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with (little tentacled) child (frank/gerard/mikey, nc-17)(2/?)

with (little tentacled) child
Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Mikey, eventual Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, ~7,300 words
by escherzo and mwestbelle
Warnings for incest, tentaclesex, mild tentaclebondage, threesomes, boys being idiots (lack of condom usage), mpreg, and biological wackiness.

Part one

"That's it?" Gerard wrinkles his nose. "I thought you were supposed to know things." Frank snorts. "Dude, I know about sex. Having babies? No fucking clue, wasn't exactly planning on it, was I?" There's a brief pause while the two of them exchange glances (Frank's annoyed and Gerard's nervous) "I." Mikey looks over at Frank's belly, absentmindedly being massaged by one of Frank's tentacles, and then down at his own.

"I did too," Frank contributes helpfully as Mikey rushes out of the room. "If it makes you feel any better." And then it's just Frank and Gerard with the soundtrack of Mikey retching in the background. "So. Sorry," Frank says, looking in Mikey's direction. "Since it was kind of my fault you even knew what to do." Which--admittedly, he's pretty sure he wouldn't take that back, the lesson, that is--was probably dumb of him, in retrospect.

Gerard winces. "I should--" He moves to follow Mikey into the bathroom, maybe rub his back, soothe him somehow...but the door slams with a definite thud. Gerard stares at the closed door for a second, a few of his tentacles still reaching for it hopefully, then looks back over at Frank. Frank shrugs. "Sorry, man, seriously, but you can't blame the kid."

Gerard walks back towards the couch, cautious, as though afraid Frank might lunge for him (or that Frank's belly will, to be more specific--god, he has a kid in there?) "So, uh." He looks down at Frank, eyeing his tummy, the change invisible behind his shirt. "You're. You're keeping it, then?"

"Might as well," Frank says, frowning down at the bump. "I mean, I already got kicked out. And I don't think they're going to forgive me on the spot if I get rid of it." He shrugs, looking back up at Gerard--as far as he can see he's just going to stay with Mikey and Gerard. Or at least, that is if they'll take him, because he doesn't really feel like going back home and putting up with their disapproving looks. "Hey, kid, you okay?" he calls to Mikey after a moment, because if Mikey makes himself sick it isn't going to be good for any of the parties concerned

Mikey's voice is clear even though the closed door, "No." Frank snorts and grins at Gerard. "Spunky brother you've got there, Gee." And for a second, it's like how things are supposed to be, things are okay. But then Frank yawns and pats at his stomach. "Got anything for me and your kid to eat?" Gerard flinches, and Frank rolls his eyes. "What? You don't like to hear 'kid'? Get used to it, in a year you'll have two, fresh out of the oven."

Gerard goes a bit green and Frank has to pity him just a little, because he's had all of this sprung on him in the last few minutes and--well, he's pretty sure it would be a lot to handle if it was him. Well, it is him, but he's not the one who's going to have to worry about supporting--four other people. "Hey," he says, curling a tentacle around Gerard's waist. "It's gonna be fine, seriously." And if he says it enough, maybe he'll start believing it too.

Gerard smiles just a little, weakly, and rests one of his tentacles on top of the one Frank has around his waist. "Can I?" He pokes another one out tentatively, and Frank nods, and maybe blushes just a tiny bit. "Yeah, yeah, sure." He goes a step further than just allowing--he wraps Gerard's tentacles in one of his own and guides it to press gently at his bump. Gerard makes a soft surprised sound since, well, he'd touched Mikey's pretty definitely, but that was before he knew. There's. It's. Baby. He grins suddenly, and Frank giggles, and that's when Mikey emerges from the bathroom.

He has to contain the sharp, unfamiliar stab of jealousy at seeing the two of them like that, Gerard's tentacle pressing lightly at Frank's stomach, and Gerard doesn't look half as nervous as he did with Mikey and--he doesn't want to jump to conclusions but he can't help but think that Gerard is okay with Frank's kid and not his. "Hey," he says, not sure if he's breaking a moment or what.

Gerard turns to Mikey, grin fading a little because, god, he and Frank can deal with this, but Mikey's still a student, he still has so much ahead of him and Gerard just had to go and knock him up. "Hey, Mikes, you doing okay?"

Mikey shrugs a little stiffly. "I threw up," he says flatly, hip cocking out a little defensively, but he feels queasy in an entirely (well, not entirely) different way, looking at the gentle curve of Gerard's tentacle over Frank's little belly. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Nah, man," Frank says, suddenly realizing what the situation must look like to Mikey--it isn't quite a compromising situation because there's nothing overtly sexual going on, but. "If I'm staying..." He looks up at Gerard, unsure of what to say because he's pretty sure if he's staying that Mikey is going to have to share Gerard. Or at least, he hopes Gerard isn't going to just ignore him in favor of Mikey. So he continues, low, "is it just you and him?"

Mikey looks up at Gerard, waiting for him to answer because, it's obvious, isn't it? Mikey is his brother, who he's loved all his life, who he's spent the past two weeks pretty much constantly in bed with. Frank's just some friend he slept with once (so he could get to Mikey, Mikey remembers with a vicious little thrill). Gerard makes a little noise, because this is definitely not a discussion he wants to have. Mikey scowls, eyebrow quirked and glared over the top of his glasses, not at all pleased with the hesitancy. "Well, Gee?"

"I--" Gerard looks between the two of them helplessly because he doesn't want to leave Frank out and he likes (and has already slept with) Frank. "I, um." He doesn't know what to say and both of them are staring him down. "Um." His tentacles are starting to flail a little because he can't decide and he feels terrible for it. If he could just figure out a way to make Mikey be okay with it he would just have both of them, but.

Gerard's indecision shows both Frank and Mikey everything they need to know. Frank smiles a little, shy--well, as shy as Frank ever gets--and Mikey's gaze turns stormy. "I'm going back to bed." He stomps back into the bedroom and slams the door behind him, effectively ending any hope of comfort or discussion. He throws his pillow at the wall, and lies down on his bed, fuming up at the ceiling. Back in the living room, Frank half-smiles at Gerard and rests a tentacle on top of Gerard's, still lingering on his belly. "Hey. He'll come around."

"I--" And it takes pretty much everything Gerard has not to go to Mikey immediately and try to make him feel better. He doesn't know that there would be anything he could say, though, considering it's clear to him that Gerard doesn't want to have to pick between the two of them. He barely knows Frank, too, which doesn't help matters. "Fuck, this is so messed up," he says, not looking up at Frank. "I should go talk to him."

"What would you say?" Gerard splutters a little, because he knows how to talk to his little brother, thanks, but eventually has to admit that he has no idea what he could possibly say to make this okay. Frank shrugs a little. "Let him get used to it. I mean. I've had, like, a week to get used to this." He presses Gerard's tentacle a little more firmly against him. "It threw me for a fucking loop, and I knew it could happen. Poor kid's probably freaking out, you should give him some time."

"It's not about that," Gerard says helplessly, staring after where Mikey's gone. It isn't about the pregnancy, that Mikey seemed freaked out about yeah, but it wasn't what made him storm off. "It's about not picking him over you." He sighs, scratching at the back of his neck with one tentacle. "Fuck, I should. I don't know."

"Are you going to?" Frank looks at him sharply, muscles tense, coiled tight and ready to act. "Pick him over me, I mean. I get that I'm interrupting your domestic bliss, but." He shrugs, shoulders jerky. "I can leave, you know. I'll. Fuck, I don't know, but if you really don't want me here I can take my pregnant ass elsewhere." He can't go home--his parents are pissed, and it's understandable, Cousin Sofia was actually pretty hot and they would have been good together but that's fucked all to hell now. He could have had a nice life, but no, he had to do a favor for a friend and throw it all away with a fucking virile partblood.

"Frank, don't." Gerard sighs and wraps a tentacle around Frank's shoulders, trying to figure out how to not make Frank and Mikey mad and god, his life is getting more complicated than he is used to dealing with. "I'm not going to kick you out. Dude, I just basically told Mikey that I wasn't going to pick between you two." Doesn't that count for something? He bites his lip, nervous, and prays that Frank isn't going to just walk out. He wouldn't know what to do if Frank did. He already can't deal with this.

“You don't have to kick me out," Frank says sullenly, clearly unimpressed by Gerard's statement, but he doesn't shrug away from Gerard's tentacle, "I'm perfectly willing to leave on my own." He replays it over again in his head, and looks away, embarrassed. "Not that I want to. I mean, I don't. Want to leave. Don't really know where I'd go, and I mean." He glances back at Gerard, just out of the corner of his eye, so he can deny that he was looking if accused. "We could be good dads, yeah?"

"Yeah," Gerard says, even though he hasn't thought about it before. "Don't leave?" Part of him wants to lean up and kiss Frank, cement the statement properly, and before he even realizes what he's done one tentacle winds around the back of Frank's neck and draws him in closer. "I don't want you to, okay?" He knows that Mikey would probably kill him if Mikey walked out of his room and saw it, but he's leaning closer.

Frank mirrors him, and when he leans forward too, their lips brush. It's not a "real kiss," just a little touch, but he's thankful for this, for a show however small that it's okay, that he'll be able to stay here and be okay. He twists his tentacle gently against the back of Gerard's neck, slipping the tip down under the collar of his shirt just barely, and smiles against his lips. "Thanks." He presses forward again to drop a quick peck on Gerard's lips.

And of course, because their lives are like that, it's just then that Mikey decides to come out of his room. He stands there, staring at the two of them (neither of them seem to have noticed that he's there yet, and he has a good view of the way they're standing, breathing each others' air) without being able to move. The thought of them moving closer and kissing still makes him twitch, for some reason, but. But on the other hand, it doesn't bother him as much as at first. He can't figure out why. So he doesn't say anything, hoping they won't notice him yet.

Gerard returns his smile, and ducks his head forward a little, bumping their noses together. Frank coils a tentacle up to curl near his ear, tucking his bangs back behind it, and feels kind of ridiculously sappy. He pulls away a little and notices Mikey. He's got a lot of experience with really painfully awkward situations, and that's what keeps him from tensing, or even letting his expression show that he realizes this could be awkward at all. "Oh. Hey, kid. Feeling any better?"

Mikey takes a moment to find any words because he's torn between finding the two of them sweet and getting pissed off at the sight of them. "I guess?" His voice is as even as he can force it to be. "So you two are picking up where you left off?" He can't deny the note of jealousy that comes into it (Gerard has spent the entire last two weeks (and his entire life) with just him) and Gerard freezes. "Sorry," he says, looking torn, because he doesn't want to pull away from Frank yet but on the other hand--it's Mikey and he sounds mad.

"Actually," Frank says, wrinkling his nose a little in thought, "I think where we left off was me heading home so this loser could go hang out with you." It's as close to a peace offering as Frank is prepared to offer--yeah, he knows that Gerard and Mikey are brothers and that means they're the "right" match, and he knows that even if Gerard is conflicted about picking either of them right now, he's never going to put Frank ahead of Mikey. Frank knows, but it doesn't matter, because he's having a baby too and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Mikey grins despite himself, moving closer, and he looks between the two of them for a long moment, trying to figure out where he stands. "So you're staying. Are you two still--" he doesn't want to come out and say it outright, but he knows they slept together once (obviously, or Frank wouldn't be at their house with a pregnant belly) and he needs to know if it's going to happen again so he can start getting used to the idea (if so).

"I don't know," Frank says quietly, looking over at Gerard. "I guess that's your brother's call." He'd like to do it again, because it was fun, and besides, there aren't an awful lot of people interested in screwing a pregnant guy (well, there are, but not the kind of people Frank is interested in sleeping with). Besides, he can't exactly bring someone home if he's crashing with Mikey and Gerard--but he's really not interested in going a year without sex. Gerard is sputtering again, tentacles waving, and he hates getting put on the spot like this. It's not necessarily his fault for being virile--maybe Mikey and Frank are just disgustingly fertile, did anyone think of that?

He looks at Mikey before he answers, because he has to make sure Mikey isn't going to freak out at the idea of it happening or he won't do it. Whether it would mean Frank going a year without sex or not. He'll live. "I..." but Mikey doesn't look as mad as he did so he takes a deep breath and looks between them before finally answering, "I guess?" His tentacles are still waving, frantic and obviously nervous because now he doesn't know what reaction any of them are going to have. Then again, if Mikey is really non-objecting he could definitely get used to the idea of the three of them doing something together.

Mikey nods, slow and thoughtful. He feels a little empty (ironically) and cold. "Okay." He's not happy, he can't pretend that he's happy his brother--the father of his child, fuck--is going to be sleeping with some other guy, but. He's overloaded with information--in one morning he found out that he could get pregnant, he was pregnant, Frank was pregnant, Frank was moving in, Gerard wasn't willing to pick him over Frank, Gerard and Frank were still going to fuck. "I think I'm going to go for a walk."

Gerard is tempted to tell him not to leave, but he has to acknowledge that Mikey's had plenty to take in in one day and he probably needs to give Mikey some time to at least take in all of that. "Just be careful, okay?" he says, wishing he didn't have the urge to trail along. And--and if Mikey leaves, he's going to be left alone in the house with Frank after he's just said that it's okay with him that the two of them sleep together. He has no idea what's going to happen, if anything does.

Frank pulls away from Gerard, unwinding the tentacle from inside his shirt, and rubs at the back of his neck, nervous but not wanting to show it. "You want some company?" He smiles, though it can't quite reach the usual standards of a brilliant Frankgrin. "Might be a good idea for us to get to know each other. Living together and all, and, you know." He pats meaningfully at his belly. "We're gonna have siblings on our hands. Half-siblings, anyway."

Gerard has to quash the sudden stab of nervousness at the thought--it's ridiculous, he and Frank have already done it once and it's not like he hasn't had enough practice in the last two weeks with Mikey. "Sure? I mean, yeah. Yeah, okay." He isn't really sure if Frank means what he thinks Frank means--company could be platonic company, even if he kind of doubts it because it's Frank.

Mikey makes a face and a little noise of displeasure before he really thinks about it (though he probably wouldn't have stifled it anyway), and Frank turns to grin at him, eyebrows arched. "I could come with you, if you want. We really should get to know each other. I mean, check it out, we already have something major in common." And Frank's always been glad that he can use humor to help himself cope, because if he couldn't make jokes about this he would go completely insane. He's very aware that he's inserting himself into the Ways' life, and he wants to make the transition as easy as possible for all of them.

"Yeah," Mikey says, but from his tone it doesn't sound like he really believes it. He's already had enough frustration with Frank, but--to be fair, he doesn't even know Frank and they didn't exactly meet with the best of circumstances. Frank showed up at his doorstep pregnant and basically accused him of being pregnant and sleeping through biology class. Both of which were fair but still. "Yeah. Yeah, okay." Because maybe Frank could be an okay dude, if he actually gave him a proper chance and why not?

Gerard makes a choked little sound, clearly not very pleased with this plan, but Frank pats him on the cheek with the tip of one of his little tentacles. "Don't worry, man, I'll take care of little bro and baby Way." He moves closer to Mikey, then pauses, frowning a little. "Could I bum a hoodie? I didn't really have time to pack my shit." Between his father shouting and his mother shouting (and crying), he really wasn't interested in staying in that house a second longer.

"Yeah, okay." Gerard is still hesitant to leave the two of them alone, but he slides away and grabs the first hoodie he can find (he doesn't even really notice which one it is or if it's clean, not that it matters much) and comes back, tossing it to Frank. "Seriously, both of you. Don't die or anything." Because it's a legitimate concern, it's late and it's not that great of a neighborhood.

"We'll be fine." Mikey watches Frank pull the hoodie over his head, and with his own zipped up, no one would notice anything amiss about their midsections. He wonders how long that will last, how long until the whole world gets to know. "Bye, Gee, we'll be back in an hour." He grabs his key and wallet just in case, shoving them both into his pocket. Frank follows him out, and neither of them speak until they're out front of the apartment, cool wind biting a little. Mikey starts off down the sidewalk, away from the buildings and towards campus--there are some trees further along that way, an attempt at beautification that wasn't too terribly failed. He glances down at Frank, tottering along next to him. "So. What did you want to talk about?"

"I don't know," Frank says, breathing in the night air. "Just to... actually get to know you a little? All I know is that you're his little brother and he's been lusting after you for like. Years. And he thinks you're amazing. That's it." He didn't even know that Gerard had actually taken his suggestions and done anything with Mikey, wasn't expecting him to, and everything is far, far more complicated now. He was just expecting to show up and have himself being the only one to be pregnant. "I don't know, what kind of stuff do you like?" He frowns, because he can feel just a little gravel poking into one of his tentacles and he has to stop for a moment to pry it out.

"Um." Mikey cocks his hip while he waits for Frank to be ready to keep going, used to the random stops and starts after walking everywhere with Gerard. He was kind of expecting that Frank had something he didn't want to bring up in front of Gerard, not. Not that he honestly just wanted to chat and get to know each other, and Mikey's caught off guard. "I like music. And, uh, partying, kind of? I don't so much, since Gee stopped drinking." He pauses, and grimaces a little. "And I guess I don't at all now. Just. You know, normal college stuff."

"Right, yeah." Frank has to stop again and it's frustrating, but he isn't going to keep sliding along with gravel poking into him or anything. "I don't know, it's just--we're the two pregnant dudes here, we should see if there's anything we've got in common and all, you know? I used to be kind of a big partier too but whatever. We really can't now, not that I'd want to." He doesn't have any dark secrets to get out, except-- "And you're jealous, right? That he likes me too?"

Mikey stills, going a little stormy for a second, but then it passes. His voice is even, if painfully casual when he answers. "Yeah. I mean. It's not, like, psycho or anything, but. First I'm fucking my brother, and if that's not bad enough, now I'm fucking pregnant, and." He doesn't know why he's talking about this with the very person causing his annoyances, but there's something almost freeing about talking to Frank, purely because he doesn't know him. "And after all he fed me about how I was all he ever wanted, he still wants some ass on the side. It kind of sucks." Mikey looks down at his shoes. "Uh. What do you like?"

Frank ignores the last question entirely in favor of wrapping a tentacle around Mikey's shoulders, trying to reassure him some because yeah, he can understand why Mikey would be pissed at that. Hell, he would be pissed at that, if it was him. "Sorry for getting in the way," he says, low. "I get why you'd be pissed, seriously. I mean, I don't have a brother but--I mean, I'm never gonna have anything with him close to what you do. Don't worry about that."

Mikey smiles a little bit, and the feel of a tentacle around him is nice and comfortable--he knows a lot of his friends are grossed out by the idea of tentacles around them (not vocally, because that would be discriminatory and speciesist and they're all open minded students, but it's obvious from their reactions) but it's nice, solid and strong. He can't help but smile when faced with that. "What're you into?" Just a rephrasing of his previous question, but this time it's clear that it isn't a subject change, but an acceptance of Frank's apology.

"A lot of stuff," Frank says, trying to think of what he and Mikey would have in common. He suspects it's pretty much the same as what he and Gerard would--"Like. Horror movies, a lot of punk and stuff." He has a feeling that every horror movie that Gerard has is going to get watched if they're spending a year together. Or--"How long are you cool with me staying?" Because he doesn't know how he's going to go back to his parents with a kid, either.

Mikey grins a little at his first comment, "Oh, fuck yeah, horror movies. I can't get enough of those." But Frank's second makes him pause. "Um. How long do you plan to stay?" Because Mikey really can't picture Gerard kicking Frank out once the baby is born (he can't picture Gerard kicking Frank--or anyone, for that matter--out at all), and it seems like after would be the time Frank really would need support. But. It's not permanent.

"I don't know," Frank says, a little quiet. "I don't really know where I would go yet?" He's pretty sure he isn't going to stay forever (isn't sure if he could actually put up with both of the Ways and their hangups and such for the rest of his life. He likes Gerard, likes him a lot (has no idea if he likes Mikey yet, but he's starting to, a little) but he's a guy that's hard to deal with even in the time that Frank spends with him as is, never mind living with him. "But I can't stay forever"

"Yeah." Mikey really has nothing else to say, and he shoves his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. He knuckles brush against his belly through the fabric and he winces a little, just at the knowledge. "Um." He doesn't blush nearly as easy as Gerard, but the tops of his ears are getting a little pink. "Do you. Is it cool if I, like, have questions? About." He looks around to make sure no one is listening in, even though he knows perfectly well that the street is empty. "About pregnancy, for guys like--us." He has to pause to keep from saying "you," because, obviously, he's a guy like that too.

"Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't know a whole lot? But I know people who do." Frank's tentacle around Mikey's shoulder tightens a little, bringing him closer to Frank. "So I'm pretty sure we can figure this whole thing out." Another tentacle wraps around Mikey's waist and his belly, curling thoughtfully around it to feel the bump. It's smaller than his, but not as small as it should be. He frowns just a little, trying to figure it out--Mikey should be smaller than him, way smaller, barely even noticeable. But he is.

"I've just been wondering." And yeah, his ears are definitely pink now, with Frank wrapped around him. It feels nice--he hasn't had the chance to enjoy tentacles around his...he can't say it, can't even think "baby bump." But when Gerard touched him, he was worried, not pleased, not feeling it just because he wanted to (because it was his). "How come. Why are we showing? I mean. I never." He looks down at the tentacle wrapped over him, cleanly outlining the curve that shouldn't be there. "I can't be more than two weeks, but. But you can see." Human girls don't start to show at all for at least six.

"Well, at three it's not that weird for me. But you're, like. You're almost bigger than me." The tentacle rubs at Mikey's belly just a little, soothing, but Frank can't really let the thought drop. "And that's seriously not normal." He doesn't know why--maybe because Mikey is mostly human? Or, well. He doesn't want to bring up what else it could be, not when he has no idea if it's even possible (Mikey's had enough dropped on him in one day, he doesn't need that thought).

Mikey makes a face. "So we're going to get bigger than human pregnant women, at the rate we're going. Great." He rolls his shoulders, and his instinct is to pull away from Frank, but the way he's rubbing really is nice, and god, he's known he's pregnant for less than a day and he's already your basic pregnant woman wanting belly rubs. He barely even has a belly, he thinks a little fiercely. "My day has been pretty not fucking normal."

"Yeah, probably," Frank says, snorting a little and pulling Mikey just a little closer (he feels nice and Frank can sort of see the appeal in a skinny dude like him, even if he is all angles) because he's warm and it's cold out. "We're going to be, like. Blimp proportions." He has to grin at the thought, because they're both going to be wildly disproportionate and laze around the house and make Gerard get them stuff. It'll be awesome. And--"Yeah, tell me about it. Sorry, dude."

"Ugh." Mikey is moderately horrified, for both their sakes, because he's a stick and Frank is seriously tiny, and they're going to look ridiculous (how is he even supposed to walk with some giantass belly throwing him off?) He knows he probably should be concerned about cuddling (because, yeah, that's pretty much what they're doing) in the middle of the sidewalk in a not-particularly-friendly neighborhood with his brother's other pregnant lover, but whatever. He's had a rough day and he could use some physical affection from someone who didn't knock him up. Figuring he should probably return the favor, he reaches down and presses his palm against Frank's belly, finding the bump under his hoodie. "This is so fucked up."

"Yeah," Frank agrees, and smiles at the feel of Mikey's hand on his belly, hot against his skin. But a moment later he becomes more aware of where they are--it's a shitty neighborhood, and not one that it's probably safe to be a dude cuddling another dude in (as much as he'd like to think what they're doing looks platonic, he knows that to an outside observer it's far from it). "Hey, Mikeyway," he says, making sure to not let his voice carry. "We should probably not be doing this in the middle of the street, it's seriously not safe. And Gerard will try to kick my ass if something happens to you." Not succeed, because it's Gerard, but he'll put a decent amount of effort into it anyway.

"Fine." Mikey wrinkles his nose and pulls away from Frank, the brief connection broken, and they turn to head back to the apartment.


They can't quite justify making Frank sleep on the couch when they could have a perfectly nice bed for him--Frank take's Mikey's bed, and Gerard and Mikey keep sharing Gerard's like they have been for the past two weeks. Still, it takes almost a month for Mikey to let Gerard wrap his tentacles around him while they sleep again. But they're healing, they are, getting used to it--they have to, because Frank and Mikey--especially Mikey for some reason--just keep getting bigger. Mikey doesn't own a single pair of jeans that fit, and all his T-shirts ride up to expose a long expanse of belly over the low-sling of his sweatpants. Frank isn't doing much better, though he sometimes still manages to wear old, baggy jeans unbuttoned.

Gerard just watches the two of them, fascinated, because the bigger they get the more he realizes that yeah, yeah he's not dreaming any of this and it's actually happening. Mikey in particular is just giant, for being barely more than a month along. He's starting to grow far, far too fond of curling his tentacles around Mikey's belly and petting at it--even if they haven't done anything else in a month. Not when Frank is there, anyway, right next to them and even if he said that he was okay with doing things with Frank again it hasn't happened yet (and if he and Frank aren't doing anything it doesn't seem fair to sleep with Mikey while Frank's still there).

Tonight, Frank is out, because he "just can't stay in this lovenest any longer," but Gerard hasn't taken what seems like a golden opportunity for sex (he misses it, yeah, but he really just had those two weeks, and he can't imagine how badly Mikey and Frank must feel). Because Mikey is tired, lying on his back in the middle of Gerard's--but it's not Gerard's anymore, not really, it's their--bed with his eyes closed, one hand sprawled up over his head and the other resting on the swell of his belly. His t-shirt (actually one of Gerard's oversized old ones, which Mikey will sometimes deign to wear to bed because it actually almost fits) is pushed up almost to his armpits, and Gerard has almost all his tentacles touching, cradling, rubbing. His cheek rests against one of his tentacles and he sings quietly, lips just brushing smooth and taut skin, like the baby books (Gerard finally got a library card just so he could raid the pregnancy section) talk about.

Mikey props himself up on his elbows, smiling down at Gerard, because it's sweet, what Gerard is doing. He reaches down, hand ruffling through Gerard's hair soothingly as he sings, shivering just a little at the feel of the buzzing against the sensitive skin of his stomach. He doesn't know how long they stay there, just savoring the comfort of it, but he hears the sound of the door opening and Frank coming in before he knows it. "Am I interrupting something?" Frank asks, and Mikey can understand why he's done it--Gerard is pressed against Mikey's belly and for someone just walking in the door it would look like a compromising position. But it isn't, and Mikey just smiles, shrugging. Frank gives him an odd look and makes a move to leave again.

"No, hey." Mikey lets his hand go a little further to rub at the nape of Gerard's neck like he knows he likes it, but he keeps smiling at Frank and maybe rubs a little at his own belly with his hand though Gerard's tentacles are certainly doing a wonderful job. "Come on." Frank looks at him, tense in his oversized hoodie (his best attempt to hide, maybe pretend that he's got an intense beer gut), unsure of what to do--it seems intimate, and he hasn't. He's been here, but he's not really a part of the family.

But Gerard tilts his head a little to look over at Frank too, and he smiles just as calm and sweet as Mikey is. "Yeah, c'mere. I'm singing, doesn't our little someone want to listen too?"

Frank giggles, half in answer and half in nervousness, because he's still not got the sense that he's a part of this, not exactly--but they both said, so he moves over toward the two of them, settling down on the bed next to Mikey. "I'm not trying to leave you out," Gerard murmurs before going back to singing, a few of his other tentacles that aren't occupied wrapping around Frank to draw him closer. He drops a kiss onto Frank's belly before moving back to Mikey's, humming against the skin there. And then he goes back to singing and Frank can begin to see why Mikey looked so peaceful, because he almost wants to go to sleep at the quiet singing.

Mikey sighs and his eyes drop closed again, the soft brush of breath and movement of Gerard's lips soothing and almost-ticklish. Frank watches, tentacles still curled protectively over his own belly, because he's tired but he just doesn't know where he's supposed to fit. Tentatively, he reaches a free tentacle out and pokes a little at Mikey's belly. Mikey makes a soft laughing huff, and tilts his head towards Frank, smiling with his eyes still closed. He taps a little at the back of Gerard's neck, trying to guide him, and it doesn't take Gerard too long to get the hint. He kisses Mikey's belly, just at his navel and on the downwards slope beneath it, then rearranges a little so he can murmur against Frank's belly. Frank can't pick out what he's saying but it's warm and it's almost achingly domestic, and he knows that he likes it.

They stay like that for a long moment, Gerard speaking against the both of their bellies even though Frank doubts that anything there has ears yet. It doesn't matter, it's the sentiment more than the actual words. And he's so relaxed that he can't help but drift off a little. Before he knows it, though, Gerard is sliding back upwards, next to Mikey and laying down. Frank doesn't know whether he's supposed to leave or not--it's not really that big of a bed and three people in it are pushing it, nevermind that he's been using Mikey's bed and not sharing with them--but it's answered when he starts to sit up and Gerard reaches over with one tentacle and prods him back downwards. He lays down next to Mikey, more peaceful than he can remember being, and lets himself fall asleep.

When Frank starts to wake up, he's got tentacles around his waist and stroking his belly. His own tentacles are moving too, wrapped around something warm. He blinks awake and. Oh. Mikey is pressed against him from hip to shoulder, since both of them are pretty much confined to lying on their backs, and he has at least two tentacles on Mikey's belly with a few wrapped up over his shoulder and entwined through his legs. He tries to retract them a little, so he can pull away, sneak back to his own bed before he's kicked out of this one (it's so warm and comfortable), but he finds that not only does he have tentacles suctioned onto Gerard's hip--the lucky fucker is lying on his side, fitted against Mikey--but Gerard's tentacles are rather firmly wrapped around him and holding on tight.

He can't move much at all, and his own tentacles wrapped around Mikey are a bit stuck too. He sucks in a breath, not sure what would happen if either Gerard or Mikey woke up--he's kind of all over Mikey, and he isn't sure Gerard would approve of that too much. But when he tries to move again, Gerard's tentacles wind closer, pressing him further into Mikey so he has to roll over onto his side (almost painfully tight otherwise), still against Mikey. It's awkward, and he seriously is going to have to talk to Gerard about his cuddling habits, but for now he just tries to go back to sleep and hope he can look properly innocent. It doesn't take him long to fall asleep again but then Mikey starts to stir, distantly aware that he's entwined entirely (and of course, Gerard and his insane cuddling habits) but no, it's on both sides.

Mikey wrinkles his nose and wriggles a little, because he's used to Gerard latching on, but this is more than that. There's a harsh "Sorry" from the side of him and oh, yeah, of course, Frank. They must have fallen asleep while Gerard was "talking" to the babies, though he's not sure why Frank is apologizing--they all just drifted off, it's not that big of a deal. He's thinking now that the tentacle-mummification is a tentacled trait, since Frank and Gerard both seem prone to it. But he can feel Frank rearranging, his belly pressing against Mikey's side and Mikey opens his eyes in bleary slits. "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Frank mumbles, and it takes Mikey a long moment to realize Frank is trying to extricate himself, attempting to unwind from around Mikey's torso and legs. Mikey flushes just a little at the feel of Frank's tentacles around his legs--seriously, he hasn't gone a month without some kind of sex in a while and it's bad enough cuddling with the person he's sleeping with and not being able to do anything, but now said person's other boyfriend (is he Gerard's boyfriend?) is getting in on the non-action?

Gerard grumbles at all the shifting going on, and he opens his eyes when Frank pulls his tentacle off Gerard's hip with the definite pop of suction. "It's too fucking early for this." He presses his face into Mikey's hair and kisses at the top of his ear, light and sweet. "What the hell are you doing, Frank?"

"I'm sorry," Frank says again, and he finally does manage to get all his tentacles to himself, but it doesn't solve the problem of Gerard's tentacles locked around his waist. "I'm. I'm leaving, don't worry." He just needs out of this bed before he does something stupid after an entire month without any sex whatsoever.

Gerard is torn, because on one hand Frank is shifting around like a madman and making the morning full of unpleasant bumpiness, but on the other he's still warm and comfy and Gerard's tentacles are not that keen on unwrapping him. So he doesn't, just holds Frank there until Frank starts sputtering and finally sighs, relaxing back into the bed. He doesn't let his tentacles go back out and wrap around Mikey though, and it puts him in an awkward position trying to keep them all to himself. "It's fine," Mikey mumbles, stretching a little, and Frank cautiously wraps around Mikey again, careful to avoid any and all tentacles going to inappropriate places.

Mikey hums a little when Frank settles his tentacles back around him, though he can't deny missing the ones that looped between his legs. He likes being held down in a sexual atmosphere, but like this, it feels more like being held and protected, and it's just as good. Gerard unwraps one tentacle just enough to pat soothingly at Frank's belly before curling close again to rub it softly. They stay curled together like that well into the morning, until the glittering lure of coffee finally untangles them, sending them out into the kitchen. Mikey tugs his sleep shirt (which stayed awkwardly pulled up during the night and is creased in weird places now) down self-consciously, because as nice as it is to be touched and rubbed in the bedroom, out here feels more like the real world, and he's still half-afraid of what's happening to him.

He's already finding it harder to walk, not because of the weight of his belly necessarily but because it throws things off. It's harder to remember to adjust, and he almost stumbles but before he can fall a tentacle catches him around the waist and pulls him upright. It's Gerard, and as much as Mikey would like to be pissy at him because the balance issues are still totally his fault, he has to grin at the feel of Gerard wrapped around him, holding him up. "Sweet, thanks," he says, grinning and leaning back against Gerard. He has to break away to get the coffee, though, reaching for a mug, but Frank grabs it and hands (tentacles?) it to him first.

Mikey beams at Frank, who grins crookedly (which is about as close to a blush as Frank seems to get) and moves to head for the table (he's having some issues walking too, even though he isn't as big as Mikey--the change in weight distribution is enough that he's still working out how to compensate with the amount of force he uses with each tentacle), but Gerard offers him a mug. "Mmm. Thanks." They sit in general, but comfortable, silence while Mikey and Frank praise whatever higher power saw fit to keep caffeine from affecting tentacled pregnancies (and Gerard too, because there was no way he would get any coffee if Mikey and Frank couldn't have it).
Tags: frank/gerard, gerard/mikey, nc-17, tentacleverse

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