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21 September 2008 @ 12:34 am
Part ThreeCollapse )
21 September 2008 @ 12:00 am
Part TwoCollapse )
I Wish You Could Love The Sun Again (3/?)
Gerard/Mikey(+Frank), NC-17, 7,846
(Eventual Gerard/Mikey/Frank)
By escherzo and mwestbelle
Part 1
Part 2

Warning: graphic blood/knife/waxplay, D/s themes

It's more than a little mystifying, how Frank's family even knew how to find them, but turning down a formal invitation would be beyond rude and they still are aristocrats at heart, even though Mikey is vaguely concerned that he might tear out a few aristocratic hearts if the prickling burn in his stomach is any indication.Collapse )
Tentacle Hookers 2: The Tentacleing
Frank/Gerard/Mikey, NC-17, ~8000
By escherzo and mwestbelle

Warnings: Tentacles, prostitution, incest, extreme penetration

Frank is a billionaire's son, and Daddy is more than willing to provide a bottomless checking account as long as Frank stays out of his hair and doesn't make a scene in the local bars. He has more sex than most people know what to do with. But girls bore him, boys bore him. He's looking for something new, and exciting.

Then he hears about this bar at the bad side of town where people can go if they're looking for more... alternative tastes.He doesn't really know what he's getting into when he goes.Collapse )