July 6th, 2008

GEN | shoes

with (little tentacled) child (frank/gerard/mikey, nc-17)(2/?)

with (little tentacled) child
Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Mikey, eventual Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, ~7,300 words
by escherzo and mwestbelle
Warnings for incest, tentaclesex, mild tentaclebondage, threesomes, boys being idiots (lack of condom usage), mpreg, and biological wackiness.

Part one

"That's it?" Gerard wrinkles his nose. "I thought you were supposed to know things." Frank snorts. "Dude, I know about sex. Having babies? No fucking clue, wasn't exactly planning on it, was I?" There's a brief pause while the two of them exchange glances (Frank's annoyed and Gerard's nervous) "I." Mikey looks over at Frank's belly, absentmindedly being massaged by one of Frank's tentacles, and then down at his own. Collapse )