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tentacle hookers 2: the tentacleing (frank/gerard/mikey, nc-17)

Tentacle Hookers 2: The Tentacleing
Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, ~8000
By escherzo and mwestbelle

Warnings: Tentacles, prostitution, incest, extreme penetration

Frank is a billionaire's son, and Daddy is more than willing to provide a bottomless checking account as long as Frank stays out of his hair and doesn't make a scene in the local bars. He has more sex than most people know what to do with. But girls bore him, boys bore him. He's looking for something new, and exciting.

Then he hears about this bar at the bad side of town where people can go if they're looking for more... alternative tastes.
Frank is a billionaire's son, and Daddy is more than willing to provide a bottomless checking account as long as Frank stays out of his hair and doesn't make a scene in the local bars. He has more sex than most people know what to do with. But girls bore him, boys bore him. He's looking for something new, and exciting

And then he hears about this bar at the bad side of town where people can go if they're looking for more... alternative tastes. He doesn't really know what he's getting into when he goes.

He overhears a few guys grumbling about not being able to get into the "backroom" and well, Frank is used to having money and power to get him anywhere, so even though he's barely 18, he just marches right up to the guy standing behind an old wooden counter and pulls out his credit card

The guy just kind of looks at him, raises an eyebrow and says "you have no idea what's back there, kid, go home." It only makes Frank more curious, because now he has to know

So he pulls his whole "Do you know who I am? Do you really want the entire Iero Corporation on your ass because you want to be a dick?" shtick, and the guy just rolls his eyes and swipes his credit card. He gestures Frank back behind the counter, and sure enough, there's a staircase leading down

He has no idea what he's going to find when he gets down there, a little shocked when he sees that the people in the back room aren't, well. They aren't quite people, not in the traditional two-legged sense.

It's. He knew about all the weird costumey kinky shit upstairs, but those aren't costumes. No one really looks at him--there are obviously a mix of clients and workers in the room, some chatting what would seem to be amiably--if not for the bulge of a wallet in every pocket. He feels lost, but he scans the room and spots a dark haired...thing, standing by the wall, seems to be watching as much as Frank is

He has to get closer to get a better look, but the thing--he feels bad saying thing, and whoever it is it's obviously male, so whoever he is, he's gorgeous. Pale and darkhaired and staring pretty much right through Frank, and even if his voice is higher than Frank expects when he finally speaks, it doesn't ruin the image. And he's got tentacles.

"I'd say looking is free, but you already paid, I guess." Frank blinks at him and suddenly feels all of his 18 years. He was so not prepared for this, this isn't hiring an escort to put fuzzy handcuffs on him--this is a person (kind of) with tentacles.

"Yeah, I did." The guy just kind of laughs (giggles) like he knows Frank is totally out of his element, and wraps a tentacle around Frank's waist before Frank can even say anything. "Weren't expecting this, yeah?"

"Um." He wants to say something snarky because where does a goddamn whore get off talking to him like a kid, but tentacle on his waist. He can feel the steady flex of so many muscles and...any snarkiness sort of deserts him. "Not exactly."

"Want to find out what these can do?" The guy flashes him a grin, all teeth, tiny and crooked, and glances over. There's another guy nearby, one that looks like him, only a little taller and much thinner. Their eyes are the same. "Or go with someone else too?"

Frank looks sharply between the two because tentacles are a little out there even for him...but then again, hadn't he been thoroughly uninterested in boys, girls, and everything he could find inbetween? He needs a shock to the system, and this seems to be about right. Money is no object, but he still wants to feel like he's in control, likes the steady tone in his voice when he says, "How much?"

"For me and my brother?" And Frank's eyes widen because he had no idea that the man and the other were brothers, much less brothers that worked together like this. "Five hundred." It's really kind of a lot, but then, they're not conventional hookers, they're a specialty. And they are brothers, which is really sort of hot in a twisted way.

Frank bites his lip, considering, and he has to stall, has to have time to think without seeming like a scared kid. He tilts his chin up, looking as defiant as he can manage. "Per hour?"

"Per hour." The man looks at him like he knows, like scared rich kids come through here every day trying to freak themselves out. They probably do, if Frank bothered to think about it for any length of time.

It's a sink or swim, speak now or forever hold your piece (and know that you were the guy who wimped out on what could be the greatest conquest story ever--sex with brothers with tentacles) and Frank smiles. "I'll give you four grand for the rest of the night."

"Deal," one of them says, and the other grins, wrapping a tentacle around the first's waist. "I'm Mikey," the thinner one says. "He's Gerard." That's all the two of them say before wrapping another securely around Frank's waist and leading him towards one of the empty rooms.

It feels strange, to be tugged along like this--he's used to whores hanging off his side like if they give him an inch to breathe he'll lose interest, but to be the one getting pushed forward, so makes him wonder even more what the sex is going to be like.

He can't say he's done anything even like this, and they're strong, he can tell that right now, strong and able to move him any way they want whenever they want--he's not sure he's going to be doing much leading with these two.

Then again, he's dropped a sizeable amount of his dad's money for this, he should get some kind of assertion from these two. The room is nicer than anything there is upstairs, and the bed is massive, bigger than any Frank's seen.

There's definitely room on it for three people, and he's got tentacles curled around his waist, his legs, at the waistband of his pants before he can even consciously process that he's being laid down. "So," one says, and the other kisses him, hard, to shut him up before he can say anything else.

It's insane, and Frank has never had this before, hookers who will just go for it and do what they want instead of standing at the edge of the bed and waiting for him to give the orders, get them onto their hands and knees. It's...sort of thrilling, especially with the tip of a tentacle wriggling against the cut of his hipbone.

He just nods, trying to give them the go-ahead because right now he's thinking he's about to get the weirdest, if not hottest, experience of his life. One of them starts going for his shirt and the other his pants, off so fast he barely blinks before they're gone. Their grins are identical as they do this, like they actually like what they're doing. It's a first, for him.

He starts to open his mouth to ask for something, give an order, but one--the thin one, Mikey--kisses him hard, and he can feel tentacles rubbing against his cock and balls, another sneaking to slide against the crack of his ass and it's an experience that he's not sure if he's going to be able to brag about later, since he won't have much to brag about if he comes in two minutes.

Then again, he's got them for the rest of the night, and he knows he can go again, if he does. And then one of them is reaching into the drawers, pulling out something, and before he knows it one of them is spreading his legs wider, the other slipping a slick tentacle inside him

He groans, like he hasn't since his first time--in the ninth grade, with Shelly Peters, so nervous he almost threw up. It hasn't felt this good in years, and he thought he was fine, that he was jaded about sex. Now he's seeing that apparently, he was just tired of human parts

He arches up as the tentacle slides in further, twisting and exploring, and his voice is reduced to shaky panting, harsh and ragged. He wants them to keep going, just like this, even if it does mean he's going to come in about five seconds.

The one that he'd first approached, Gerard, laughs at him, giggling not the least bit softly. "Never gone tentacular before, huh?" Frank would be embarrassed that he's making a fool of himself, but it's a freaky tentaclehooker, it's not like anyone ever has to know, and it's so good.

Frank just nods helplessly, and the other, Mikey, grins and coils a tentacle around his cock at the same time as Gerard is pressing into him, a second tentacle nudging up alongside the first to slip in too.

Frank gasps, and Mikey laughs too, and these two laugh like nerdy high school kids which kind of kills Frank since in every other respect, they're fucking wet dreams made real. Mikey curls a tentacle down to massage his balls while he keeps shifting and clenching the tentacle on his cock, and Frank arches all the way up, but he doesn't have to worry about losing his balance because he's supported, wrapped all up in strong tentacles.

He's practically lifted off the bed by them, even, and Gerard gives him another grin before curling the tentacles inside him, watching as Frank's expression grows steadily more desperate. "Want another one?" he asks, still moving them, nodding to Mikey as Mikey tightens his grip, keeps moving steadily, half-stifling his laughter at how needy Frank looks.

Frank nods again, desperate, and at this point, he would welcome anything. He can feel the stretch and burn, but it’s a good burn, and the tentacles curl and move, filling him up and hitting just the right places. He can't help but eye one of the big, leg-width tentacles sneaking it's way around his waist and also can't help the desperate flash of heat as he imagines that.

It would probably be too much for him to take, much as he sort of wants to, and Gerard looks at where he's looking and shakes his head, going for a smaller--but not that small--one, slicking it up and then pressing in. This time, he actually has to go slow, it's big enough that Frank is half-shaking by the time Gerard presses it all the way in.

Frank is horrified to realize that the high-pitched, breathy little whines are actually coming from him, thighs trembling from the strain but he feels so full, he can't think of anything better except, well. He reaches over, hand shaking a little, to pet at the tentacle around his waist. He couldn't take it, he knows that, it's thick and sturdy and oh god, he just wants it up his ass, is that so wrong?

Gerard shakes his head again, but his resolve is weakening, Frank is, of course, paying him for all of this. "We don't want to wear you out too soon," he says, grinning, and then leans down, twisting the tentacle inside of Frank. "But we could totally do that later."

Frank moans, head tipping back far enough to hurt. "That. That thing would fucking rip me apart," he manages, and saying it aloud somehow makes him want it even more, and his back tightens up, muscles spasming when things move inside him. He's never felt this complete--he's tried fisting in the past, and it was okay but never like this

"It'd be fine," Gerard says, nipping at Frank's neck. "It'd be just part of it, I know how much people can take." He wants to, just to see if Frank can take it, see what he'll do--he wants it, that's clear enough. He twists the tentacle inside Frank a little more definitely, pressing up further inside, Mikey coiling another around Frank's back to steady him as he coils around Frank's cock

"Good," Frank gasps, bucking up into Mikey's coils while he's squirming back against the tentacles, screwing himself down, because no matter how much he's already got working into him, he just wants more and fuck, he's never going to be able to have sex again...he thought he was a sizequeen before, but now--who could compare? "I. Fuck, I want that shit inside me."

Gerard glances to Mikey, who nods, trying to get Frank into a better position, make it easier for him, and Gerard unwraps the tentacle from Frank's waist and slicks it up, meeting Frank's eyes even as he presses against him. "You sure?" He knows it's not going to be that easy to do, it's going to be intense.

"Let--" Frank chokes a little, swallowing hard because he's seriously fucking drooling. "Lemme come first? I'm almost there, and I want to be able to fucking savor it." He's pretty sure that he would come the second Gerard touched him with that thing, from pure anticipation

Gerard looks to Mikey, who coils Frank tighter, faster, working steadily with his eyes glued to Frank's face. "You'll like it," he murmurs, sucker against the tip of Frank. "At least, I do, when he does it to me." He's not even embarrassed at admitting that, there's no reason to be.

And Frank comes, just like that, because. Fuck, of course the tentaclehooker brothers fuck each other in their time off, and he's imagining it, this skinny guy taking that big thick tentacle and yeah. Yeah, that's all it takes.

Mikey works him through it, grinning at Frank's expression, openmouthed, eyes squeezed shut. "So," he says, finally pulling away to let Gerard have a turn. "Have fun, big bro," and he grins, wraps a tentacle around Gerard's waist affectionately and squeezes.

Frank inhales deeply, trying to pull himself back together, because he has to be at least mostly together if they're going to shatter him again, right? This, he gets the feeling, is not only going to be the best 4k he ever spent, but a repeat investment.

Gerard moves forward, Mikey helping him steady Frank and meets Frank's eyes to make sure he's okay before moving forward, pressing the tentacle in slow, but it's not small at all, and he knows Frank is probably pushing himself by doing this.

Frank groans, and he can't deny it's mostly pain--the tentacle is massive, and even the tip is wide, squeezing his eyes shut against the burn. He just has to keep thinking about how good it will feel, and his cock gives a forlorn little twitch that's fairly encouraging

“You okay?" Gerard asks, giving Frank a moment to adjust, moving it just a little inside Frank, curling, as he waits. "I can stop." He's not sure Frank can actually take this, it could be too much for him, and he doesn't want to hurt him.

"No," Frank hisses, and the movement definitely gets his dick interested, even though he's still going to need a little more time to get it up again. "Don't stop, I want it." He wiggles a little, feeling the solid muscle tense against his insides.

Gerard shrugs, pressing it in a little further, until he knows Frank won't be able to take it if he goes any further, twisting and pressing against Frank, one tentacle around his waist to hold him still, so he won't be able to fuck himself down on it any further.

"Nnnnh." Frank is practically to the point of tears, because it stretches and hurts, but it's what he wanted and it's so good. He tries to move back, and finds he can't move with Gerard holding him fast. "Fuck. C'mon, I can take it, lemme go."

"No," Gerard says, sighing. "You can't take it and you know it, come on." He wants to let Frank do it, but he knows it's a bad idea to. And he can see Frank's eyes watering, he knows Frank can't keep going.

"I can," Frank insists, knowing that he's being a whiny kid who doesn't know his own limits, but he's just shaking and tingling all over and he wants more, now. "Fuck, I can do it, give it to me."

“Fine," Gerard says, giving Mikey a Look. "But trust me, you can't." He lets go, uncurls his tentacle from around Frank's waist so Frank can move freely, go further if he really wants it that badly.

Frank wriggles, moving down and ow fucking fucking ow but also yes, and he maybe does start to cry, a little, but it feels so amazing he doesn't even care.

"No seriously, stop," Mikey says, reaching around and wrapping one tentacle around Frank's cock and the other around his waist, another one reaching up to brush the tears out of the corners of his eyes. "You're just gonna hurt yourself."

"I don't care," Frank squeaks out, and he's wavering somewhere around half-hard between the fullyesgood and the painfuckwhy. "I'm a goddamn paying customer and if I want to fuck myself to death on tentacles, I fucking will." To be honest, although he knows it's impossible, he can't quite shake the image of being able to look down at his belly and see where the tentacle bulges out his insides--his organs would be all ruptured and he'd be dead by then, but fuck it's a hot idea.

"Fine," Mikey says, too, letting go, and one of them, Frank's not entirely sure which, says, "idiot." under his breath, letting Gerard just start moving to distract Frank from any implausible fantasies. He does, curling and twisting, pulling out a little and then pushing back in, slow, watching Frank's face carefully.

Frank's face twists up in pain because it's nothing like fisting (well, maybe if you fisted someone with your entire arm. Except thicker), and he's hoping nothing tears. He tries to convince himself that he's young and pretty rubbery, and works his hips from side to side, trying to adjust to something he literally can't.

Gerard gives Mikey an I told you so look, and he stops moving entirely, even though he knows Frank shouldn't even be trying to take this. It's a bad idea, plain and simple, but Frank wanted it, and he's not about to deny the guy that dropped four thousand dollars on them.

Frank makes a heaving, almost gurgling sound, and has to still his movements, closing his eyes, and he feels like he's going to be literally ripped apart and it's amazing--fuck, he's sicker than he thought, but he's full to bursting and it's so good.

Gerard only moves a little, just the very tip twitching inside Frank, still being cautious to make sure Frank won't push himself too far and be even more of an idiot. He pulls back a little, hoping to make the going easier for the both of them.

And the tip feels like it should be moving somewhere in Frank's chest, he feels that filled up, even though that would be...fucking sick and deadly and maybe also hot except no, he's not even going there (besides, he's pretty sure the brothers wouldn't actually let him tentaclefuck himself to death for four grand).

Gerard slips out just a little, moves forward, crooks the tip of it inside Frank, and he doesn't know if Frank can keep taking it like this but he hopes so, he doesn't want to stop and it doesn't look like Frank does either.

Frank wants to shove himself back down again, but Gerard obviously knows what he's doing, because the pain is fading and it starts to feel plain old good again. "Fuck. Fuck, would--" he tilts his hips, groaning when the solid weight of the tentacle shifts when he does, looking for some relief.

Gerard nods and Mikey moves forward, curling around him again, stroking him slow and smooth as Gerard moves, cautious, slow little movements but more confident than his earlier ones, now that he can see it's starting to actually work.

Frank whines and thrusts forward towards Mikey, then makes an even more desperate sound when he feels the tentacle rubbing more firmly against him as he moves

Gerard twists it inside him, slow, and then moves back, smiling a little at Frank's desperate whine, one tentacle wrapping over Mikey's, so when they jerk Frank off they're doing it together.

"Oh god." Frank doesn't even have to move, they're taking such good care of him, even though he keeps shifting needily until his thighs start to tremble from the effort. "Oh my fucking god"

Mikey shares a smile with Gerard, and they move together faster, tightening steadily, Gerard still moving the tentacle slow inside Frank, thrusting forward sharply after a moment, to see if Frank can take it.

The sound Frank makes is a desperate combination of "unh" and "fuck" and a dying animal. He knows he came before, but the edge is not off at all--he's biting down on his lip hard enough to bleed, trying to hold back, so he can feel all this for as long as possible.

Gerard moves more definitely, sliding out just a little and then pushing forward, hard, wanting to lean up and taste the blood on Frank's lip even though he knows he probably can't, the customers don't like kissing, usually.

Frank makes a little gurgley sound and lets his lips part because he's just not getting enough air through his nose. He bucks into the combined tentacles, full and broken and needy and hot and yes, this was everything he'd been looking for.

Gerard thrusts again, another tentacle snaking up to press at Frank's nipples, half-wondering if he can--well, he's good at multitasking. He snags a tentacle around the back of Mikey's neck and pulls him close so they can kiss, even as they're doing this.

Frank makes a grumpy wanting noise because fuck, he's the one who paid here, why isn't he getting kissed? But they're gorgeous together, and they are fucking him, jerking him off, and playing with his nipples all at the same time, so maybe they've earned a break.

It's incredibly hot, too, and they're still moving steadily with Frank but they're engrossed in each other, kissing desperately, tentacles working over and in Frank and it's all too much at once.

Frank squeaks when he comes, which is pretty mortifying, but he thinks he's earned a little dorkiness after all of this. The brothers keep kissing, even as they fuck him through it, and the tentacle is still big and thick and solid in Frank's ass--he feels like he might just split, and it really isn't supposed to be that nice of a thought.

At some point, one of them seems to notice that Frank came, and they pull away from each other with a wet sound, eyes heavy-lidded. "So," Gerard says, making a move to pull out. "anything else you're wanting to do with us? Or see?"

"You, uh." Frank hisses when the tentacle starts sliding out--friction is not his friend in this moment--and wriggles a little to make the movement a little easier, and looks at them with wide eyes. He has the whole night, he can do anything, have them give him whatever he wants but. "I'm kind of wiped, and I'm gonna be sore as fuck in a few seconds. So, uh. You want to do the same? The two of the you?"

Gerard grins and turns to Mikey, kissing him again. "I think I'd like that, yeah." Mikey nods, breaking the kiss, and stretches, laying down just a little. Gerard snags the lube, even though he doesn't technically really need it. It's just a precaution, and so Frank doesn't think he can go without either.

Frank wants to sprawl back a bit, because his ass is pretty much on fire (ow, motherfuck), but he doesn't want to miss anything. He wriggles until he's lying on his stomach and just watching. It's going to be incredible, he already knows.

Gerard just teases at Mikey for a moment before slipping the first tentacle in, not bothering to wait or let Mikey adjust, just going for it. He crooks it and Mikey hisses, arches up, eyes closed and mouth open, the similarities of the two of them more pronounced when they're this close.

Frank licks his lips, mouth gone dry, because yeah. He is so getting his money's worth tonight, and right now, if they asked he'd happily double it just for a tip. Part of him is wondering if they do housecalls, although seeing these two in his own bedroom might cause spontaneous awesome combustion.

Gerard glances over at Frank before sliding in another, alongside the first, and he hooks a wider tentacle around Mikey's back to pull him close and ask "Think we should just go for it? You'll be fine, right, lil bro?"

"I'm good," Mikey answers, grinning and pressing forward to kiss Gerard again. Even though it's a show kiss (have to make the customer happy, show him what he wants to see), all tongues and lip-biting, there's still something tender about it. He works himself back on Gerard's tentacles, much like Frank had. "Do it."

It's definitely not one of the small ones Gerard uncoils and slicks up this time, about the same size as the one that was in Frank (but not the same one, he does have some decency), and he looks down thoughtfully at it for a second before starting to press it in, slow.

Frank makes a soft noise at the same time Mikey does, watching while the tentacle disappears into Mikey's body, wishing (maybe planning) that he could see how it looks when it's happening to him. Mikey curls a tentacle around Gerard's bicep, squeezing fondly.

Even if he's not the same, it's still a lot to take, and Mikey hisses out a breath as he takes it, arching up at the press of Gerard inside him. He's not sure how to make it easier for Frank to see what's happening, and he really should, it's all part of the show.

But Frank is willing to take care of himself, scooting to the left and forward--and wincing every time he flexes one of his legs, his ass is well and truly reamed--for a closer and clearer view. Cautiously, because even though he paid them and they're doing it because he asked them to, he reaches out to pet at one of Mikey's tentacles.

Mikey's eyes widen and he glances over, nodding an it's okay, don't worry at Frank, fucking himself down on the tentacle Gerard has inside him, and god, it's good, it's always good like this. Gerard just smiles and presses forward further.

Reassured, Frank traces the line of suckers down Mikey's tentacle and picks it up close to the tip. After turning it over in his hands for a while, poking at the suckers and feeling the muscle flexing under the skin, he sucks the tip speculatively into his mouth.

Mikey lets out a faint noise, eyes falling shut, the combined sensation of Frank doing that to him and Gerard inside him. It's never like this, when they share one, usually the customer wants all of the attention or just wants to watch the two of them fuck, it's not something he's used to.

Gerard twists his tentacle, not moving as cautiously as he did with Frank--Mikey is better equipped to deal with it, and he already knows all of Mikey's limits. He glances to the side to check in on Frank, and is shocked to see him sucking on one of Mikey's tentacles--he falters in his rhythm a bit because...what?

Frank looks up, frowning a little. He suddenly has a thought of maybe I'm not supposed to do this? and prays that's not what it is, because nothing in him wants to stop right now, not when they look and sound like this and maybe he's a greedy bastard, because he wants to be a part of this too.

"No," Mikey says when Frank looks so concerned, brushing Frank's hair out of his eyes in an unexpectedly fond gesture. "Go ahead, you're fine." He's not used to clients actually doing something for him, and it's definitely something that would be too easy to get used to. Still, he's not going to deny all of them their fun just because it will suck to go back to being an oddity tomorrow night.

So Frank does, brushing his tongue over the suckers thoughtfully, concentrating, and when Mikey arches up under the press of Gerard he stares, close enough to see everything, see that Mikey's just taking it, like he couldn't, and he can't breathe properly.

Gerard lets himself curl another tentacle around Mikey's waist, more affectionate than he usually lets himself get in front of a client. Frank can't seem to tear his eyes away, because Mikey is doing everything he wants to feel, body just shifting and accommodating all the space--that earlier image, of being able to see the tentacle move from the outside, is even stronger when he sees up close how slender Mikey is.

He can't see that, of course, but he can imagine it, what it would look like, perfectly, and the mental image makes his whole body shudder. He wishes he was capable of it. He wishes he could see that from Mikey, even though he has no idea how Mikey's body actually works or if he could or not, but god, it's an appealing thought.

He wonders if he should mention it, because Gerard and Mikey would obviously know if it was possible, but it would feel so creepy if he said it out loud. He sucks a little harder on Mikey's tentacle, tracing his tongue over the grooves between the suckers, and wonders if he could suck on Gerard at the same time--it would be kind of a stretch for his mouth, but he's already proven himself an able tentacles.

He wants to, too. That's just how he is, if he thinks about something he could be doing and he can manage it he wants to do it. He tries to reach over, snag a tentacle of Gerard's too, just to see if he can, making a little huffy noise when he can't quite manage it. He wants to.

Gerard looks over, because he can feel Frank tugging at one of his tentacles, and has to roll his eyes a little at the sight of him trying to shove both tentacles into his rather small mouth. He's seen a lot of things, but he doesn't think he's ever met anyone that quite paralleled Frank in the obsession with being filled. He pokes at the corner of Frank's mouth, pressing against Mikey's tentacle where it fills his lips, and pokes just the very tip in, Frank's lips stretched wide enough that it must hurt.

Frank groans around them both, wanting more of everything they've given him, sucking on both of them, still watching the two of them as they move together. He can't say anything about it, which is almost hotter than anything else about the situation, the way they're effectively gagging him like this. His lips hurt from the stretch and he loves it way, way more than he should.

Mikey works himself still further onto Gerard, until even he is pushing his boundaries. But Frank has inspired him, in a way, and he keeps wriggling, stroking tentacles through Gerard's hair and over his chest, and twitching a little to tap the roof of Frank's mouth and trace over his tongue

Gerard twists inside him, and he arches up even with the burn he likes it, wants more of it. Frank, though--he's sort of floored by Frank, who isn't like any customer he's had, he's kind of scarily obsessed with having them inside him in some way. He'd ask if Frank was okay, because Frank's eyes are watering a little, but he knows Frank wouldn't be able to answer.

Frank makes a sound around the tentacles, too garbled and rough to be anything but nonsense, and works his hips thoughtfully against the bed. He isn't really wanting yet, but it feels nice. Maybe Gerard can tentaclefuck him too, at the same time...though just the thought makes his ass twinge in what Frank can't help but personify as disapproval. And even though he knows it probably can't happen, he keeps his eyes trained on the lowest parts of Mikey's belly, just in case there's some bulging movement he could catch.

It's kind of twisted, actually, the thought, especially since he knows there would be no way, human or not human, to pull that off without hurting someone. Even so, he wants to see it, or just imagine it, at least. It's going to take him a little while to be able to get hard again, but watching them like this, watching the way they move, he can feel his body giving a hell of an attempt at it.

Gerard notices Frank watching them--watching Mikey, actually--with somewhat disturbing intent. He prods at Mikey's shoulder and nods towards Frank while corkscrewing his tentacle slowly inside. Mikey groans, but he slips his tentacle halfway out of Frank's mouth, hopefully giving him room to speak. "What's up? You doing okay?"

"'M fine," Frank manages, still looking at Mikey. Or, rather, down at Mikey's stomach, and Mikey has no idea why for one long moment until he realizes what Frank is looking to see there and what the hell. He knew some of the customers got weird, but nothing like this. "It's not--trust me, you're not gonna see anything."

“I." Frank turns bright red and looks away, over at the wall, anywhere else. "I didn't think I would. I just." Just in case, he wants to say, but god, he's so creepy he's creeped out the incestuous tentaclehookers. He sucks at the length of tentacle still in his mouth, hoping to both distract and apologize, because god he wants to see it.

Gerard shrugs, with a glance at Mikey figuring out what Frank is on about, and murmurs, "Trust me, if it was possible, we'd show you it. But it isn't." He works his tentacle a little deeper inside Mikey, pulling out a ways before working it forwards again, and he has a thought of what that would look like too, and--this guy is weird, but it's kind of a shame it's not physically possible to do.

Frank nods shortly, still blushing, and instead of taking Mikey back in as far as he was, he takes Gerard's tentacle in further too, so both of them are heavy on his tongue, making his cheeks bulge. He'll just have to be content with imagining it. Mikey clenches purposefully around Gerard's tentacle and grins at his brother. Really, they haven't had to do much at all, and they're making a hell of a lot more than their usual (most clients aren't interested in more than an hour with tentacles, they get too creeped out). It's a good night, and Gerard is just maybe hoping Frank will be a regular, kinky as he is.

Frank, at this point, is hoping so too, and he's finally starting to get hard again, arching up against nothing. He can't talk so he has to let his body do it for him, a desperate just. touch me when Gerard is still inside Mikey. He would want to be fucked again, he really kind of does want to, but he knows he won't be able to walk or even move much tomorrow if he does.

He wrinkles his nose, decision made--who cares, it's not like he does much during the day, he can afford to stay in bed and recover. He rocks against the bed, and tongues at the brothers' tentacles, making more little wanting sounds until Gerard finally reaches another tentacle over the pat his cheek. "Again?" Frank nods rapidly--though contained, he doesn't want to dislodge the tentacles from his mouth--and Gerard laughs, ruffling his hair almost affectionately. "So fucking eager, little slut."

Frank groans around the two of them in his mouth as Gerard says it, and he doesn't care that he's a slut for this, that he's giving them the best puppyeyes he can so they'll fuck him again. "Do you want me to?" Mikey asks, leaning to kiss Gerard hard, looking at Frank out of the corner of his eye. And fuck he's gorgeous like this, spread and wanting and completely unashamed of the soft, slutty noises he's making around their tentacles.

Gerard licks at Mikey's mouth and nuzzles his nose as he pulls back. "We both could." Frank moans, squeaky around his mouthful, and wriggles unabashedly like an excited puppy, already struggling to get onto his knees and stick his ass up, trying to be tempting even though he knows he doesn't have to tempt them, he's paid for the entire night.

"He really is a slut for us," Mikey says, looking over at Frank. "Almost too much." Gerard pulls out of Mikey then, slow, Mikey groaning low as he does. Then they both turn to Frank, twin dark-eyed, considering expressions. "You want both of us?"

"Mmmmmrgh," is all Frank manages, but it's enthusiastic with a definite touch of desperation, and his eyes are wide and blown. He wriggles again, making another needy sound and blinks imploringly over at them. "Nnnh?"

They just smile at each other--it's not like they're gonna complain, they like doing this. "We're gonna have to go easy on you, though," Gerard murmurs, leaning in. "Or you're not gonna be able to walk tomorrow and that wouldn't be very good." Mikey slicks up a smaller tentacle and then hands the bottle to Gerard, both of them holding Frank in place. "Want us to hold you down?"

Walking, in Frank's opinion, is entirely overrated. Right now, he's not even sure he's going to manage to walk himself out of the bed (and it would be very embarrassing to have to have the family's driver come and carry him out of the "VIP" section of an alternative tastes brothel) (embarrassing for the driver, that is). "Mmmph," he responds to the question, nodding a little and doing his best to nod with his eyes, looking up down up down.

They smile at the effort anyway, and Mikey reaches up, nudges Frank's wrists until he moves them, one on top of the other, and then wraps tight, pressing them down into the bed. Frank groans as he does it, but then Gerard is pressing a tentacle into him, thinner than before but enough, right now, because Mikey is too, one alongside his.

Gerard likes feeling Mikey's tentacle pressed right up against his, clamped together by Frank's body (though not as closely together as it might be, Frank is still pretty stretched out from earlier). He has a flash of inspiration and starts to move. Mikey looks over at him with a what the hell? expression, but he goes along, twisting so their tentacles twine together while inside of Frank.

Frank groans around them, arching up even as he's held down by the press of Mikey's tentacle around him, and Gerard just grins, does it again, sliding out just a little and pressing forward, trying to make Frank do it again. He really is kind of totally gorgeous, like this.

Frank would flail if he could, but he can't, because he's been pressed into the bed by tentacles and pressed into by tentacles, and the full mouth he already has combined with the burgeoning other fullness is making him sweat, hips wobbling because he can't find anything to thrust against without pulling away from the tentacles--he's not about to do that.

Gerard can see it, and he grins with another thought, still coiling inside Frank together with Mikey, but he reaches down, coils another around Frank's cock. Frank chokes out a noise around them, trying to arch up and push back at the same time, overwhelmed, surrounded on all sides by the both of them.

It's amazing--Frank hates himself for living this long without knowing how this feels, how perfect it all is. He wonders if he could just keep them, take the brothers home with him and have them for his own forever. He would do that. He squirms onto the tentacles, wanting the same overflowing, borderline painful feeling he had when Gerard was fucking him before, and drags his teeth almost lightly over the tops of the tentacles when he tries to keep a hold on himself

Gerard looks at Mikey out of the corner of his eye, trying to figure out what they should do. They don't want to break Frank, no matter how much Frank is trying to do it himself. But he's a paying customer and he wants it, they're technically not supposed to refuse him, and all that would happen would be some (a lot of) soreness on his part.

Frank moans around the tentacles in his mouth, grumpy and demanding, still squirming for more. He can feel the tiny bumps, the slightest bit of drag from their suckers where they're entwined inside him, working deeper in. He knows he can take it. He took that massive tentacle, this is nothing compared to that.

Gerard meets Mikey's eyes, trying not to laugh and break the moment, but Frank is just so eager it's almost ridiculous. They thrust into him together, holding him steady as they do it, steady and barely able to move on his own, twined around his arms and his chest.

Frank can't move, and he's never been happier. He knows that if his dad could see him like this (not precisely like this), he wouldn't believe that the ball of spastic energy he calls his son would be beyond thrilled to be held perfectly still. He struggles against them, savoring the clench of tentacles around him, hoping they'll go tighter.

Another (and between the two of them Gerard and Mikey definitely have plenty to work with) tentacle snakes around to hold Frank that much tighter, holding him in place even though he's not moving as is. He just looks good like that, good enough that they're planning on keeping him that way.

Mikey leans in to nip at Gerard's jaw, and, with a grin, lets his own mouth drop open. Gerard laughs, but he obliges, slipping a tentacle into Mikey's mouth, pushing it further in than he could trust Frank to take it without hurting himself. Mikey swallows around it, and Gerard shudders--he's got tentacles in Mikey's mouth, Frank's mouth, Frank's ass, and wrapped around Frank's body, and he's getting more stimulation than he ever has, even getting paid for it.

And the best part of all of that is, they both want it. Frank especially, Frank would take more if he could. He's trying, pushing himself down onto both of them, trying to urge them on even as he's taking just about all he can.

All he can, and Gerard is quite frankly impressed with how much of a tentacleslut Frank really is. He's bendy and stretchable and obviously ready to have every orifice filled to bursting. Gerard admires that in a person.

He doesn't see it very often. With the exception of Mikey, of course, who is obviously more accustomed to it, born to it, even. He's been messing around with Gerard since they were teenagers. But this--the only thing he knows about Frank is that he's got money to burn and he's made for this.

He can't help but hope that Frank is going to be a regular. And if he and Mikey have to make sure Frank enjoys tentacles enough that he doesn't want to sample any of the other "specialties" downstairs, they can do that. "How are you doing, Frank?"

Frank can't answer at first, and Gerard slides the tentacle out so Frank can finally gasp out, "Fuck. Amazing, just. Don't stop." He is so, so glad he paid for the night, because to hell with being sore, he's doing this for as long as he can keep it up.

Gerard laughs before shoving his tentacle back in, a little rougher than he would be with any other client because he knows that Frank will like it. Sure enough, the kid groans, muffled by his stretched mouth. "You're such a fucking slut, Frank," Gerard wiggles the tip of his tentacle deep inside Frank, encouraging Mikey to do the same. "I bet you'd love to just have us shoving tentacles up your ass all day."

As long as he gets what he wants, Frank doesn't even care that it's embarrassing to nod as frantically as he does, he wants it. He wants everything they're giving him, but he can't hold out much longer like this, and it only takes Mikey and Gerard both moving like that inside him before he comes with a barely-muffled whimper.

Mikey gives Gerard's tentacle another slurp before pulling off and starting to tug himself carefully out of Frank--but Frank's body clenches around him, and he makes another needy sound around their tentacles. And. He's not turned on anymore, it has to hurt, but Frank doesn't want to let them go. That's real dedication.

"Come on," Mikey says, and finally tightens around Frank more, trying to give him the hint, and he finally relents, letting them slide out of him. They're still wrapped around the rest of his body, though, holding him still.

Frank breathes hard, and he aches, so motherfucking badly, in his jaw and ass and thighs and stomach, just every where. He's never been so thoroughly fucked, and as soon as he catches his breath, he ducks his head down to press his cheek against the tentacle looped over his shoulder. "When. When can we do that again?"

"Whenever you're ready to," Gerard says with a grin. "If you think you can keep it up." He's sure Frank is going to try for it as soon as he can, and sure enough, Frank's answering breathless grin makes it all the more clear that the minute he's physically able to get it up again, it'll be on.

"You're amazing," Frank murmurs on his next breath of air. "I just." He's so tired, worn out physically and mentally, but he has to be awake and ready, he has to do this all over again. But his eyes droop when he smiles. "I want to keep you."

"We have to stay here," Gerard says, but it comes out gentle. "But there's nothing stopping you from coming back." He exchanges a look with Mikey, half-smiling.

"Mm." Frank makes a little grumpy noise, and his head droops for a minute before he jerks it back up again. "Wanna. Take you home with me."

"Go to sleep for awhile," Mikey says, tentacle stroking at Frank's back. "You paid for the rest of the night. We'll wake you up in a little bit."

"No." Frank insists, even though he's already leaning back against the gentle touch of Mikey's tentacle. "No, 'mgonna stay awake. Need. We need to. More."

"Shh." Gerard strokes at him too, soothing. They're not just doing this for his sake, of course, they need a break too and a few hours of their customer resting means a few hours that they can recuperate.

Frank mumbles some more, frowning, but he's already asleep, curled up against Mikey's chest. Gerard keeps stroking gently, just in case, and gives Mikey a smirk over him. It's been quite a while since anyone this exciting bought them.

And after a few hours they can get right back at it, once they've had a chance to get a breather and Frank has had proper rest too. For the first time in a long time, Gerard doesn't mind the thought of a second go.
Tags: frank/gerard/mikey, nc-17, standalone

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