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They burnt down my house! THEY ATE MY TAILOR!

MCR RPS: with (little tentacled) child (Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17) (1/?)


Mikey moves towards the bedroom faster than he would like to admit (he doesn't want to seem overeager but he can't stop thinking about it and god, they're actually going to do something. His life is beyond surreal), Gerard behind him, and then they're just standing in the middle of the bedroom. He has to think for a moment, try to figure out whether to just make for the bed or get his jeans off now--but there's no point in not having a little fun in it, and being undressed by tentacles isn't something he can say he's ever done.

"Can I?" Gerard fits the tips of some of his medium-sized tentacles into the waistband of Mikey's jeans, which, even opened, push aside only to the point of his thighs (god, they're tight). He doesn't really think Mikey is going to say no, not when Mikey was sucking on his tentacles earlier, but he really doesn't want his crazy biological responses to overcome his common sense, because over it all, he still thinks of Mikey as his little brother and if Mikey doesn't want this, he'll back off. He might die, but he'll do it.

Mikey takes a deep breath and nods, trying to get used to the feel of the tentacles on his skin (he knows what they feel like around his arms, obviously, it's not like he's never hugged Gerard, but it's entirely different like this). "Yeah, go ahead." He's not sure how he got from commenting on Gerard's pictures (and tentacle-stroking) to this but he's not about to complain.

Gerard has more dexterity with his tentacles than most people have with their hands, and he works Mikey's jeans down slow (half because he's nervous, and half because Mikey's jeans are seriously fucking tight, it's like unpeeling him). He smiles a little, goofy, when they're down around Mikey's ankles. "Feet?"

"I have them?" Mikey grins and kicks the rest of the way out of his jeans, letting them sit in a sad little lump on the floor. And then he looks back up to Gerard, uncertain. "Can I--" He steps forward just a little, into kissing distance, leaning forward. He hopes his intent is clear enough, because he's been thinking about this all week and he doesn't want to come out and have to ask it.

Gerard would really like to ask, to be sure, but he isn't that cruel. He leans in carefully and kisses Mikey's soft, lips partially opened, and one of his tentacles curls around Mikey's waist, another coming up to rub softly against his cheek. Just kissing him is in equal parts calming the desperation and making it flare all the more in some insane dichotomy (why does his body have to be so fucked up?)

Mikey sighs into the kiss, pressing forward further, and he can practically see the way Gerard tenses and then relaxes as he does, definitely feel it. He closes his eyes at the feel of Gerard's tentacle against his cheek, soft and smooth, resisting the urge to break the kiss and go after it (and he hopes it has nothing to do with his fondness for seafood, the way he keeps wanting to suck on Gerard).

Gerard presses closer when Mikey does, mouthing just a little at Mikey's lower lip before pulling away. He has tentacles sneaking to play along the creases of Mikey's thighs and he'd really like to do something with them. "Is. Is this okay?" The tip of one of the tentacles brushes Mikey's dick, and Gerard shudders closer against him, breath hot and needy against Mikey's lips.

Mikey sucks in a sharp breath, the feeling going through him like a shock. It doesn't feel as weird as he thinks it should (it should be weird, shouldn't it?) and he almost surprises himself at how much he wants more of it. "Yeah," he breathes against Gerard's lips. "Yeah, it's okay." He's kind of really, really glad he didn't bother with the whole underwear issue.

Gerard's mind hesitates, but his tentacles don't--one wraps itself securely around Mikey's dick, squeezing a little, and Gerard chokes out a breath at the feel of it hot and hard and so different from himself in the grip of his oversensitized tentacle. "Tell me." He tightens in a quick wave motion, from base to head, and he can hardly ignore the way his unoccupied tentacles are stroking needily along Mikey's flesh, with one poking a little helplessly at himself--his own touch doesn't seem to be doing anything for him.

Mikey tries to take a breath, tell Gerard what he wants, but he can't get out much more than a choked "Ngh--", pushing up into the tight grip before he can even consciously realize that he's doing it. It feels amazing--better than amazing, god, and it's Gerard that's doing this. "Tell you what?" he manages, eyes squeezing shut at the sensation, because he can feel every tiny bump on the tentacle wrapped around him and every time Gerard moves at all it twists.

"Tell me if." Gerard can barely find the breath and it isn't even him getting off (as his body is taking great pains to remind him). But the sounds that Mikey makes are astonishing, and he's never done this before--it's the same basic motion he uses on himself, but it's still so different as to be fascination. Plus, it's Mikey. "If it gets weird." Gerard doesn't doubt that Mikey is going to freak out--possibly after he comes, when his brain is cleared--and he wants it to be as painless as possible. For both of them.

"It's not weird," Mikey says breathlessly, because as much as he would like to say that it is--it's not something he's ever felt, yeah, but weird is the last thing on his mind right now. "Just. Keep going?" He's half-afraid that Gerard thinks it's weird, and if he does he has no idea what he's going to do. For now, though, he's mostly concentrating on the slow twist of Gerard around him, and reaching out to pet at the undersides of the tentacles. He doesn't really know how to jerk Gerard off in exchange, doesn't know where anything is.

"Yeah." Gerard twists again, squeezing harder, a tentacle curled protectively around Mikey's hip. He reaches up with two others to rub a little, suckers clinging gently, at Mikey's nipples, remembering how Frank had liked it. He leans a little closer, hopefully--now that he's more used to touching Mikey (more used, because he doesn't think he'll ever be able to come down from this) he'd really like to kiss him again.

And Mikey needs practically no encouragement, closing the distance between them, kissing Gerard hard, hand sliding around to cup the back of his neck. Gerard definitely has the advantage in terms of being able to hold, but he's not going to just let himself be passive that easily. He arches up, gasping at the feel of the suckers, because as much as it feels bizarre it feels good, sharp and hot. "Do you want me to do something?" he asks when they break apart, eyes flicking to the side, a little nervous.

"Um." What Gerard wants, with a visceral need that goes beyond craving or mere wanting, is to be inside him, like he was with Frank. But he doesn't know how to ask, and he's more than a little nervous about letting Mikey touch him at all, because. He's different. Odd. He tries not to think of himself as wrong, but. Not right, not like Mikey. He plays absentmindedly with Mikey's hip, dragging just a hint of suckers over the cut of the bone, trying to think of what to say.

"Tell me," Mikey says, looking at him intently. He's usually good at reading Gerard, but like this he doesn't know what to do or how to react. He knows Gerard doesn't want to push him into anything, but he wants to. He's pretty sure that there's not a whole lot Gerard could suggest that he wouldn't want. "Anything, okay?" He meets Gerard's eyes, biting his lip.

"Could." And Gerard can't believe he's asking for it, can barely bring himself to say it out loud, least of all to his little brother. But Mikey said anything, and he hasn't freaked out yet, so that must be a good sign? He can't look at Mikey when he says it, face burning with a flush that spreads down his neck, and tentacles humming. "Could I maybe. Fuck you?"

Mikey goes very, very still for a long moment. "I--" Because drawings are one thing and actually doing it is far, far beyond that. He isn't freaked out, far from it, but he can't help but feel lightheaded at the thought. "Yeah. Okay." He relaxes just a little, just enough that Gerard could only see it if he was watching for it, and leans forward to kiss Gerard gently. "How--"

When Mikey didn't move, Gerard's heart practically stopped, because of course, he shouldn't have asked and now he's messed up everything. But then he agrees, and it's not a fake agreement with tension and nerves, so Gerard has to trust him. He would press Mikey further, making absolutely sure that he wanted it, but he can't wait anymore and a nasty part of him is telling him to do it before Mikey changes his mind. "We. Um." He tries to think back to what Frank told him about doing it with Mikey. "We need something slippery, right?"

"Yeah," Mikey says, looking at him oddly. He would get up and go get something, but Gerard is still wrapped tightly around him, holding him where he is and he can't move at all yet. "You." He doesn't want to come right out and ask it but he has to know. "Have you done this before?" Because he has, but he has no idea if Gerard--well, he has a good idea that Gerard hasn't.

"I. Sort of?" Not with anyone like Mikey, and not. Not for real. He kisses Mikey softly, trying to get that weird look off his face. "I know what to do. Don't worry, I can do it." He grins crookedly for a moment, then loses the smile when he realizes that maybe Mikey doesn't want it, or maybe he's worried since Gerard is so inexperienced. "Or. If you don't want to. That's." Going to kill me. "That's fine."

Mikey sighs. "Gee, I want to. Okay? I just--what do you mean, sort of?" He wasn't under the impression that it was really something one could do halfway, at least not in his experience. The basic mechanics, at least, weren't really a 'halfway' matter as far as he knows unless of course Gerard means that he tried to do something once and it didn't work at all. He doesn't want to think about that possibility.

Gerard ducks his head. "I. I haven't done it with someone. Someone like you." He chews a little at his lip, nervous, even while his tentacles go back to stroking at Mikey's sides, moving over his hips and pressing at his nipples, perhaps trying to convince him that Gerard really can make him feel good if given the chance. In the interest of full disclosure, he shrugs a little and says, "And, uh. Only once, the other way."

"Who?" Mikey tries not to get distracted by the feel of the tentacles moving over him, and he lets out a gasp before continuing, "And... the other way?" The only other way he knows of is, well. Either Gerard means with a girl or with someone who's also tentacled and either way is infinitely interesting. He didn't even think Gerard liked girls that much, for one, and for the other, well. He doesn't know anyone other than Gerard who's like that.

"I. Uh." Gerard didn't want to bring it up, because he was pretty sure talking about sex with other people wasn't appropriate. And he still doesn't want to bring Frank's name into this, because he and Mikey are bound to meet at some point in the future, and he worries it could be awkward. "With, um. Tentacles. I told a friend about, about you. And he showed me how." His tentacles don't pause in their ministrations, and one traces down to poke almost curiously at Mikey's balls.

Mikey hisses out a breath, arching up. "Yeah, okay. Um--" He doesn't want Gerard to let him go yet but if he's going to get lube then he has to be able to move. "If you need me to get stuff, I have to be able to actually move." He grins, shifting and just relishing the feel of Gerard wrapped around him. Is it going to be like all those (really, really bizzare) comics? He has no idea, and he doesn't care.

Gerard smiles--yes, they're going to do this, and he has the feeling he'll finally be getting everything he's needed since he was about fifteen--and squeezes Mikey tight once more before unwrapping himself reluctantly. He maybe goes a little slower than necessary, making sure his suckers pop when they release, leaving little marks all along Mikey's hips and torso "Yeah. Thanks."

Mikey gets up, legs shaky, and walks to his dresser, fishing around in the top drawer until he finds what he needs. He isn't sure whether to grab a condom or not--if Gerard is just going to go with tentacles, which Mikey suspects since he isn't sure Gerard has anything else (it's not like he's checked before) then he doesn't even know how that would work. And, because he's busy reassuring himself, if he's only sort of done anything with one person (who probably also went with tentacles) then he doesn't have to worry about it. "Got it," he says, getting back to the bed as fast as humanly possible.

Gerard grins and takes the lube from Mikey. "Um. You can get however you want?" He opens the bottle and remembers what Frank said about his smallest tentacles. He dips one in--it protests a little at the cool, slimy feel, curling at the tip. When it feels sufficiently slippery he pulls it back out and glances over at Mikey, smile almost queasy from nerves. He knows it won't be as easy as it was with Frank, because they're built differently, but he hopes that what Frank taught him (with a little help from a lot of porn) will be enough that he can handle it.

Mikey thinks for a moment and rolls over, onto his back with Gerard looking down at him. He wants to see it properly, even if he thinks he might freak himself out. His mind is already running on a constant undertone of ohgod tentacles inside me ohgod even if the last thing he's going to tell Gerard to do right now is stop. "So, just. Go ahead?" He tries smiling to assuage his nerves and it works, just a little.

Mikey's smile is clearly strained and Gerard can't help but hesitate. He strokes the slick tentacle over Mikey's inner thigh a little hesitantly. "We. Mikes, we don't have to." He feels like he might keel over and die, everything too hot and too yearning, but if Mikey told him to stop, he would. He always would. "I mean. Don't do this if it freaks you out, okay? It's not worth that." Because the two of them, brothers, always comes first.

Mikey's answering smile is more genuine, less nervous. "Just do it, it'll be fine. I'm just trying to not think of seafood." It widens into a grin, teasing, because if there's one thing he knows he can prod Gerard about, it's stuff like that. And it's obviously not the same, since he's never had the urge to sleep with kalamari, or his sushi plate, but either way.

Gerard scowls, but his nose wrinkles. "You dick, I'm not fucking sushi." Emboldened by Mikey's assertion (and really, if he's teasing, he can't be too freaked out, right?), Gerard slithers his tentacle down between Mikey's legs and maybe holds his breath when he presses the tip in. It's tighter than Frank was, and he feels a pulsing shudder go all the way up his tentacle and into his lower belly, and he groans.

Mikey lets out a strangled little sound at the sensation, because it's different, incredibly different than fingers and he can feel it moving. Not crooking, exactly, just wiggling, and he feels like he can't breathe with Gerard doing that. "Fuck," he manages, weak. It's like the pictures, it's better than the pictures, and he pushes down on it just a little, trying to get it deeper.

Gerard hums low in his throat, pleased, and well, if Mikey wants to go deeper, Gerard can certainly do that too (and everything that has ever been hot in his life has been blown away by his little brother working himself down on one of his tentacles). He pushes in a little further and lets it wiggle, working and feeling against the inside of Mikey, different from Frank and. He doesn't want to say better, but he can't deny that he feels almost complete, touching Mikey like this.

"Another?" Mikey says, voice still weak and shaky, reaching out to feel for one that would work. The one he closes his finger around is bigger than the first, bigger than the ones Gerard used with Frank (though he would hardly have any way of knowing that) but the first felt good enough that he wants to try it.

Gerard hisses out a breath when Mikey touches him. "I." It's bigger, and Frank said that it would be harder with Mikey, but. But if Mikey wants it, what choice does he have? "Are you sure? I could. I could do a smaller one." He's already unscrewing the top of the lube again because, whatever Mikey ends up picking, he's going to need to be slick (especially if Mikey decides he wants to stay with the big one).

"It's good," Mikey says, shrugging. He doesn't figure that it's going to be that big of a deal, it's not, like. One of the tentacles Gerard uses to get around on, because those are his legs and that would be insane-- but he can definitely be onboard with it considering how good the first one felt. "I mean, I think. I can tell you if it's too much though, seriously."

"Okay." Gerard doesn't really need much convincing--he knows it's true, that if it's wrong, Mikey will tell him--and he pours some lube over the tentacle (this one doesn't fit down the slender bottleneck). The first one he slides out (because both seems a little excessive), and he pushes the new one in more surely than the first, wriggling on the way in just to better feel the way Mikey's body gives around him.

"Fuck," Mikey manages, arching desperately, because god, Gerard is still wriggling and it shouldn't feel good but it does, it feels amazing. "That's--yeah. It's good." He has to reassure Gerard, just in case, keep getting him to do what he's doing and not stop because he's pretty sure Gerard stopping would pretty much kill both of them.

Gerard grins down at him, and since Mikey seems to like it (a lot), he curls his tentacle a little, the movement pushing around, exploring and shifting. But it's not enough. One of his other tentacles is still petting frantically over himself (hidden behind his "legs") but it's not doing anything, not relieving any of the desperate burning heat. "Could." He doesn't know how to ask, how to say "hey, can I stick my weird alien dick in you, lil' bro?" so he just licks his lips and curls his tentacle the other way.

And it grazes something that makes Mikey yelp, completely unselfconscious, eyes squeezing shut at the sheer force of the sensation, and he has to force them open to ask, "Could you what?" only to make another helpless sound as it moves again. He isn't sure what Gerard is asking for--another one is his first thought, but he doesn't know if he can.

"Could I maybe." And god, Gerard has a tentacle (has had more than one) up his brother's ass, and he still can barely bring himself to say it. "Could I fuck you, for real?" Because he honestly thinks he might combust if he doesn't get to, if Mikey wrinkles his nose and pulls away and all this ends. The sounds Mikey makes give him some courage that it won't happen that way, but he can't entirely quash the fear.

Mikey's eyes widen--he honestly didn't know how it was going to work, and now Gerard is asking. He can't bring himself to (doesn't want to) refuse. "Yeah," he says, and wills himself not to let his heart lurch at the thought. It feels like crossing a line, and while it's not one he minds crossing, not exactly--it still changes things between them. "Okay."

Gerard smiles, thrilled but sick with nerves. He uses one of the tentacles he'd been trying to get himself off with to guide his dick out from the mess of tentacles. Much as he'd like to just surge forward and in, he thinks it would probably be a breach of etiquette to just stick Mikey with something he hasn't ever seen, even if (especially if) it might make him change his mind, might be too...foreign. So he pauses, looking alternately hopeful and like he might throw up. "Still good?"

Mikey stares down at it for a long moment (well past the point of inappropriate staring, but he's excused, considering the entire situation is entirely inappropriate) and takes a deep breath, nodding, because if he can get past the initial kneejerk of tentacles it's not like this is any different. "You probably need to--" He gestures towards the lube, not entirely sure of how Gerard differs from him or normal humans in general in that department, but he doesn't want to take the chance.

Gerard nods--he isn't really sure if he needs it, but he's not taking any chances--and slicks himself up, shuddering a little. "Is it okay if I just--" and he wraps some of his thicker tentacles around Mikey's hips, lifting them a little so he can arrange himself better. He moves forward, guiding himself in, slow and gentle as he can when all his nerves are singing. Mikey is so much tighter than Frank was, hot instead of comfortably warm, and just a different sensation entirely. He groans, squeezing his eyes shut.

Mikey tries valiantly to remember how to breathe but he can't even think, not with Gerard pressing into him, moving almost unbearably slow. It's all he can do to not just grab Gerard and pull him forward, onto him--but if Gerard has only done this with one other person then he's not going to do anything drastic. "Keep going," he says, breathing shallowly.

Gerard nods hastily, because this is it, everything he's been wanting for nearly half of his life, god. He does keep going, pressing closer, tentacles tilting Mikey's hips even a bit more and squeezing (he'll probably have hickeys from the suckers but Gerard can't think about that now). He has to stop to catch his breath, which is totally abandoning him in his moment of need, thanks a lot breath, and his dick twitches a little inside Mikey just as with Frank, a lesser version of what his tentacles do.

"You okay?" Gerard is turning an impressive shade of red and as strange as Mikey feels to be the one asking it, he has to make sure Gerard is okay with what they're doing, too, even if he can barely remember how to think (because Gerard is twitching inside him and he can feel it, it goes through him like a shock) himself.

"Yeah." Gerard's voice is hoarse, rough like it never is after he's had his morning coffee, and he edges even a little further, rearranging his tentacles so they're wrapped all around Mikey's back and hips, a few curling through his legs and still one rubbing hopefully at a nipple, because he needs to be closer. "I'm. God, couldn't be better."

Gerard is wrapped tight around him, and they're so close they're practically one person, already, but he moves closer still and Mikey has to shut his eyes because it's all too overwhelming. Gerard is around his back, holding onto his hips, stroking just a little at his inner thigh, and rubbing up against a nipple all at the same time and he can barely take it. "Gee, move. C'mon."

Gerard groans, and he doesn't exactly thrust (because he doesn't have hips, after all) but he works himself into Mikey, drawing out a little and then plunging back in, tentacles curling tight and desperate around any part they can touch, though the ones on the inside of his thighs just pet a little more frantically at him, and one maybe sneaks up to trace it's tip along his dick and curl a little around his balls.

Mikey lets out a groan, unabashedly loud, back arching, and he can tell he's not going to be able to last, not when it feels like this. Gerard doesn't even know that he's doing it hard, just a little rough like Mikey likes sometimes, and he leans up, trying to pull Gerard closer still, until there's no space left between them at all. "Come on, I'm going to come already if you don't hurry up--"
And Gerard has been waiting for god knows how long (since he was fucking fifteen, god), and he's overstimulated as all hell and with Mikey actually telling him to keep going, he can't really help picking up the pace, twitching more as he gets closer. He wraps more firmly around Mikey's dick and squeezes, still cradling his balls with the suckers just skimming.

Mikey is just trying valiantly to hold out at this point, pushing back desperately, and he has a sudden flash of a thought--like it isn't stimulus enough, but it doesn't matter. He meets Gerard's eyes, raising his arms above his head, one wrist on top of the other. "Could you--" And yeah, he's not about to deny he has a thing, but he just hopes Gerard can get it and won't not want to (it's throwing a whole new thing into this and it's still the first time, god)

Gerard moans, but he does it, bringing one of the tentacles that was curled around Mikey's back up to wrap around Mikey's wrists and press them down into the bed. He works in even a little deeper, not sure what the limit is, or if he's reached it, but it's all so much and Mikey is hot and good and wonderful in his (many) arms. He feels. Complete, and as soon as he has that thought, he's pushing deep inside and coming with a choked gasp.

"Fuck," Mikey chokes out, pushing up against Gerard and praying that Gerard doesn't want to leave him here like this. He has no idea what he would do if Gerard did--die, probably, because he's so close to coming he feels like he's about to explode, and Gerard's tentacle wrapped tight around his wrists, holding him down, only makes it worse. "Help?"

"Yeah," Gerard breathes, a little bit hazy, and he curls tighter around Mikey's dick, jerking him cleanly, still stroking at his inner thighs and nipples. Experimentally, he tries to release his hold on Mikey's hip, and even he winces at the harsh sound as the suckers release, though he can't deny being fascinated by the deep purple bruises.

Mikey pushes up, desperate, and comes only a moment later, before he can even warn Gerard. He can see the bruises, uniform and round and getting quickly darker, and is suddenly intensely glad that he wears long-sleeved shirts and pants all the time. He doesn't know how he would explain the marks to anyone. "Sorry," he says as an afterthought, a little embarrassed to have made a mess of both of them.

"Don't be." Gerard is more than a little fascinated, because he's heard Mikey coming more times than he can count, and has helped with the laundry enough to see it, but. It wasn't like this, hot and sticky on his tentacles and really rather interesting. He wipes the tips on the edge of the sheet (they can wash it), then winces again and pets at the bruises. "I'm the one who should be sorry, fuck."

"They'll get better," Mikey says, about to reach down and poke at one when he realizes that his arms are still above his head, pressed down into the bed by one overdetermined tentacle, holding tight. "I think." He knows he'll be able to feel it, though, every time he moves, and just the thought of that sends a little thrill through him. He's tempted to ask Gerard but Gerard wouldn't know, so he just looks upwards meaningfully to get Gerard to ungrip him.

"Oh. Oh, right, yeah." Gerard releases his wrists and strokes the skin there too--it's not as abused as the rest, but it's definitely a little red from the pressure. He leans down and kisses the tip of Mikey's nose with a little nervous smile. "Was. Um." He doesn't want to be the cliched (mostly) virgin lover was that good for you, baby? But he still wants to be sure. "I liked that?"

"I hope so," Mikey says, failing to stifle a little snort. "You mean 'you liked that', I think." He has to laugh because Gerard really does fail at knowing what to actually say, apparently. Some disturbed part of him is telling him that it's cute. "And yeah." He runs a finger over the bruises experimentally, curious, pressing down to feel the sting.

Gerard blushes (he thought he'd be done with this ridiculous blushing if he actually had sex with Mikey, but obviously not), and pokes at the center of his chest. "Shut up, you know what I meant." He follows Mikey's finger with the tip of one of his tentacles, and curls a little around the finger, nose wrinkled with concern. "Does it hurt? I mean, a lot?"

"It's not bad," Mikey says, tempted to go with full disclosure just for the sake of making Gerard blush-- "I like it." He's had a thing for pain for a while and doesn't mind having to deal with a few bruises, especially not ones that hurt this nicely. He's going to actually have to bring that up sometime if he and Gerard do this again, he thinks.

And blush Gerard does. He rubs at the back of his neck, where his skin feels a little prickly hot. "That's. Cool, I'm glad." The tentacle twists a little around Mikey's finger, reaching up to wiggle against his palm. "Do you." It shouldn't be just as hard (if not harder) to ask Mikey if he wants to stay as it was to ask to fuck him. But it is, because sex, well. He saw what Mikey had on his computer, and it could always just be curiosity. But. "Do you want to sleep?"

"Yeah?" Mikey raises an eyebrow at Gerard because unless Gerard thinks he's had too much coffee or som--oh. "I'm not an asshole of a little brother, I'm not just going to run away." He folds his arms and puts on his best bitchface, a little mad that Gerard would assume that, but drops it a second later in favor of curling against Gerard.

Gerard beams at him, and he wraps back around Mikey--tentacles around his back, looping over his shoulders and around his waist, twisting through his legs, and effectively immobilizing him--holding just as tight as before but taking care not to latch on with his suckers. "I didn't think you were. I just." He makes a sleepy snuffling sound into Mikey's hair, because apparently having the sex his body craved so badly took a lot out of him, and gives up on trying to talk. He does, however, rest his hands on Mikey's hips.

Mikey makes a contented noise, even if he can't help forgetting to breathe for a second when he realizes that he can't move at all, not even a little. It's--it should be weird, or frightening, but the overwhelming word that keeps coming to his mind is "nice". And for now, he really would like some sleep. "You should too," he says, yawning, and then adopts a thoughtful look. "I could make coffee when we wake up."

“Mmm." Gerard can't help another little smile into Mikey's hair at the mention of coffee. "Coffee. I like this plan that has coffee in it." He's already drifting a little, tips of his tentacles playing soft and sleepy over Mikey's skin while his mind starts to go fuzzy. He'll probably freak out about having actually consummated his incestuous leanings can wait until after coffee.

They both drift off quickly, almost embarrassingly so, and Mikey wakes up to find that he still can't move, entirely immobilized by Gerard wrapped around him--and they're both still naked. Mikey wants to wake Gerard because he's getting a little squished, but Gerard looks so peaceful that he can't bring himself to, so he just lays there, trying to block out the way his morning wood is pressing into Gerard's tummy.

Gerard grumbles a little in his sleep and makes a little humming noise when he finds he has something warm and kinda soft in his grip. He clutches a little tighter until his brain starts to follow suit and notice something warm and definitely not soft is also part of the bundle wrapped up in his tentacles. He blinks lazily and smiles, still slow with sleep even while one of his tentacles is leisurely unwinding itself from Mikey's leg to rub over Mikey's dick. "Hey."

Mikey rapidly decides that squishing or no squishing, he can definitely get used to waking up like this. He can't press upwards into the touch, though, still held exactly in place (and if Gerard had any idea of what it did to him, he wonders if he'd keep doing it) but he looks up at Gerard, a smile at the corners of his lips. "Morning."

"Sleep well?" And the slide of Mikey through a tight coil of his tentacle is something Gerard doesn't think he'll ever get sick of. The bends of the coil brush against his own tummy almost like knuckles, they're pressed so close, and it makes him comfortably warm, far from the desperation he's been fighting constantly lately with Mikey in the same apartment as he is, much less completely entangled in his tentacles and hard. Apparently some part of his need has been slaked, though he's not at all opposed to more of it.

"Mm," Mikey says, still unable to press up into the touch no matter how much he wants to--but it's warm and feels good and he can deal with a little immobility. "You?" Even though it's fairly obvious to him, because when Gerard sleeps well he doesn't move around and he latches onto the closest thing to him, Mikey has found. And at the moment, it seems he's the closest thing, and he wants to pull Gerard closer if he wasn't worried about the immediate danger of being accidentally knocked winded by the weight of Gerard on top of him if he did.

"Yeah." And whatever, Gerard can afford to be a little sappy. "Best sleep I've had in years." Just to distract Mikey from his painfully sappy self, Gerard twists around his dick, the tip of his tentacle pressing at the head. He makes a little happy noise, because he's touching Mikey and Mikey isn't freaking out or, like, calling a sushi chef (...a sushi chef who makes house calls). It's all good.

"Mmh--" and Mikey can't remember the last time he had sex first thing in the morning, since most of the time he went home at night to make sure Gerard didn't worry--and it wasn't like he was about to bring people home. "You're--fuck--sappy, I swear." He grins, not distracted (well, distracted, but not enough) and wonders if Gerard is just going to keep him held down the entire time he does this. He wouldn't complain, anyway.

"I know." Gerard wrinkles his nose, a little flush just over the bridge of it and at the height of his cheeks. "Sorry." To be honest, Gerard hasn't even considered letting go--he feels secure with Mikey in his arms, all warm and boney and Mikey, and if they could just live life like this, he'd be perfectly happy. He sneaks another tentacle up to rub at Mikey's balls while he squeezes tight again.

"I like it," Mikey informs him sagely, trying to push upwards into the touch. "Someone has to be." This, of course, is entirely ignoring the fact that he himself is a total, total sap sometimes, particularly when it comes to things like movies. But Gerard doesn't bring that up because he knows it's a Do Not Speak Of This, Seriously topic, so it doesn't matter.

Gerard grins, and ducks forward to kiss Mikey's forehead while he keeps jerking him, lazy (he's never had morning after sex before, obviously, but this is nice, so he's going to count it as a "yes"). "Good, because I'm not changing who I am for you, asshole," he murmurs fondly against Mikey's eyebrows.

"If you haven't already," Mikey points out, rolling his eyes, because seriously, it's not like they just met, they've known each other all their lives. And Gerard has totally changed some. Not because of him, necessarily, but still. He cranes his neck forward, enough to be able to almost-kiss Gerard, but he can't quite get far enough without Gerard leaning forward too.

"Whatever, Mikes." Gerard notices Mikey trying to move forward, and he rearranges so he can lean in and kiss him, lips soft together. It's still new enough to be novel, but Gerard has a feeling that it'll be exciting like this for a good long time. One of his tentacles maybe traces down Mikey's spine, light and teasing over his tailbone. "Take me as I fucking am."

Not being able to move is losing its novelty quickly, and Mikey arches up just a little, barely enough to be noticeable but Gerard's tentacles are going places that he's discovered he really rather likes them going. "I'll try," he offers, a a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. "It might be a bit of a trick, though."

Gerard loosens his grip a little bit and grins, eyes crinkling, when he feels Mikey moving. "You better. I'm not settling for less than I deserve, you know." His tentacle dips a little further down and he hesitates, tilting his head to look Mikey in the eye. "You. Um. Again?" He doesn't want to presume, and he's pretty sure a tentacle being shoved up where it isn't wanted is a surefire mood killer.

Mikey arches up again, more definitely, and it takes him only a moment to decide that yeah, he can definitely get behind that. "Sure," he says, voice even but it's a struggle to keep it that way, when Gerard is nudging at him in a way that makes his brain functions do funny things. He doesn't really know where the lube snuck off to, but he suspects Gerard does, given he was the last one to have it.

Gerard doesn't remember where the lube is, but he's very well-equipped to search for it. He retrieves it quickly and slicks up one of his small tentacles again. He's much less hesitant this time, slipping the tentacle in and wiggling it a bit. Somehow, the knowledge of what it will feel like seems to be intensifying his need--he's gone from half-lidded and cozy to needy in moments.

It's more awkward with him on his back like this and Gerard's tentacle behind him, but thankfully Gerard's tentacle is every bit as good at directions/not jabbing unpleasantly as it is at doing tiny details of drawing, and--"Fuck, yeah." It comes out much weaker than he intended and he tries to push back against it again, this time more definitely than the last, now that he knows he can take it.

Gerard smiles while he works inside Mikey, twisting and curling slightly at the tip. He presses an impulsive kiss to the rise of Mikey's cheekbone and doesn't draw back, lips moving against Mikey's cheek when he whispers, "Do you want another?" He pokes at Mikey's tummy with the larger one they used second the other day, using one of his other small ones to cradle Mikey's cheek on the other side.

"Yeah," Mikey says, too-quickly, and he can't grab for it this time (still held down even though the grip is looser, and it reminds him of the kinds of things he saw in the pictures) but he grins as it prods his stomach, even though it's a reminder of where it's been. They're definitely going to have to shower later, he's pretty sure, and maybe he's being optimistic when he mentally adds the 'together' but oh well.

Gerard slides his tentacle out and replaces it with the new freshly-lubed one, corkscrewing a little experimentally. "Does that feel good?" He's honestly curious, not trying to go for some powerplay, because he doesn't know how most of it works, just making it up as he goes along and hoping for a good end result. He traces the tentacle on Mikey's cheek down to feel at the soft corner of his mouth, and goes for nipples again with another, since it seemed popular.

It is, because as soon as he does it Mikey presses up into the touch, an embarrassing whimper ripping out of him as the new tentacle twists inside him, and it takes him two or three tries, breathing in as much air as possible, to finally answer, "Yeah. Really good." If he was entirely honest with himself, really good wouldn't even begin to cover it, because it's well above and beyond anything he's ever done even with more experienced people.

Gerard maybe beams, and can't resist kissing Mikey again, licking soft and kittenish at his lips, hoping to coax without demanding. He's glad things are working out, and so thankful that Frank explained it to him in the first place (he'll have to send him a fruit basket or something) (or actually, it's Frank, he could design a tattoo for him, maybe). The sounds Mikey makes, the little ways his muscles tense against Gerard's grip, all make need pool in his belly, and he maybe rubs a little more firmly at Mikey's nipples while he curls the tentacle inside him.

Mikey makes another noise, every bit as desperate and right against Gerard's lips, opening his mouth under Gerard's almost obediently. Some part of him is still insisting that he should be far, far more bothered with it than he is, but that part isn't the one thinking about the way Gerard is moving inside him. As such, that part is losing, and losing miserably.

Gerard moans softly into Mikey's newly open mouth, then takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside, still a little shy when he brushes against Mikey's tongue with his own. He twists his tentacle once more, then pulls it out most of the way, hoping the unspoken question of Now? comes across, because he really doesn't want to relinquish Mikey's mouth.

It's difficult for Mikey to nod without breaking the kiss so he just presses forward as far as he can, kissing slow and absolutely filthy, the best he knows how to. He hopes it's enough because he got the message, yeah, but he doesn't really know how to give it back properly. So he meets Gerard's eyes instead, laughing a little into Gerard's mouth at going almost crosseyed at the proximity. He hopes that's enough.

Gerard laughs right back, definitely breathless, because god, Mikey is an amazing kisser. He doesn't exactly have a lot to compare it to, but he can tell that Mikey is really good. He slips his tentacle out and has to do some neat rearranging, but he manages to keep Mikey wrapped up (and, though he really doesn't see it that way, effectively trapped) and still guide himself into Mikey--he grunts soft into Mikey's mouth when he moves in.

Some part of Mikey dimly points out that Gerard never actually went for the lube this time, but it seems there's almost enough natural slickness that it doesn't hurt--not exactly, anyway. He can definitely feel it, and it burns more than a little, but he doesn't care, teeth gritted just a little as he tries to let himself get used to it. It's not the kind of pain he minds, though, not really, and he would push down to get the message across but he still can't move.

Gerard frowns at Mikey's gritted teeth and licks at them a little sadly, unsure of what he did wrong, until--oh shit. "Sorry," he whispers, "Shit, Mikes, I'm sorry." He doesn't pull out, waits to see what Mikey will do, because Mikey doesn't seem to be complaining (he knows from the few Human Sexuality classes he ended up in before his parents pointed out to the school district that they really had no use for him that he's naturally slicker than a sapien would be) but. He never meant to hurt him, he just forgot, but now it might be to late.

"Gerard." Mikey looks him right in the eye, expression intent. "It's fine. I'm fine." He isn't sure how much to bring up right now, not when he wants Gerard to just move already and not worry about him--but Gerard is the big brother, he's programmed to worry. "Just. You know how I was saying that sometimes I kind of like things that hurt? Yeah. Go ahead." He hopes that's clear enough because if he has to go into explicit detail he is seriously, seriously going to die of frustration.

Gerard bites his lip, still unsure, but he has to trust what Mikey tells him--he did seem to like the bruises Gerard's suckers left--so he tries to push worry from his mind and pushes further in, making soft sounds of effort against the side of Mikey's neck where he's buried his face. He works the tentacle he still has wrapped around Mikey's dick, trying to pull another reaction out of him.

Mikey groans, low and rough, hands tightening into fists but Gerard's face is against his neck and he can't see it, see the way Mikey is starting to get nailmarks in his palms but god, it only makes it better, being rough like this and he's practically leaking already, body shaking with the effort of not forcing his way out of Gerard's grip (god, he might as well be tied spread-eagled to the bed) to try and give something back, already.

Gerard hisses into Mikey's neck, working himself deeper into Mikey and twisting his tentacle around Mikey, and (he really hopes Mikey wasn't exaggerating or trying to make him feel better when he said he liked it) lets his suckers get purchase on Mikey's nipples. He kisses softly at Mikey's neck, contrast with the quick movements of himself in Mikey and on Mikey and the way his grip tightens the closer he gets to the edge.

"S'good," Mikey murmurs, and then a breath later moans helplessly, straining against the way Gerard is holding him down to try to press up into the touch--for someone who'd only done this with one other person once, Mikey has to give Gerard credit that he has damn good instincts. He's close already, fighting with himself to keep from coming on the spot because it's just on the right side of too-rough and Gerard is being in alternate turns gentle too.

"Good," Gerard murmurs against his neck, a soft litany while he moves in and out. "Good, Mikes, god." He twitches inside Mikey and, desperate for some way, any way to muffle what promises to be a completely mortifying noise, he bites down at the crux of Mikey's neck and shoulder when he comes hard, the smooth feel of "lazy morning sex" forgotten.

Mikey barely bites back a noise of his own, high and sharp, eyes squeezing shut at the sensation. Gerard is biting him and that's all it takes before he comes as well, and he would try to muffle his noise properly but only the top of Gerard's head is in reach and his arms are trapped at his sides so he can't move them upwards. "Fuck," he says after a moment, almost awed.

Gerard says, "But we just did," then giggles a little hysterically into Mikey's neck, because the sex is making him kind of loopy, okay? He pulls back and drops a kiss on Mikey's lips. "That was good. Right?" He's still worried about his performance (and Mikey's whole stance on the tentacles + brother issue), but the question has a smug undertone it definitely didn't have when he asked last night.

Mikey can definitely pick up on the undertone and it makes him grin even though he's still trying to get his breathing under control. "Yeah," and then after a pause, "but you knew I was going to say that, right?" He can tell these things, even if Gerard thinks he can't. He leans forward to kiss Gerard again, just lightly, and some distant part of his brain reminds him that he's going to be seriously sore if Gerard doesn't unwind from him at some point. But he ignores it, because they'll have to get up to get coffee, anyway.

Gerard blushes and pokes at Mikey's nose. "Well. I hoped you would." He presses a kiss to the corner of Mikey's mouth in reply, brief but warm. He really hopes that Mikey won't "come to his senses" after he wakes up and realizes he's been fucking his tentacled brother, but he's going to do his best to enjoy it while it lasts instead of worrying about the future. "I think I remember you promising coffee."

"Oh yeah," Mikey says, mock-casual, like he just remembered. "I think I did." He tries to move forward to get up and--still held in place. "You're going to have to let me get up at some point if you want coffee," he says pointedly, raising an eyebrow. He isn't entirely sure what he would do if Gerard decided to just latch onto him at all times like a particularly bizarre, incestuous leech--probably just drag him from room to room.

"Mmf." Gerard presses his nose into Mikey's cheek and kisses the curve of his jaw. "You or coffee. Why do I always have such tough choices?" But he knows Mikey is probably going to get achey soon, especially if Gerard's been wrapped around him like this all the time they were sleeping too, and he unwinds himself slowly, letting his tentacles linger a little on Mikey's hips and drag along the inside of his thighs when he pulls away. "There. Got all my bits to myself."

Mikey tries to get up and slide out of bed and actually stumbles for a moment, almost unable to stand up. He's spent so long locked into one position (courtesy of Gerard and his clingy, clingy tentacles) that his muscles are sore and he grabs the first pair of sweatpants he can find before shuffling off to the kitchen and trying to will his knees to let themselves unbend properly. "What kind do you want?" he calls to Gerard.

"Whatever." Gerard crawls out of bed, using his tentacles to help propel him along--he's got a few kinks in his tentacles from holding on for so long. He doesn't bother to get a shirt--it's not like Mikey cares, and no one else is going to be around. He follows into the kitchen and smiles a little, teasing, climbing onto his chair and resting his chin on one of his tentacles. "Whatever you feel like making, honey."

"Do not start that honey shit," Mikey says, wrinkling his nose, but he's grinning despite himself. Last he heard, he wasn't committing to, like. Marry Gerard and have his weird tentaclebabies by sleeping with him, or something. And the honey thing would be pushing it even if he was (since it lacks a certain... badassery to it. Then again, he is forced to admit that pet names aren't really supposed to be badass. Even if it is Gerard coming up with them.)

"Don't be so mean, baby." Gerard wrinkles his nose and tilts his head a little. "Sugar. Muffin. Honeycakes." He's kidding, of course, but the easy affection mixing with their usual brother banter makes him feel a little more solid, like everything isn't going to dissolve under him because he gave into this. He pulls a tragic face, pitching his voice even higher than usual. "Why can't I show you affection? Are you ashamed of me?"

"Oh god," Mikey manages, tone long-suffering. "Spare me." He rolls his eyes and reaches into the cupboard for a mug, pouring a cup of coffee for Gerard and then himself, leaning down to sniff at it contemplatively. It smells good, really good, and even though he adds a ton of sugar to his and none to Gerard's he bets both of them are good. (He just likes the sugar rush)

Gerard smiles and accepts his cup from Mikey, blowing on it before taking a sip. Black, just how he likes it, and god. He groans quietly, because there's really nothing like fresh coffee in the morning, and this is another thing Mikey does exceptionally well (although he already knew that, unlike the many new talents he's discovered in Mikey). He wraps a few tentacles around the mug for the warmth and smiles, half shy. "Thanks, bro."

"Yeah, sure." Mikey takes a long sip of his own coffee, wincing as it burns just a little on the way down. It's good and somehow or another he and Gerard apparently managed to get through the night still being able to not just stare blankly at each other. He has no idea how it hasn't fucked either of them up, honestly--but if he doesn't have to worry about it he'll take it, no questions asked. "You're welcome."


Two weeks don't take long to go by, not when Mikey spends most of his time out of class curled up with Gerard. Gerard doesn't get very much painting done, but that's okay, because he has Mikey now--he hasn't freaked out yet, though he can't quite quash the feeling that someday he will. They usually end up falling asleep curled around each other, and when Gerard wakes up first, he coaxes Mikey gently into wakefullness with soft strokes from his tentacles. He's petting his way down Mikey's chest, stopping to flick delicately over his nipples (always a sensitive spot), then smoothes his tentacle across Mikey's torso, to feel the smoothness of his flat--Gerard pauses and sits up a little, hair insane and eyes bleary, but, no, he wasn't imagining the sensation. Mikey's tummy is...not flat. In fact, there's a definite protrusion--a cute little curve, but a curve nonetheless.

He spends long enough prodding at it that Mikey finally wakes up, opening one eye blearily and looking down. "What are you doing?" he asks, trying to get his eyes to focus, and he grabs for his glasses that he has to keep within reach for situations like this. Gerard is staring down at his belly, an intent look on his face, and Mikey has no idea why. He hadn't noticed that he was actually getting some fat until just now, now that Gerard is paying so much attention to it. Nothing too out-there occurs to him as to why, he just assumes he's eating too much lately.

"Mikes." And Gerard never wants to bring up weight issues, because he knows how that goes, he really does (he doesn't even want to think about how many "Packing on the pounds, aren’t you, squid boy?”s he got growing up), but it's just so sudden that it doesn't seem healthy. He fits a tentacle over the new shape of Mikey's belly and frowns a little. "Have. I mean, have you been eating okay?"

"I think," Mikey says, frowning, trying to remember. As far as he knows, he's been eating pretty much consistently with Gerard, and not even as much as he usually does--it doesn't make any sense that he would have gained weight, at least to him, but the evidence is plain as day. "I've been eating with you," he adds, hoping that that will reassure Gerard a little.

"That's what I thought." Gerard still frowns though, because it just. It's odd, and it shouldn't be doing that. He doesn't want to press the issue, because it's early, and he's sure Mikey isn't too thrilled with having suddenly gained a noticeable amount of weight (he knows he certainly wouldn't be), but. He worries. He wraps another tentacle around the bottom, cupping his underbelly. "Do you feel okay?"

"I've been kind of sore," Mikey says, shrugging. "My muscles. But that might be from something else." His expression makes it infinitely clear what 'something else' would be--he practically leers at Gerard as he says it. But there's an undercurrent of worry in his mind, too--because if it isn't just eating badly he doesn't know what it is and for all he knows he could have some sort of freakish stomach tumor.

Gerard flushes bright pink at the tops of his cheeks at Mikey's look, because, yeah, they've definitely been getting more of a workout than Gerard has had in years and it's fantastic. But he still strokes his tentacles worriedly over Mikey's belly, with one still poking a little, undistracted from his concerns. "I. This isn't normal, Mikes. I'm worried."

Mikey sighs, looking down at how Gerard's tentacles are curling over his stomach and--yeah, he's kind of worried too. "I don't know," he says quietly, poking at it, experimental. "It could be nothing?" But, the rest of his mind points out, it could definitely be something, too. And he doesn't want to have to go to the doctors and have it checked (nor does he think it would do much good to, considering he'd probably end up going to one of the free clinics in the area that couldn't properly diagnose a cold).

Gerard tries to think when there's knocking, fast and loud, on the door. "Who the fuck?" He glances at the clock--it's late, but that means they'll get complaints from the neighbors for disturbing the peace and whoever's knocking doesn't seem particularly willing to go away. Gerard grumbles and climbs out of bed, reluctantly untangling himself from Mikey. He pulls an old shirt one halfway through the living room, and opens the door, ready to send whatever dick who thought it was a good idea to pound on his door at ass o'clock at night back to wherever he belongs. But when he opens the's Frank. "Frank? What the--" Before he can finish, Frank looks past him at Mikey, who just wandered in shirtless. "Fuck," Frank says with wide-eyes and a little scowl/smirk. "He got you too, huh?"

Mikey first has a total double take of 'who's he?' and second, "What do you mean, got me too?" Because unless Frank--at least, he thinks the scrappy little tentacled dude's name is Frank, from what Gerard just said--knows something he doesn't, well. "Gee?" He turns to Gerard, questioning, because clearly if Frank knows the whole situation (whatever situation it is, he isn't really sure) then Gerard does too.

Gerard has no clue what's going on. "What the hell, Frank? It's fucking early." Frank moves past him into the apartment, looking more than a little haggard. He sits down heavily on the couch with a little sigh. "Yeah, well, apparently it's not too early for my parents to kick me the fuck out." He shoots Gerard a stormy look out of the corner of his eye. "So thanks a lot." Gerard blinks, and shrugs at the confused look Mikey is giving him because, seriously, no idea.

"So. Okay. You're Frank." Mikey has to get that out of the way for starters, ignoring the frustrated, pissy look Frank shoots him as soon as he says it. He shrugs, as if to say what? I was just checking. But Frank sighs again and rests his forehead on one tentacle, looking up at Gerard. "They didn't really like the whole 'knocked up by a mostly human kid' thing." And at that, Mikey turns to Gerard and stares.

"I." Gerard looks from Mikey to Frank and then back, mystified and helpless. "I. What?" He eyes Frank a little cautiously, because if this is some kind of prank, he's going to rip his tentacles off and stick them in his ears but...yeah, if he looks closely, he can sort of see a poke of tummy under Frank's T-shirt that's different from the little pudge he had before, maybe. But. That doesn't mean. It can't mean that. "Knocked up? Like. Like knocked up?"

Frank stands up and lifts up his shirt without pause, showing off the fact that he has a small bump--a downright tiny one, and if Gerard and Mikey weren't looking for it, they wouldn't have seen it. But they are, and they do. "Like knocked up knocked up, dude. With little tentacled child? In the family way? Yeah." And then he turns to Mikey, looking down critically at Mikey's own belly. "And I think he is too."

"What?" Mikey's hand goes immediately to press at his belly because, dude, tentacle baby? He looks over at Gerard, eyes wide and mouth tight, clearly horrified. "You got me fucking pregnant? How the fuck is that even possible? Why didn't you tell me, you jackass?" Gerard's tentacles flail. "I didn't know!" He looks over at Frank and about half of his tentacles point accusingly while the rest keep waving helplessly. "Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know this could happen!"

"I didn't either!" Frank's tentacles are waving helplessly too, until they settle on gripping the couch for dear life. "I thought it couldn't happen because you were mostly human! It wouldn't even be that likely if you weren't. I have no idea what the fuck happened, but apparently you're, like. Disturbingly virile?" And Mikey fixes him with a helpless tell me it isn't biologically possible look but he shrugs. "And um. Mikey, right? Did you totally miss the fact where you're part too? As in, if Gerard is your brother and he is and you have the same parents?" He sits down again, sighing in total frustration. "Fuck, did you sleep through biology or something?"

Mikey kind of wishes he had tentacles that would wave around helplessly so he could communicate how utterly lost and terrified he is. "I. But. I don't have tentacles." Everyone had just assumed that he looked human and he was human--after ending up with Gerard, his parents weren't about to look a gift horse (or fully humanoid baby) in the mouth. And now. Now he's pregnant with his brother's baby. "Fuck." Gerard is having similar reactions, and also kind of freaking out over the fact that he managed to get the only two people he's ever slept with (ever) pregnant...and both of them were male. What were the fucking odds, seriously?

"You're still not human, apparently," Frank informs him, and his tentacles are still clutching at the couch like his life depends on it but one of them comes around to wrap around his belly. "It's--a thing? That guys like us can get pregnant. I have no idea why, I kind of slept through a lot of Biology too." He tries to remember, not that it's going to do any good to reassure the two of them. But for now, there are more pressing matters to attend to, even if Gerard is starting to make odd gurgling noises. "And... can I stay here? Since I got kicked out?" The and it's your fault isn't said but it's very definitely implied.

Mikey looks sharply over at Gerard, because it's not bad enough that his brother was apparently getting it on with his friends and getting them pregnant, now he was supposed to welcome them into his home? But Gerard, ever the noble heart, nods. "Yeah, of course, Frankie." He looks down, two of his tentacles twisting together sheepishly. "I'm. I'm sorry." He's not sure if he's talking to Mikey or to Frank, but either way, it's true.

And Frank and Mikey are both giving Gerard a Look--even if technically it's not like it's entirely Gerard's fault. And not like it was something he intended to do. "Thanks," Frank says after a moment, and settles in more definitely into the cushions of the couch. "So." He turns to Mikey, who still looks utterly out of his element. "You... don't have any idea of how this works, do you?" When Mikey shakes his head Frank has to sigh because he was so, so not prepared for this. "Okay, so. It's twelve months, not nine--I know, don't squeak at me like that--you aren't going to throw up, your muscles will hurt like a bitch, and... fuck, that's kind of all I know."

"That's it?" Gerard wrinkles his nose. "I thought you were supposed to know things." Frank snorts. "Dude, I know about sex. Having babies? No fucking clue, wasn't exactly planning on it, was I?" There's a brief pause while the two of them exchange glances (Frank's annoyed and Gerard's nervous)

"I." Mikey looks over at Frank's belly, absentmindedly being massaged by one of Frank's tentacles, and then down at his own. "I think I am going to throw up."

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