is still warm at the small of his back and he doesn't flinch away, so Gerard feels he's safe to duck his head into the curve of Frank's shoulder.

Frank huffs out a contented sigh and snuggles even closer, eyes slipping shut. He doesn't care that in the morning the maids will be abuzz with the new development. It's too nice, he doesn't want to move.

"The sheets," Gerard says groggily, almost asleep, and he reaches down to yank some of the bedding out of it's proper place. They fall asleep like that, cuddled together like children.

In the morning, Frank wakes and cracks one eye open, trying to figure out why he was awakened--only to notice his father, hand on his shoulder and a grin on his face. He just nods before walking back off, leaving Frank to keep cuddling with Gerard. (and a passing "oh get to work, you old hags" to the maids trying not to get a better look)

The time passed, Gerard and Frank living close and sleeping warm next to each other. They got to be close, reading together and going riding, and spending long hours talking. But as the time showed no sign of pregnancy, Frank found himself called into his father’s chambers for a private audience.

He feels like throwing up the entire way back to his bedroom. His father's ultimatum had been set down at last: if Gerard hadn't conceived by the end of the month, she would have to be considered infertile and useless and sent home in shame. Their charade had turned on both of them, leaving Frank in the most awkward position he had yet to face. He didn't want to go into their room, have to face her and tell her that now they really truly had to. But they had less than a month, and he knew sometimes these things took time. There was no time left for them anymore.

He takes a deep breath to steel himself before he pushes open the door. He can do this. He can. Both of them are uncomfortable with the thought but he likes Gerard, doesn't want to lose her just because he can't work up the courage to have a child with her like is proper in a marriage. He finally manages to open the door. "Gee?"

Gerard looks up from the desk--he's taken to playing with ink while Frank is gone, making curls and swirls and sometimes faces--and smiles. "Frankie." But Frank isn't smiling back, trouble is etched all over his face, and Gee frowns. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"We--" Frank stares down at his feet. "If we don't--" It comes out all in a rush. "If you don't conceive by the end of the month they're going to send you home away from here and I don't want you to leave, ok? So can we just. We have to do it."

All the color drains from Gerard's face. It was stupid to think that they could live like this, that they could pretend for the rest of their lives, but he liked it. He likes cuddling with Frank and sleeping next to him and that even though Frank thinks he's a maiden he never talks down to him like even some of the courtiers do. He doesn't want this to end but. "I. I can't."

"You can't? Gee, please, we can't just fake it anymore. I don't want to lose you, ok? You can just. Think about something else, or something, while we're doing it, but we have to. We need to." Frank swallows hard. "Please."

Gerard bites his lip and squeezes his eyes shut, because he can't look at Frank when he says it. "I don't want to lose you either. It's. It's not about that, Frank. I. I honestly can't."

"So." Frank wants to swear. He should have known it would be something like this. "So you're infertile? I mean. How would you know, if you've never tried?"

"I'm." Gerard wishes he had something he could hide behind, because he doesn't know how Frank is going to react, what he's going to do when he finds out that....that... "I'm. Frank. I'm not a maiden." He takes a deep breath, but can still barely whisper when he finally admits it: "I'm a man."

"What?" Frank stares, eyes wide. "You. No way." And then--he knows he shouldn't let himself get distracted so easily from the issue at hand, but. "What do you sound like? Like actually sound like, when you're. Yourself. Can you show me?" He's whispering too, and he doesn't know why.

"Not." Gerard clears his throat and drops back to his normal voice after what feels like so long, unsure if Frank's deviation from the actual issue is a good or bad sign. "Not that different, really."

Frank feels--he doesn't know. A little funny, hearing how Gerard actually sounds, that Gerard trusts him enough to show him. But it's not funny in a bad way. "You. You sound nice like that," he admits, pinking.

Gerard chews at his lip. "Um. Thanks." He's flushed bright too, nerves and fear and a kind of relief because Frank knows and he doesn't have to hide anymore. "I. I'm sorry. For lying to you."

"It's." Frank is still sort of shellshocked. "But your family knows, right? They knew you might get sent away if you came, right? I don't get it."

"I." Gerard looks in the direction of his toes. "Yeah. But, I guess they thought it was worth it? We needed the alliance. And. Your family wasn't going to accept a younger sister's dowry. It had to be an eldest daughter."

Frank bites his lip, unsure of what to do now. He thought it was easily solved. Now he doesn't know what--"So what do we do? We have to do something. I don't know what."

"I. I don't know." Gerard sighs, and he knew that it would all fall apart eventually, but he hadn't suspected to like Frank so much. In a way that wasn't as entirely brotherly as first assumed. "If. I can't tell them what I really am. I guess I'm just going to have to be sent back."

"No." Frank scowls. "I don't want you to go. There has to be something we can do. I mean. If you want to stay, because I want you to really badly. I like you."

"I don't either," Gerard is quick to add, and a half smile maybe quirks one side of his mouth when he looks up through his eyelashes. "I like you too."

"Good." Frank doesn't know why he has the sudden urge to kiss Gerard (he's thought about it before, but now--it would make him strange. He isn't sure he'd actually mind, being like that, if it's Gerard.) but he knows he has to figure out something. "We could--" it's a crazy idea, but if it works it could work. "If someone else had it. If we were secretive enough, so no one knew it wasn't really yours."

Gerard frowns. "But. It wouldn't look like us. Not unless--" he freezes, and his eyes go wide, looking at Frank with some mixture of intrigue and horror. "It. Mikey."

"Mikey? Isn't that your--" Frank's eyes widen. "Your little sister. Would she do it if you asked her to? God, that could work."

"She would." Gerard sounds a little bit miserable. "If I asked. She would do it. But. She's my sister, Frank, she's not just convenient flesh. I don't know if I can do this to her."

Frank sighs. He has no experience with it, he's an only child. But this seems to be the only way out he can think of, at this point. "I know. I just. She would want you to be happy, right?"

"Yes." Gerard scrubs a hand across his face. He wants this, wants to stay with Frank, but the idea of making Mikey some kind of prop to them... "I'll. I can ask her. But if she doesn't want to, we're not doing it."

"Alright." Frank has no interest in forcing pregnancy on Gerard's little sister if she isn't willing to do it. "That's fine, I just. I hope she does."

Gerard sighs, but he holds out his hands to Frank--first time since his revelation, and he hopes Frank doesn't feel differently about hugs and cuddles now that he knows. "Me too."

Frank takes his hands easily, without hesitation. "Yeah." He pauses, thinking. "Can I ask you something?"

“Anything." Frank must be full of questions, and Gerard wants to be done with secrets and half-truths between them.

"Was the reason you didn't want to do things--was it because you didn't want me to find out that you weren't a girl?"

Gerard blushes but. "Well, yes. I. I didn't want you to know and that would have been pretty obvious."

"It would." Frank flushes too, just with the thought of what he's about to ask. "Can I see what you look like then?"

"Um." Gerard goes even pinker, but he nods. "If. If you want to." He plucks at one of his wide sleeves and bites his lip. "You, uh. You might need to help me out of this."

Frank nods and steps forward, staring down at the dress Gerard is in. "How do you take it off? I don't know how to do it."

"The back." Gerard half turns, craning his neck to try to look down at his own back. "It's tied. If you can get the top half undone, I can probably get the rest."

Frank stares at the lacings for a moment before reaching forward, undoing the first lace and then the second. It comes easier from there, and his breath catches when his mind remembers what he's doing--he's undressing Gerard.

Gerard braces himself against the desk while Frank works, his stomach fluttering in an entirely peculiar way. He's never felt like this when a maid helped him out of his dress (only ever halfway, because he couldn't trust anyone to see anything) but Frank's hands brushing his back through the cloth is...interesting.

Frank is starting to think that maybe he does have some urges after all, because he leans in to kiss Gerard's bare back as the dress comes unlaced. "Is that far enough?" he asks finally.

Gerard makes a soft sound at Frank's lips and his eyes flutter shut. "Um. Yeah. Yeah, I can take over." He straightens and reaches behind, swiftly undoing himself like he's done everyday until the bodice falls away from his torso leaving it...bare.

Frank just looks, stares, tries to make his eyes not trace the lines of Gerard's body. He's seen his own, of course, but Gerard's is different and he can't stop himself from looking. "Can I." His mouth is dry. "The rest?"

Gerard's stomach flips. "I. There isn't." He has his skirt and petticoats, but under all's just him. "I mean, underneath. I'm not."

"Not what?" Frank frowns. "Are, um. Are you a eunuch or something? I won't laugh if you are, I promise."

"No!" Gerard had thought actually telling Frank would be the most embarrassing part. "I mean. I'm not wearing anything. Else."

That's alright. I mean, I know what I look like, it can't be terribly different, right? And I want to see." Frank doesn't even know why, because it's not something he should think about, knowing that Gerard is a man. But then, he and Gerard are married, so maybe it's not so bad.

"I. Alright." Gerard bends so that Frank won't see how his blush spreads down to his chest, and fusses with his myriad skirts until they're all gone, lying in a pool of fabric on the floor. And he's naked in front of his husband.

Frank forgets to breathe for a long moment. "Is it." This is so strange, he doesn't know how to deal with how he's reacting to this at all. "Is it okay to like seeing you like this? Do you know?"

Gerard swallows hard, and it should be much colder in the room without any clothes on, but it's not, it's stiflingly hot. "I. Probably not. But. I suppose it isn't right to like being seen either."

"You do?" Frank isn't sure what to do, if he should stand there or move forward or run away or what to do. "Oh. Then what do we do?"

"You." Gerard licks his lips and his gaze drops, scanning Frank's body quickly without realizing he was going to. "You could. Show me you."

"If you want to see me. I could." This is different from the awkward fumblings when he was trying to get Gerard to want to consummate the marriage, before. This time it feels like something is going to actually happen. Frank reaches down, fumbles at the buttons of his shirt.

Gerard chews on his lower lip, watching while Frank's shirt comes undone, revealing more and more skin, and he. He stirs, and it's mortifying because he has nothing to hide behind, it's painfully obvious.

Frank glances down for only a second but that's all it takes to notice. "Is that." He shrugs his shirt off his shoulders and looks. "I. This is so strange."

"I know." Gerard wishes he had more control--his body is shaming him, but he just can't help it, and the easy way Frank shrugs out of his shirt doesn't make it any easier. "It. It's odd. I feel. It's strange."

Frank nods, taking a shaky breath. "So do I. Do you want me to--" He looks down at his pants, lip between his teeth.

Gerard nods, too quickly, but the tease of almost-tan skin on Frank's torso makes him hungry for more. "Please. I. Please."

Frank undoes and steps out of his pants in one easy motion, and then they're both standing there, face to face, naked as when they were born.

Gerard is ashamed of how his eyes are drawn immediately down, but it doesn't stop him from inhaling sharply with a bit of a gasp.

"I think maybe I like being strange," Frank admits, half a whisper. "But I don't know what to do."

"Neither do I," Gerard responds. He takes a tentative step forward and reaches out again. "Could I? I mean."

"Could you what?" Frank looks up at Gerard, hesitant. "Whatever it is, do it. But tell me what it is."

"I just." Gerard steps closer, and rests his hand carefully on Frank's shoulder, warm and open. "Could I kiss you?"

"God, yes. Please." Frank is only realizing this now, that they haven't even kissed properly yet.

Gerard has only ever kissed Mikey on the mouth, and not like this, not the constant thrum of his heart as he leans in and in until he feels Frank's lips brush against his own

Frank's breath stutters and he presses forward, surprised by how much he likes it (he's kissing someone and it's not a girl and he doesn't know why he wants it) and by how much he wants to keep going, doing... he doesn't know what. Something.

Gerard mirrors him, hand tightening on his shoulder and kissing him a little more firmly, making a soft sound against Frank's lips. He wants to get closer, feels that he needs to, but he just doesn't know how.

Frank moves forward, just to feel it better, make it better, and before he realizes it he's pressed up against Gerard, skin to skin. He's trying not to let himself get distracted from kissing, because he likes it, but feeling that is different, and he can't even claim it's in a bad way.

Gerard shudders a little when they're pressed chest-to-chest, and he presses at the small of Frank's back with one hand, just like Frank had done for him when they slept close that first time, gasping into the kiss.

Frank shifts again, unsure, forward into Gerard with his hips too, now. It goes through him like a shock and he breaks the kiss to gasp out, "Oh God. What was. Can I do that again?"

"Please do," Gerard hisses back, eyes closed and shuddering for breath. "I. Yes, god." He tries to pull Frank closer, fingers digging in a little in the soft parts above his bottom.

Frank bites his lip in concentration and rocks forward again, deliberately, unsure of why it feels so good but he wants to keep doing it. "This. Mmh."

"This," Gerard repeats, and he tries to mimic what Frank did, moving forward against him and making a desperate sound at the contact.

It steals all the air out of Frank's lungs, what they're doing, and he pulls Gerard into him more definitely, eyes slipping shut.

It takes some missteps and awkward movements, but they finally catch a rhythm, rocking and clinging together. Gerard keeps making noises, little gasps and whines that he's faintly embarrassed about.

Frank is no better, hands practically clawing at Gerard's back, whimpering like he's in pain but this is so far from pain he can't even begin to describe it. If this is what consummating a marriage is supposed to be like he has no idea why he waited so long to do it.

Gerard can feel hot weight low in his belly, and his knees are wobbling a little just trying to hold him steady in the face of what feels so good. He arches at the pressure of Frank's hands, and his mouth gets a little messy, pressing at the corner of Frank's mouth and his cheekbone and not quite hitting his lips.

Frank reaches up, hooks his arm around the back of Gerard's neck, pulling him down into a proper kiss. "I don't know if I can keep standing up," he admits against Gerard's lips, face pink.

"Me neither," Gerard laughs a little, kissing him soft again. "Could. Should we lie down?"

"I think so," Frank says, considering. It seems like it would be easier, if they did. And it would make it more real, more like the proper way of doing things.

Gerard doesn't want to let him go even for a moment, but he has to loosen his grip and sit down on the bed, looking up at Frank, thighs unconsciously spread a little wider than normal.

Frank stares down at him, eyes wide, and god, he's definitely got some urges, because he wants to just pin Gerard to the bed and kiss him and then never let him out of the bed again. It would be a nice life, anyway.

Gerard smiles a little shyly, thrilling at the way Frank is looking at him but unsure what he's supposed to do. "Come here?"

Frank smiles and clambers onto the bed, over to Gerard until they're right next to each other, naked on the bed they've shared every day since they got married. "What do we do from here?" he whispers, even though Gerard probably doesn't know either.

Gerard knocks his nose against Frank's cheek, still wearing the little smile. "I don't know. Um. While we were standing? That was nice."

"Mhmm." Frank moves hesitantly, trying to remember what position they were in when they were standing. He ends up with one thigh between Gerard's, on their sides, face to face.

Gerard's thighs squeeze at Frank's first before he finds himself rocking against it with animalistic pants, turning shamefully pink.

Frank presses forward too, against Gerard's thigh right there, god, and he knows he's probably pushing too much of his weight forward but he doesn't expect it when Gerard ends up on his back with Frank over him.

Gerard whimpers a little when he's flipped onto his back, and he feels an awful lot like the blushing maiden he pretended to be, staring up at Frank with chest heaving. Though he's fairly certain no maiden would make the kind of desperate sounds he is, wriggling a little under Frank's weight.

Frank presses down experimentally, embarrassed by the faint little moan he makes when his cock brushes against Gerard's, but at this point he's too far gone to care.

Gerard moans in response, tilting his hips up as wanton as any backroom wench, wanting Frank to give him more.

Frank has no idea what he's doing as he grinds down against Gerard, breath coming short and he has to force his eyes not to slide shut.

Gerard tries to grind back up against him, though he's so foggy with heat and lust that all he really manages is to wiggle up at Frank's hips, biting his lip hard.

Frank's hands go down to Gerard's hips to steady him, hold him in the right position so it's better, sharphot every time he moves against Gerard.

Gerard groans, rougher and lower than Frank has ever heard him, and he's surprised when all the pressure that had been building tight and hot in his belly releases, as he comes with his eyes fluttering shut.

Frank stills entirely, staring down. "Oh wow," he manages, looking up at Gerard's face and then to... that. "Did I do that?" The thought sends a thrill through him and he's so close already, all he needs is one more thing.

Gerard can barely catch his breath, and he feels sticky and somewhat unpleasant but good, and he can only force his eyes open to slits. "All you," he whispers, voice still rough, and smiles weakly.

Frank bites his lip so he can contain his groan at that, hips jerking. "I need. Help. Please." It's not enough, like this, now that Gerard isn't moving, and he needs Gerard to do something already.

Gerard feels lazy and leaden but he looks down at Frank where he's straining and he bites his lip. "I could." He brings up his hand to palm at Frank's belly. "Could I touch?"

Frank's hips stutter forward helplessly. "God yes," he breathes, swallowing hard. "Please. I want you to."

Gerard can still barely keep his eyes open, and the flush of exertion in his cheeks that was beginning to fade flames right back again. He slides his hand down, carefully, and he can't believe he's going to touch another man. He squeezes his eyes closed when his hand finally lightly cups Frank's cock.

Frank lets out a tiny disbelieving sound as Gerard's hand closes around him. His hand, his hand there, Gerard is touching him like that. Even the thought makes him shiver, wanting more of it.

Gerard isn't really sure what comes next, but Frank seems to like it, and he lets his hand close a little more firmly, the hot weight of Frank against his palm making him shiver as well.

Frank isn't either. It doesn't matter, though, whatever Gerard is doing, he likes it. "Keep going?" He doesn't bother trying to hide the note of pleading in his voice, because it's obvious from the way he's responding anyway.

Gerard nods and his stomach twists, but he has no idea what he's doing. He thinks of how Frank likes to be touched in more acceptable places, and ends up sort of petting at his cock.

It's not enough but Frank doesn't know how to make it enough, because he's heard about people doing this, in passing, but no one ever told him.

Frank isn't doing the terribly messy thing that he did, and Gerard feels cold inside his chest, because he's doing it wrong and he doesn't know what to do. He just wants to make Frank feel like he did, but he can't.

Frank bites his lip and frowns, trying to figure out how to make it better. "It's okay, I don't know either," he says, trying to sound reassuring. "Maybe if you. If you move your hand a little more?" He reaches down to wrap a hand around Gerard's, guiding him.

Gerard watches while Frank moves his hand more rapidly, wishing that he could have thought of that. He can't even enjoy the slide of Frank against his hand, he's too embarrassed. "I'm sorry."

"No nonono," Frank says, half-laughing, leaning down to kiss Gerard. "Don't be sorry. I like it." He smiles even as he has to squeeze his eyes shut against the feeling.

"I just wish I knew." Gerard tightens his grip a little, Frank's hand still warm against the back of his. "I want it to be nice."

Frank chokes out another sound. "It is. it--I'm going to." He doesn't even know what to call it, what he made Gerard do. "Do that thing. That I made you do."

Gerard smiles, and he watches his hand closely, because he wants to know what it's like. He felt it when it happened to him, but he didn't get to see. He's very interested.

Frank takes another gasping breath and comes, his whole body tensing, eyes squeezed shut. "God," he manages faintly.

Gerard blinks because. Oh. "Oh my," he says mildly, and now his hand and belly and chest are all sticky's a pleasant kind of stickiness that he thinks he could come to enjoy quite a lot. "That was. Quite thrilling."

"And we can just leave the sheets like this," Frank says, sighing contentedly. "Since the maids are always trying to find proof we've done something anyway."

Gerard giggles, and pokes thoughtfully at some of the mess on his tummy. "We should probably clean ourselves though."

"Probably." Frank looks down at himself with a slight frown. "We could bathe together, if we made sure no one came in."

Gerard blushes, which is silly since he has Frank's release painting his body, but. "I. I suppose we could do that."

"Good." Frank sits up and offers a hand to Gerard. "Shall we?"

Gerard takes it and lets Frank help him into a sitting position. "Will you have the maids draw the bath? I should probably wait." Because Frank knows, but no one else can, and even wrapped in a robe, it's so treacherous.

Frank nods and scurries off to find the nearest maid to ask. She smiles knowingly, like she knows, which is creepy. Maybe it's because of how messed up his hair is. It's hard to say.

Gerard waits until the coast seems clear before daring to get out of bed, wearing a robe he embroidered himself (perhaps playing the role of princess for so long had affected him a bit much).

Frank is waiting for him when he finally makes it to the bath. "I told them all to stay away," he says softly, and then grins. "They all started giggling. Girls."

Gerard wants to be embarrassed that the maids know, but then he remembers that the staff has considered them a proper married couple for more than a month. He plays with the tie of his robe, smiling a little. "They can be quite silly things."

"They can. I'm lucky you're not one," Frank says, sighing dramatically. "It makes my life so much easier."

"Except for how it doesn't." The comment is light, but it's true enough that Gerard feels the same tendrils of worry closing around his chest.

Frank frowns a little. He doesn't need the reminder that if their plan doesn't work, Gerard will be sent away. "Do you want to talk about that?"

"I just." Gerard folds his arms across his chest. "I know that Mikey is our only chance but. I don't know if I can ask her to do this."

"I know." Frank looks down at his feet. It's different now, after what they've just done. "And doing that would mean that I would have to do, you know. With her." He doesn't want to come right out and ask and are you okay with that? but he needs to.

Gerard looks at the floor too and nods. "Yes. You would. And. It isn't even about disgrace. Mikey and I...we could be executed for this."

"God," Frank whispers, swallowing hard. "You're right. I'm too selfish, wanting you to stay when you'd be risking that."

"No." Gerard looks up quickly. "No, Frank. I want to stay. I really do. I'm just. I'm afraid. Especially for Mikey."

"I know." There's no easy solution to any of this and Frank just wants to hide in a hole until it all goes away.

"It shouldn't be her burden. But she's our only hope." Gerard closes his eyes and shakes his head, trying to clear away all the unpleasant thoughts. "I want to stay with you so badly, Frank."

"It'll work." Frank squeezes his eyes shut tight. "It has to work. I don't care how. It has to work."

Gerard nods and sighs. "I'll. I can ask her." He knows that she'll say yes. Mikey has never told him no, never.

Frank nods. "Alright. I just pray it works out." It has to. He doesn't want Gerard to leave, not ever.

The next day, Gerard wears a robe over his nightdress and sneaks out of their bedroom while Frank is still asleep. He's going to need plenty of time to talk to his sister and doesn't want any interruptions. He doesn't bother knocking on her door, he knows he's always welcome. She's still sleeping when he comes in, and he sits on the side of the bed and strokes her hair. "Mikey. Come on."

"Mmmgh? Wha?" Mikey makes a distinctly unladylike grumbling sound as she opens her eyes, but her expression softens when she sees that it's Gerard. "Hey, bro. How are you holding up?"

"I'm. I'm alright." But Mikey is already making a grumpy face and sitting up a little so that she can see him better--she's always had weak eyes, thanks to a fever when she was a baby--because she knows him better than that. Gerard sighs. "I. I told Frank."

"What?" she hisses. "Oh God. Are you going to be thrown out? What happened? Come here. You need a hug." It all comes out in a rush and she reaches for him, trying to pull him into a hug.

He accepts the hug, pets at her hair, because even if she's gone to the wrong conclusion he still needs the contact. "He. He kissed me. And. Other things. He doesn't care, Mikey, I think. He likes me better like I really am."

"Really?" Mikey's eyes widen. "I didn't know he was like that." She smiles faintly, thinking of how relieved Gerard must be to finally be able to tell Frank, after all the effort he's done to hide it. "Then what's the matter?"

"His father says." Gerard pulls her close and buries his face in her neck, so the rest of what he says is mumbled. "We have to conceive by the end of the month or he's sending me away."

"But you can't. You're not a girl." She pulls him tighter against her. "Oh Gee. I'm so sorry."

Gerard makes a soft distressed sound against her skin, because this is when he's supposed to ask, but he. He can't do it. He can't make his baby sister into that for him. "I know. I. I just don't want to leave him, Mikey."

"I know you don't," she says quietly, eyes closed. She's seen Gerard grow more and more attached to Frank, and she knows how hard it will be if he's sent away. "Is there some way around it?"

"Not." He swallows hard and sighs. "Not any I'm willing to take."

"Tell me," she says firmly, drawing back so she can look him in the eye. "I'm sure there's something."

"No." He looks deliberately away from her. "It's not going to happen. It's. It's a stupid idea and we're not doing it."

"Tell me. It can't be worse than you losing him. I know how you're going to be if you're sent away."

"I." And she asked so he has to tell her, right? It's a shaky rationalization, but he doesn't want to leave. "If. If someone else could have a baby and I could pretend it was mine, then I could stay."

"It wouldn't look like you," she points out quietly, and then it hits her. Why he's here, why he came to her about this. Oh. "You." She takes a deep breath. "Me?"

Gerard swallows again. "I. That's why I didn't want to tell you, Mikey. It's dangerous. And. And unfair."

She has to make a decision, and part of her wants to go against the kneejerk "I'll do it" but she knows it's the right thing to do. "I don't care if it is. I'm glad you told me. And." She can't just say it, can she? "How are you going to make them think you're the pregnant one?"

"We would go away." Gerard looks into his lap. "Tell his parents that I was pregnant, and then go stay at one of their country homes. We'd say you were coming to keep me company. And by the time we came back, no one would ever know."

Mikey thinks for a long moment, considering. It's dangerous. She doesn't know what would happen if someone caught them and found out, but she knows it wouldn't be good. And it would mean losing her maidenhood to her brother's husband. Even so--"I'll do it."

"Mikey. Don't." He reaches out to take her hand and squeeze it. "You have to think about this. You can't just agree because. Because I'm asking you."

"I am thinking about it," she says, frowning. "I know that it could be dangerous if anyone found out. But I want to help you, alright?"

"You could get executed," Gerard points out. "We both could. And you. You wouldn't be a maiden any longer."

"I'm not worried about being a maiden or not," she says impatiently. "I'm not the one desirable for important marriages so it's less of an issue for me. But. Gerard, you married him for a reason, and that might all fall apart if you have to be sent back."

“But. It's important, Mikey, for you. You'd. You'd be losing your maidenhood to a man who doesn't have any duty to you beyond the slightest family bond." He knows that Frank isn't like that, that he adores Mikey, but Gerard maybe wants to scare her a little. She has to really think about this.

"I know that," she says quietly, looking down at herself. "And I'm willing to do this because it's for you. I want you to remember that."

Gerard swallows hard. "Are you sure, Mikey? It's. It isn't something you could change. You'd have to carry a full term, and then let me raise your baby."

"Do I still get to see it? As your sister?" Mikey looks up at him. "If I do then that's fine with me. I know I'm not going to end up as much of a mother anyway."

"Of course, you'd still be with us." Gerard bites his lip and stares back at her. "You're really going to do this, Mikey?"

"I'm." She knows what she's committing to, even as insane as it is. "I'm going to do this."

Gerard pulls her tight again, squashing her against his chest in a desperate hug. "We're. We're going to have a baby." He still sounds shocked, disbelieving, but it's true.

"We are," Mikey says, hardly able to believe she's even saying what she's saying. "Well. You and I aren't. Frank and--" she smiles. "you are."

"We are." Gerard forgets to breathe for a moment because...he and Frank are going to have a baby. But, still. "It is yours, though, still. I mean. You aren't just a body, Mikey, it's your baby too."

"So it's a baby for the three of us." She can work with that. "When do I. It's sooner rather than later with getting me pregnant, right? Because you have until the end of the month and I have to know for sure if I am or not."

"Sooner, definitely." Gerard takes a deep breath, because...his baby sister is going to lose her maidenhood and hopefully be impregnated by his husband, who he finally is admitting his feelings for. But. The deadline looms. "Maybe you could...come visit us, later?"

"Later tonight?" Mikey tries to force herself to sound calm and relaxed about it. It's not a big deal. Really. "I could do that. If you want me to.”

"If you want to," Gerard insists. He never wants Mikey to feel like she has to do this, because he'd be miserable without Frank. But hurting Mikey would kill him.

Mikey nods, and just like that it's decided. She's going to come to their room later and she's going to make all of this better.

Part Two

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